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  1. At best, this set is weak and lifeless. At worst, it's sloppily executed. There's nothing to be proud of here, I'm not sure why Charlotte Athletics would be crowing about this.
  2. Love love LOVE this new Frisco set. Putting Teddy in there is great IMO. Although the bat-swinging logo reminds me of this:
  3. It's not funny at all, it's the way things should be. The Nationals don't play in Montreal, they play in Washington. It's not up to Washington to keep alive the legacy of a team from a city that primarily doesn't even speak the same language or have the same culture. The Expos are basically dormant until Montreal makes the conscious choice to do what it takes to bring them back, which is what Washington eventually did after 34 years of hardheadedness and incompetence. Hopefully Montreal won't take that long to bring Nos Amours home. These exhibition games are certainly a nice first step, and the Montreal Baseball Project is also doing good work in that direction.
  4. If this was a regular MLB venue, it would probably be regarded as the worst in modern history. Way too much fair territory seating miles away and huge amounts of foul territory.Always wondered, but is there a reason why cricket grounds seem to be built with stands placed at random locations? I would think the best ones would be built like the MCG or the Docklands stadium, with stands basically equal height around the pitch. Also, why is MLB opening at the SCG? Seems like it would make more sense to play at the Sydney Showground given that it was originally built with baseball in mind.
  5. Looks nice. IIRC, the last set of renovation/expansion plans for Wrigley had a giant building on that triangle-shaped piece. Looks like they scaled that back significantly. Wonder what's being done with the parking that's on that parcel. Is it going into an underground garage below that piece?
  6. Aloha Hawai'i! Honolulu Stadium: Aloha Stadium
  7. The California Redwoods UFL team used to play at AT&T Park, they did not pull the stands on to the field, I did not know they could do that! "Used to" is a charitable term. They played exactly 2 games at AT&T Park (and one at Spartan Stadium in San Jose) before decamping for Sacramento the next season. Neither game in SFO drew over 7,000 people ANNOUNCED. The fly-by-night nature of the UFL just may have killed off any chance of the NFL having competition in our lifetimes. The terms "embarrassment", "sham" and "disgrace" don't go far enough to describe that league.
  8. A few from the Great White North (eh?): 2003 Heritage Classic at Commonwealth Stadium, Edmonton: 2011 Heritage Classic at McMahon Stadium, Calgary: 2014 Heritage Classic at BC Place Stadium in Vancouver: 2016 Heritage Classic at Investors Group Field, Winnipeg:
  9. Weird. Anyone else find it strange they set up home plate at the open end of the Orange Bowl instead of at the horseshoe end (where there would be more seats along the 1st base line)?
  10. Yeah, I could see that...but first, adding Kansas doesn't allow the B16 to add the BTN to Missouri cable/satellite subscribers at the higher in-state rate. So any gains there are mitigated. Kansas basketball's renown would be a good addition to bolster the B16's hoops side, but then none of these changes in the college landscape are really about basketball. It's football and the TV cash that comes with it that is driving the B16 here. True, and that may be why we have heard GT over UNC to the B16 lately. On the other hand...a.) does the conference really care all that much about what the NCAA thinks of them, and b.) in the long-run, wouldn't UNC's cache and prestige mean much more to the conference than adding anyone else?
  11. I'm not sure what Kansas gains the Big Ten in the area that matters most, which is TV markets and overall state population. Here's a quick thumbnail sketch of what the B16 would get if they added each of the rumored schools: Virginia - share of DC TV market (#9 TV market), Norfolk/Virginia Beach (#43), Richmond (#58) | Population: 8.1 million UNC- Charlotte (#24), Raleigh/Durham (#27) | Population: 9.7 million Georgia Tech - Atlanta (#8), Savannah (#96) | Population: 9.8 million Kansas - share of KC TV market (#31), Wichita (#69) | Population: 2.9 million By those metrics alone, any of the 3 ACC schools would be a better 'get' than Kansas.
  12. Ding, ding, ding. We have a winner. Hint: In this modern college landscape, every school is looking out for themselves. No one wants to be left behind in the also-ran conferences that will exist when the dust settles. Notre Dame is no different than any other school that's not tied down in this regard.
  13. ESPN reporting the ACC has voted to accept Louisville beginning in 2014 UNC AD: School wants to stay in the ACC "for another 60 years at least" UVA AD: "We firmly stand behind the Atlantic Coast Conference"
  14. Only if they suffer more defections. Another thought, why isn't the ACC going after West Virginia. Is WV locked in some kind of contract? The ACC rejected WVU after the SEC did. Yeah but I think things have changed. I think the ACC would be a lot more receptive to adding them now since they lost Maryland and the loss of Virginia, Virginia Tech, North Carolina, NC State are all very real possibilities. If the ACC could grab Louisville to replace Maryland and then extend an invite to Cincinatti, they could make a move back at West Virginia say hey, we are the first real super conference. Even if we lose 1 or 2 members, we'll still have more or equal members than the rest of the conferences. Morgantown is a very small TV market. Even if you expand WVU's "market" to the entire state of WV and part of southeast PA (a generous assumption), you're not picking up that many TV households. And we know that the $ that comes from those is what this whole realignment situation is all about. Louisville, Cincinnati or UConn would all be better choices.
