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  1. eh, why not? Im game. you have your "facts", heavily biased from one perspective, mind you, I have mine, biased the other way. Ever heard of optimism? It's a thing, I promise. I don't know if those are facts or not to be honest, I'd like to see a source. I'm fairly sure that the Coyotes made money in their first 5 years in the desert. They had Roenick and Tkachuk and Khabbibulin and a playoff team. Problem was, America West Arena was not well suited for hockey. There were a lot of blind spot seats, and the rink barely fit in the place that was supposed to be for basketball. Problems, yes, I concede. Still, it was a high-quality on ice product and there was still interest in the team in the Phoenix area. The real problems started with mismanagement of the team at the turn of the century and when the team turned bad, I mean the post-kachina-jersey era was rough, not many good players, bad coaching, etc. Like I said before, Arizona fans fluctuate with how well the team does. People started to stop paying attention as the team turned to crap, at the same time there was a new, very necessary arena being built. When fans stopped going to see a bad team, they couldnt fill the seats and the loan that Glendale took out started to look bad. In reality, if they are selling out this area at the time (Like they are doing NOWW)... we may not have this problem today. There's plenty of teams that are unprofitable. Many southern teams come in to mind, Dallas, Florida, etc. Some of it is because of lack of attendance, some of it's unstable ownership, some of it's the economy and consumer spending habits. Doesn't mean that all of the unprofitable teams in the league should up and move. The coyotes happen to be an extreme case of unprofitability, but the fanbase is there, the population is there, and what I would cite as ineffective marketing over a long period of time can be turned around. Also consider that the Westgate area is very nice and suited for hockey and a large amount of fans. It's built to accommodate hockey and if utilized to its maximum could be profitable in the long run. Those seats will start being filled as of next year after this run. Why would the NHL have a press conference announcing the intention to go through with an illegal deal? Yeah, you can name-call if you want, and if I want, I'll be "blind to reality". What you call naivety, I call optimism. What would you do if the Toronto Maple Leafs, were in bankruptcy? Would you give up all hope, interpret any news as a bad sign, and string up a rope to prepare yourself for the impending doom? Or, would you look on the bright side, interpret a press conference ANNOUNCING THAT SOMEONE HAS AGREED IN PRINCIPLE TO BUY THE TEAM as a good thing, and maybe disregard a few less-than-promising figures about the financial standing of your team in the spirit of hoping that your favorite team isn't gone forever? But you can call me a "mod edit" for hoping for the best if you desire-- as long as it makes you feel better that the coyotes are staying. Yeah, life's not a movie. Yeah, the team has problems. Sure. But there's always hope.
  2. Yeah, so how long have your "facts" actually been predicting the truth icecap? Weren't the Coyotes supposed to move like, 3 years ago because of your precious "facts"? Wait, they haven't. Haven't moved and they aren't going to. Sorry bout it. Oh, and I know I'm not exactly the poster boy for an unbiased look at this situation, it's pretty clear where my allegiances lie. But the only reason I'm on this thread with these types of " you guys" posts is because no one has been speaking for one side of the situation. Y'all are on some type of vendetta against the Coyotes... looking back through this thread with all of the multitudes of "yea they are definitelyyyy moving to QC" comments... I mean, it's not gonna happen. I'm fully aware that plenty of sarcastic, MOD EDIT comments are coming my way-- don't worry, I understand how the internet works. I get what a flamewar is. And clearly I'm poking the dog. Don't care. Fact of the matter is.... most of the NHL sees this as an incredible underdog story. Look at any other message board. I've seen so many people say they are behind the coyotes and their story, so many people from random teams saying.. good luck or.. I hope y'all beat the odds. No credit on here. Just hate.
