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  1. Jumba66

    Lakers NWA theme uniform

    I like what you’re thinking. Maybe make the jersey solid (no grey on the sleeve) and make the collar a gold chain pattern. The denim looks nice, I just wish it was more clear, but in reality it would probably look awesome.
  2. Jumba66

    NFL Redesign (Broncos Updated; Chargers Added 6/32)

    Gorgeous. Glad to see you back. Only thing I see with them is the throwback Unis have “color rush” in the bar above them.
  3. Jumba66

    Carolina Panthers Update

    Excellent idea. I agree the white and silver are too much. Idk if NFL rules allow it or not, but I’d love to see silver stay and replace all white, as the the silver pops more than the white in my opinion. Either way, I love the idea of putting black helmets and making it more about black and blue. the panthers have some of the best uniforms, just need some fine tuning like you did here.
  4. Jumba66

    Browns Redesign

    Looks good. Like where you’re going with these. I’m with the other guys about the stripes, but I’ll give you another option, if you want to go “Color Rush” look, get rid of the white in the helmet and pants. If not, add white to the sleeve caps.
  5. Jumba66

    Bengals Uniform Redesign

    Good eye. I’ve looked at this many times and never even thought it, but then again the socks were the last thing I did, so I didn’t put it all together. Thanks!
  6. Jumba66

    Bengals Uniform Redesign

    Thanks guys for the comments @MCM0313 and @simtek34 ! I would really like to do a font like the Texans color rush, but I’m very limited for the next month or so, but I agree that it would look a lot better. Same goes for the shoulder numbers, currently limited, but I will try and see if I can update it. As for the collar, I was trying to bring the 80s same color collar into the mix, and kept going back and forth with collar or no collar, but I think that worked better because of the stripe being up top.
  7. Jumba66

    Bengals Uniform Redesign

    Thank you. I am uploading them to Imgur right now. Once they’re on imgur, I’ll post them.
  8. Jumba66

    Bengals Uniform Redesign

    Sorry having a few technical difficulties/REALLY slow internet. Should be up soon.
  9. Jumba66

    Bengals Uniform Redesign

    Hey guys! So, being both a Bengals fan and a fan of uniform design/concepts, I stumbled across this website recently and started to really dabble on my own. While I’m definitely not a wizard by any means, I tried to come up with some cool Uniforms that are kind of a blend of the 80’s, the current color rush, and a couple of new tweaks of my own, such as making orange primary pants and matching the socks to the jersey. I have a Home, Away, Alternate “color rush”, Home/Away Throwbacks. I have also added some alternate pants options for the Home, Away, and Alternate. Sorry for the difficulties, But please follow the link below and let let me know what you think. https://m.imgur.com/a/Gyqz3LF
  10. Jumba66

    "Desecrating" the NFL

    Jets - Cool idea. Maybe an alternate dark green jersey? Saints - Love it! Bears - interesting take. a little hesitant to say it, but Absolutely love it. Texans - great take. Clean look and feel to it. Chiefs - cool take. I would never have thought of that. I’d say drop the shadows (I can’t stand the drop shadows on football uniforms) and it’s a winner for your design. Titans - the numbers look too fat. Almost like they’re bold instead of regular font. Also, maybe another pants option besides just white? Ravens - Gorgeous. Lone issue is the numbers on the white jersey look too fat. Maybe it’s just the lighting messing with the purple and black. Raiders - something’s a little off with the copper, especially on the white jersey Can’t put my tongue on it though. Maybe a shade or two too dark/not vibrant enough. Otherwise, love it! Great job on the city change! Patriots - I love’em. Great update. I personally like in between navy and royal blue, but personal preference only. Where’d this thread go? I’m digging the work...
  11. Jumba66

    NFL Redesign (Broncos Updated; Chargers Added 6/32)

    @jimboqb12 I like what you’re going for, that might be an idea for the orange to fully embrace you’re ideas. Something about the black jersey is just off to me, I can’t put my finger on it, maybe an orange outline on the collar or something. Either way, I’d take yours over the current any day! Great work on the series.
  12. Jumba66

    NFL by infernoqueso

    CARDINALS- Those cardinals uniforms are awesome! I wish they would switch, as their current ones suck IMO. Maybe red helmets to see what that would look like, but that would be the only thing to see. FALCONS - The black and white jerseys should have the same sleeves as the red jersey. It evens the jerseys out and really differentiates from the throwback. If you go red helmet, maybe red pants to be able to be worn. Just my take, but I think it looks great when helmet and pants are the same color. It always looks timeless. Either way, definitely an upgrade! Great work. RAVENS - Maybe a purple helmet instead of the white one. Only one team has purple, a lot have white. Only possible suggestion for them. BILLS - All the striping should match. For example, if you look at the white helmet, jersey, and pants, the helmet and pants have blue outside with red inside, but the jersey has red outside with blue inside. The red jersey and helmet are opposites, as well as the blue jersey and pants. The OCD in me would say the numbers may have to change to match, but you can go either way. I dig the overall design! PANTHERS - Me personally, I think the white jersey/pants/numbers should be taken out and substituted with the grey like you did the grey pants. Other than that I think the numbers need a thin outline. I like how they look now, but if you matched it with the claws, it would be brilliant. Digging all of your work, looking forward to the rest!
  13. Jumba66

    NFL Redesign (Broncos Updated; Chargers Added 6/32)

    I’d get rid of the white collar on the black jersey. Either orange or black. Me personally I think an orange collar would pop on both of them. Whenever I think of new bengals jerseys, this is basically my design too. I make all lettering/numbering orange with either black or white outline and have home and away with the orange pants you have for your color rush. Digging the work!