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  1. NickSixers

    NBA Changes 2017-18

    Stance has significantly disccounted NBA on-court socks on their site in the past few days. Pretty disappointing development. I thought Stance did good work making unique designs that fit with the existing uniforms and made a nice product. Interested to see if Nike continues the team specific socks or goes back to generic ones.
  2. NickSixers

    2017/18 Soccer Kits

    Isn't it possible that Alexi and Stoner are speaking about a different kit than the red & black one? Sounds like they saw one for the Gold Cup. This red/black kit could come soon and be for some MNT qualifying matches, WNT SheBelieves Cup, etc. then roll out Gold Cup shirt in summer for normal Confed Cup/summer tournament timing.
  3. NickSixers

    NBA Changes 2015-16 Season

    Comcast "encouraged" the Sixers to change it to acknowledge the terms of the naming rights agreement.
  4. NickSixers

    Los Angeles Rams Brand Discussion

    I wouldn't be surprised if the Rams stay mostly "as is" while playing in the Coliseum and then roll out a new uniform and logo for the move to Inglewood. The full identity of the team includes the new stadium, not renting from USC at the Coliseum. A plan that maximizes profits would feature 2 phases: 1) Big sales for the move in 2016. Doesn't depend on having something new or sexy. People will want whatever gear is associated with the new team. 2) Roll out your full identity for the move to the new stadium in 2019. Convince everyone who bought LA Rams gear in 2016 that they need the new and improved gear for Inglewood.
  5. NickSixers

    LA Clippers New Logos & Uniforms?

    The video I watched on their site featured a ship. (And bizarre digitally morphing uniforms.) They used a ship to introduce a logo set that went out of its way to OMIT any nautical imagery. What the hell? This makes literally NO SENSE. I thought their idea from the leaked slides was to be about LA and LAC without the legacy nautical flags, ships, etc. Now they focus the intro video for a new identity that has nothing to do ships around A BIG SHIP? My god, they really have no clue what they're doing.
  6. NickSixers

    2014-15 Soccer Kits & News (too early? nah)

    Interesting note from the MLS ASG: The goalie shirts didn't have the Bayern logo. I guess adidas took blank shirts and heat-pressed the T-Mo logo and player name & number. Sort of bush league from adidas. (Couldn't figure out how to embed the fancy legal Getty image embed. Regrets.)
  7. NickSixers

    2014 FIFA World Cup

    FIFA gets to enforce another arbitrary rule, and Adidas/the federations get more stuff to sell. A win-win! Especially convenient that its adidas, FIFA's corporate partner, that just happens to get to sell an extra shirt for one of its most popular teams. Funny how that works out.
  8. NickSixers

    New ACC logo

    "Our" I'm sorry. I went to one of the remaining founding members. "The conference". Is that better?
  9. NickSixers

    New ACC logo

    Impressive job of ripping off the current Big East logo. First take our teams. Then our logo. Then the tip-off times for the basketball tourney. Real original organization, that ACC.
  10. NickSixers

    2014 MLS Changes

    Typical adidas shenanigans. Similar situation with the Union's new primary shirt. The big feature are the pinstripes on the front and back. Except... Authentic: Replica:
  11. NickSixers

    College Basketball 2013-14

    Can't believe Indiana and UCLA are going along with this charade. Indiana had some pride when they refused to wear the clown suits last year. At least they refused to wear the sleeves and non-traditional colors. I'm looking at you UCLA. Wooden is rolling over in his grave.
  12. NickSixers

    2014-15 Soccer Kits & News (too early? nah)

    adidas extended their MLS deal (4 years early) until 2018 for >$200M, so you've got quite a while to wait for that Warrior proposal.
  13. NickSixers

    2013-14 Soccer kits

    Entenmann's can't happen, since it's a Bimbo brand and Bimbo sponsors the Union.
  14. NickSixers

    NCAA Tournament Shirts

    Why is UA making a tournament shirt for an Adidas school anyway? Money. They are a licensee for many "non-UA" schools.
  15. NickSixers

    NFL returning to localized Super Bowl logo in 2014

    This is a case of a misleading headline. Sorry to burst bubbles.