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  1. 2018 FIFA World Cup

  2. CONCACAF unveils new official logo

    I like it. Will look great as a patch on the kits. My only major quibble is that CONCACAF is an acronym, and having only the first letter capitalized makes it look like a word.
  3. NFL 2018 changes

    Some of ya’ll are crazy. If I can’t see that candy apple red in the bright California sun, then it’s not the 49ers.
  4. True, this is a poor term. You could even make the argument that "earth tones" differ depending upon where you are on the globe (Antartica, the Amazon rainforest, the Outback Desert, and the Pacific Northwest all have wildly different natural palettes). However, in the generally accepted public terminology, earth tones tend to be dirt/rocks/sand colors (I'll concede the Arizona red rocks color for the D-Backs and Coyotes); but I probably wouldn't consider an orange leaf, robin's egg blue, or bright moss green as true earth-tones.
  5. Personally, I love the Padres in brown and gold I just wouldn't consider it to be a true "earth-tone only" color scheme because of that brilliant marigold: ...if you replace the bright gold with a sand/beige/cream color (a true earth-tone), then it would be too drab. (BTW, stumbled across this concept while Google searching... can we make this happen, Padres?)
  6. I understand the point that you're trying to make, but darker shades of colors (like navy, maroon, and forest green) are not "earth tones." They still have the saturation of the vibrant shades, just with less lightness. Go look at the colors posted in the original post... the majority have a <50% saturation. The only truly saturated colors are in the orange/brown spectrum. Even in most of the examples being thrown out (Coyotes, Browns, Padres), they pair one earth tone with a vibrant color, which is a great base for a unique color scheme. However, the original question was "Why does no team use ONLY earth tone colors?" and the answer is that earth tones are drab by nature. While that does have its benefits (earth tones work great if you're painting interior walls in your home because they aren't richly saturated), a palette of ONLY earth colors just doesn't work for pro teams:
  7. Because no one wants to be drab.
  8. Sounds like this a little bit, just in teal instead of gold.
  9. College Football uniforms- 2018

    PJ Fleck was the child at the ice cream bar who added every topping to their sundae. Bon appétit, er... Row the boat!
  10. 2018 MLS Kits

    K E RN I N G I S IM P O R T AN T.
  11. Fantasy Football Edits

    Cool stuff. If you want to take that next step with your designs, you should probably try to even-out the effect across all the players. The effect on Beckham and Bell are really heavy; yet much lighter on Zeke and Thomas. Part of that is not your fault because every photograph you find on the internet has different levels of contrast and exposure (whereas, if you took your own photos with your camera in the same lighting and location, you would have very similar settings for each photograph) based on the lighting that each game was played in (the lighting in Dallas is different than the lighting outside in New York or inside the Superdome). So if you apply the same Topaz Labs effect to different photographs, you’ll get varying results as you can see with your photoshop.
  12. 2018 FIFA World Cup

    I get what Adidas is trying to do, but man, are those kits ugly.
  13. 2018 FIFA World Cup

    Nike is 2/2. Pure class for England and culture for Nigeria.
  14. MLB changes 2018?

    It has been a week and I’m still pissed about the Tigers change. If they HAD to unify the logos, they should have picked the jersey D over the hat D, because 1) the jersey D has a historical precedent of being on the cap and 2) the jersey D looks better on the cap than the hat D looks on the jersey (too right-heavy of a design to be placed on the left chest). ...and this is just silly looking:
  15. Say it ain't so, Joe

    Hey, if that’s your position, than we’re good. I obviously misinterpreted your post and extrapolated meaning past your intentions.
  16. Say it ain't so, Joe

    I very well could have misinterpreted his intention. His post began with “As a PSU grad...” and ended with “...these 3 schools are not outliers.” I understood that as “most schools probably aren’t as far from us as you’d like to believe;” which in one sense, is true. I pointed out how Michigan botched the Gibbons/Lewan case a few years back. There’s probably other incidents I know nothing about and were swept away quietly. And I’m sure that happens at almost every major program. However, there’s a gaping pit between “everyone’s bad to some degree” and “supernovas of evil that were purposefully ignored.” When a new tragedy breaks about a school, then we can move that school from the “common bad” to “not outliers” group. (There was also probably some confirmation bias in how I read his post as well, but I admit that) For a start, athletic departments can simply be transparent. MSU attempted to block/deleted so much information from leaking out, they were actively discouraging the truth from being sought out. Get out of the way and allow both the authorities and administration to get to the bottom of these incidents and root out these problems before they fester. Also, quit looking at the bottom line. Student athletes are ambassadors for your school, and that is a privilege not a right. I would not want someone representing my university who committed a sexual assault, regardless of how talented they are or how much money they could make me. It’s not about them monitoring their athletes or preventing them from committing crimes as it is holding your athletes, coaches, and staff responsible for the consequences of their actions and not trying to shield them because of their sport or coach or talent.
  17. Say it ain't so, Joe