  15. I'd consider adding Army too. Adding the east coast service academies would keep some of the "prestige" associated with the top-level academic institutions in the ACC, plus would give a presence (though muted) in both the NYC and Washington/Baltimore area markets. And of course, Army-Navy would be a conference game, adding more meaning to an already meaningful game. Assuming you added Army/Navy and UConn/Louisville: Army Boston College UConn/Louisville Clemson Florida State NC State Syracuse Wake Forest Duke Georgia Tech Miami Navy North Carolina Pittsburgh Virginia Virginia Tech * Plus Notre Dame for all other sports than football. That's not half-bad, honestly. The question is, would it allow them to compete with the B1G and Big 12 when all is said and done?
  16. Seems like the Big East's desperation to stay afloat is continuing. Maybe with the knowledge that they're going to lose 1-2 more schools in the coming days...? ECU is kind of a "get", but Tulane? Really?
  17. It could be argued that by taking UNC and UVA, you bracket the DC market as well as Raleigh Durham (#27 US market), Norfolk/Virginia Beach (#43) and Richmond (#58) and lock them all down as Big Ten territory all in one fell swoop. Plus by bringing UNC on, you get the benefit of boosting the conference's basketball cachet.
  18. There is a lot to be disagreed with when it comes to his analysis. He makes some decent points, nothing new or profound though. His default answer is either BIG 10 or SEC. My only issue is that he completely disregaurds the possibility of an Eastern/Atlantic Coast conference surviving. It is very possibly that the ACC and Big East can work together and form a super conference. Well, I think you missed his point. He was coming from the perspective of which schools are going to be the lynchpins in keeping the ACC together, and looking at what their other options are. I think the idea of a ACC/Big East "super conference" just plain nutty. Sure it'd have some excellent basketball, but if the football side still trails the other super conferences, you're going to have schools like FSU, VT and NC State looking for a better deal and you're right back where you started. Because at the end of the day, the revenue that comes from football is what this is all about. Also, the whole "conference of convenience" thing hasn't exactly worked out for the Big East - in fact, it's been an unmitigated disaster. Why should a ACC/Big East merger be any different? I'm hoping that the ACC survives. Honestly, as a UVA fan, I am. But here's the thing...if VT and NCSU get serious invites from the SEC and UVA and, say, UNC get the chance to jump to the Big Ten... the writing is going to be on the wall. At that point, every school in the ACC is going to be looking for a lifeboat to escape the sinking ship.
  19. I know it's just a blog, but there is an interesting analysis of the ACC's members and how they're likely to play this situation here: http://fromoldvirginia.blogspot.com/2012/11/stormy-waters.html I can't say I disagree with his analysis, in general.
  20. Seems to me the winning strategy for the ACC would be to lock down Notre Dame for football and add UConn and Louisville.
  21. 1.) There's precedent in the Washington/Baltimore situation. It's been done before. 2.) New York might be the one market where even a 40% stake in TV rights would be worth more than a 100% stake in TV rights elsewhere. 3.) If it's the only way to get a third team in the New York market and MLB/Yankees/Mets want it to happen (ie, it's profitable for all parties), they'll likely find a way to make it happen.
  22. With money, anything is possible. Suppose a new team in Brooklyn would cede a majority of broadcast rights to the Mets/Yankees (a la MASN in Washington/Baltimore). This would allow the existing teams to either make their current broadcast deals more valuable (YES/SNY) or create a new sports network to broadcast the Brooklyn team's games (from which they would receive the majority of the proceeds). That's not to say it will happen, merely that it's possible. IMO, more possible than seeing an MLB team in one of the half-dozen small-time markets that keep getting mentioned.
  23. Not in the slightest. MLB got a team in a major American market with disposable dollars, extorted the DC government out of a $600 million showpiece ballpark and kept Congress at bay all in one fell swoop. You have to remember how bad things got in Montreal and how unwilling the provincial government AND local businessmen were to support the Expos (or even the general concept of Montreal baseball). This is precisely how Jeffrey Loria got his dirty paws on the franchise in the first place...NO ONE in Montreal was willing to step up to save the thing. Also recall that Stade Olympique was (and is) like playing baseball in a giant cave - and this was not going to change because when push came to shove, no one wanted to build a new ballpark. Given all that, just about ANYTHING would have been an improvement over Montreal. The fact that MLB got all of the goodies out of DC in the process was just gravy. I do hope Montreal gets back in the baseball game, but it would have to do quite a bit to convince anyone who was paying attention to the Expos fiasco that Montreal can support a professional team - including building a new, modern outdoor facility. I've always advocated that they should go after a AAA team, build a park that can be expanded to MLB size at a later date, and develop the fan/corporate support necessary to take that next step up at the appropriate time. Either way, I hope that they can get baseball back, but I won't hold my breath.
  24. Good point. Maybe TCU would stay in the new Big USA, but I suspect they'd jump to the Big XII and either Memphis or Southern Miss would stay in B*USA. No idea how you could set up divisions that would make sense that way, though.
  25. Good points overall. You're probably right, it'd probably continue to be a campus affair.
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