    Um, having a serial child molester in a coaching or support staff role for decades role is MOST DEFINITELY an outlier. You are creeping toward the “see, PSU is not so different from everyone else” defense card and I will have none of it. Now, the culture of suppressing rapes and assaults in favor of the athletes and programs is probably a much more common cancer that has infected a large majority of schools to varying degrees. There may be 2-3 more schools that have toxic cultures at the level of Baylor out there, but I would be surprised if that intense degree of systematic cowardice was commonplace. Lastly, we’re not asking Athletic Departments to stop every assault or prevent crimes, though that would be fantastic if they could. That’s very difficult with the large numbers of young, immature men and women that come through those doors every fall. And unfortunately, some kids will make grevious mistakes (again, not making excuses for heinous acts, but this is a fact of life). What we can ask of Athletic Departments (and hold them responsible for) is creating a culture of openness that encourages victims to come forward with these issues, that they treat these cases with respect and integrity, and work with law enforcement to take properly weighted disciplinary action when necessary; regardless of who the athlete is, who their coach is, or what sport they play.
  18. The XFL may be making a comeback

    Oh, of course not. Vince McMahon’s ambition is to make this NFL-Lite. The Pepsi to the NFL’s Coke. I will say, I think this time around, Vince will do a much better job of running this as a real professional league and not his own personal playpen. I think he knows he was handed a golden opportunity that he fumbled away, partly due to his own hubris. I think we see that in this announcement, this time giving himself a full two years to develop league and franchise infrastructures, rather than one. I guess revisiting my initial point, I think Average Football Fan is in the exact opposite place as they were 20 years ago. Back then, bigger hits/rougher/alpha-male football appeals to AFF’s sensibilities. But now, that viewpoint/market has largely faded away as AFF is beginning to see the taxing cost of playing pro football on players and has begun to shift towards a safer game. If the XFL simply repackages the same approach this time around, it will fail and quickly.
  19. The XFL may be making a comeback

    I’m excited because this is a fun and stupid distraction. New teams, forgotten players, old names that can’t coach anymore.... I’ll chuckle and giggle and watch passively like everyone else. It’s pretty obvious that this XFL venture will end one of two ways: it will end after 2-3 years of flailing around in mediocrity and hemorrhaging money or it will be successful enough to eventually be assimilated/purchased by the NFL as an off-season attraction. However, the smart venture (that actually has a chance to eventually overthrow the NFL) would be to create a “future football” league, creating a version of football that is thinking about 20-30 years from now. Do radical things to protect the players: eliminate helmets, some padding, hits to the head, premium health care plans/pensions for players, etc. Make the game fun, safer (backed up by science and data), with common sense rules. Allow 18 year olds to play/skip college/get paid immediately (you can partner with the University of Phoenix or something to allow them free tuition and gain an education). It probably looks more like the sport from Starship Troopers, but what do you really have to lose other than money? At this rate, the NFL has shown itself to be a dinosaur run by reactive clowns in regards to player safety and forward thinking. If you start now and make the tough changes that the NFL refuses to make and you can find a way to make them work, you can beat them to the punch. If there was an alternative league/sport like this, I think you could see a player like Josh Rosen (who seems like a bright individual and isn’t afraid to speak up about systems like the NCAA) to spurn the NFL and join your league. He might make less money in the immediate, but the promise of making money earlier by skipping the NCAA and much better mental and physical health in longevity post-football might be enough. Just some musings, XFL.
  20. Say it ain't so, Joe

    Fine, stop twisting my arm about it... I’ve said it about Happy Valley and Waco, so I’ll continue to stay on brand: Burn East Lansing to the ground.* As someone who follows MSU athletics inadvertently (I have a lot of family that went to State), there’s a very troubling culture that has developed around that entire athletic department. It may not be at the same level of toxic culture as a Baylor, but the amount of worrying incidents, transfers, and whispers of things swept under the rug around the men’s basketball and football teams is similar. Because of Larry Nassar, those things might come to light now that the Mark Hollis has resigned. This is not in any way an attempt to shift focus away from the Nassar crimes (which are truly heinous, repulsive, and sickening), but if you believe that the same administration that turned a collectively blind eye to a non-revenue sport like women’s gymnastics would hold a legend like Tom Izzo or Mark Dantonio’s feet to the fire and hold them accountable for the actions of their players, you’re insane. *Disclaimer that I am a University of Michigan fan. I recognize U of M’s school and athletic department are not perfect and they screw up a lot (see the Brendan Gibbons/Taylor Lewan fiasco). I would/will say the same thing about Ann Arbor should there prove to be a culture of heinous acts and things swept under the rug to either 1) win games or 2) make money.
  21. MLB changes 2018?

    I usually try not to play “Leeds United” knee-jerk, armchair designer guy... however, I hate this move by the Tigers.
  22. Leeds United New Crest

    I don’t mean to be rude, but you simply restated your original opinion just with more words. Basically, new logo is bad and bland; old logo was good and unique. Feelings. I was hoping that you would make some appeal to objectivity in your defense, because I can’t argue with your feelings. It’s the same reason why you can’t reason with flat-earthers; once objectivity gets thrown out the door, then it’s all only a matter of perspective. Why is the new logo bland? What specifically is to blame? What is responsible for the old logo being so unique? What did it get 100% correct that the new logo doesn’t? Is being unique the most important thing to a logo? What bridges the large gap in execution/craftsmanship between the two logos? Should not liking the owner be relevant at all in a discussion about design? TL;DR. You are 100% entitled to your opinion... but if you can’t point to anything more than your own personal feelings or taste, I’m not going to give your opinion any weight.
  23. Leeds United New Crest

    I am very interested in hearing you defend this opinion.
  24. 2018 MLS Kits

    Kit of the year.