  3. Jamison is clearly a wizard when it comes to marketing. He raised the Dallas Mavericks in the 80s from nothing into a team with a well-run management system. Seemed to do much of the same with the Pacers for a 6-year stint after that. And he was able to help turn things around in San Jose, now they are a perennial winner. The Coyotes have most of the pieces. Strong coaching staff. Hard working players with plenty of offensive big bodies, a few young up and coming speedsters on offense, veterans, and one of the best defensive corps in the league (including a minor-league system stacked on defense). Oh, a really good goalie. A crafty general manager. Nice arena with a huge parking lot and plenty of restaurants and shops surrounding it. So the main thing that was missing was asses in seats. The franchise was poorly run by Moyes and Gretzky, poorly coached, terrible draft picks, terrible trades, the mid 00s were not good for this team. As a result, people didn't show up. That's how it works in Arizona. Cardinals, not the best attendance, Super bowl run, fantastic attendance now. Diamondbacks, world series run sparked interest in the team in the early part of the century, attendance tapered off but the teams recent success in past couple of years has once again filled chase field. Now the Coyotes are one of the best stories in the entire NHL and, not surprisingly, the fans that are so off-and-on in Arizona are taking notice. The interest is there. The fanbase is there and it's growing every day that the playoffs continue. Jamison can use this opportunity to put a structured and targeted marketing plan in place for next year that continues to maintain attendance and loyalty to the team. He's done it in 3 other markets. This playoff run will most likely lead to an increase in season ticket sales, sponsorships, merchandise... now it's a matter of sustaining this increase in revenue and using it to cancel out all of the debt and effectively turn around the franchises fortunes. Obviously the most satisfying part of this playoff run is seeing the Coyotes win, it's exciting and it's a great feeling and honestly I wish I could make it out to the west coast for one of these games. But way down the list of "most satisfying" is probably seeing all of these bitter, anti-phoenix, canadians sputter as they search for more hate and poo to fling at the coyotes (oh, for the record, most small-market / non canadian hockey fans are rooting for the team, in case you haven't noticed, it's a pretty good script). The title of this thread shows exactly why less coyotes fans post on it. Because as soon as one steps up and offers a view other than what y'all believe, they get hazed and flamed and thrown in a road side ditch (wait, or am now i just talking about the ccslc in general? idk...). I haven't read this thread too much myself mostly because of that reason (besides the few drunken post-win celebratory comments)... but y'all can have your common sense and your conspiracy theories and your pessimistic look on the NHL. Go ahead. Take it. Phoenix is entrenched in one of the more magical sports runs in recent history and I'm along for the ride. Keep on hatin. Go coyotes.
  4. I hear that. It's about time this team gets some of the credit it deserves... but more so, it deserves a more stable franchise. Such a hard-working team and it takes some incredible mental toughness to play through such ownership turmoil and win two playoff series. the haters. Lay off us mathletes! I was speaking from experience. Nice avatar. Go yotes.
  5. Well, the NHL is the league that saw the Quebec Nordiques relocate to Denver in time for the 1995-96 season after winning the Northeast Division title in 1994-95. ...and go on to win the Stanley Cup the next year. Fair enough, you wouldn't think it would happen again. Boy, you need to get better at choosing teams! I know, right? Being a Phoenix sports fan living in Atlanta is highly dangerous if you also happen to like hockey.
  6. the haters. Mike Smith was a godsend. He may have saved the team. Can you really move them, after all this success? I know this forum is largely Canadian, and this thread is largely anti-Coyotes, and most of y'all would love to see a team in Quebec City. Well, I just wanted to chime in my small 2 cents, which is, basically, em. I'm a passionate fan. It's been absolutely agonizing to go through every day of this season, wondering if this is the last game I'll see of this team. Especially after I lost the Thrashers last year. The Coyotes have been proving everyone wrong for a while now, call it good, structured coaching, call it luck, call it "wizard"ry, dark magic. Call it Gary Bettman being a . I don't care, because Bettman is a huge , and I hate him, and he probably doesn't have the balls to move the Coyotes at this point. Can you really move them now? After a division championship against all odds? After 3 straight playoff appearances, against all odds? I don't think it's gonna happen. Either, someone steps up and buys this team over the offseason (Jamison? Treliving? Someone?), or Glendale forks over another 5 million. They already have 20 million in their budget to keep operating the team. The NHL will be asking for another 25 mil. Call me crazy, but after this success, people are gonna finally start showing up to the games next season. (yes, yes, I know, why didn't they show up this season? if you ask me, it's because people thought it was a given that the team would suck ass this year, and move. it didn't quite play out like that). Attendance was good to end the year. Jobing.com arena will be rocking for the playoffs. Another little 5 million isn't bad in the grand scheme of things, if the fine citizens of Arizona start going to the games. I'm talking out my ass at this point, my view of this situation is incredibly biased and probably far too optimistic. I don't care. All I really want at this point is a playoff series win, it's been far too long. And I want to know that my favorite sports team isn't going anywhere. Because goddammit, it's gonna hurt if they move, it's gonna hurt a lot. At least, I can take small solace in the fact that the Coyotes being a successful team in the past 3 years pisses off Canadian, pro-team-in-Quebec-City people so much. Just look at the quote that is the title of this thread. It's the biggest anomaly in pro sports. It's a paradox. So, long live hockey in the desert. And it, GO COYOTES.
  7. The ear moved and it freaked me the f*** out. I'd love to get a couple of logos done but clarifying about the spot colors: do you want it so the only colors you see in the color palette in illustrator are the ones in the logo? Thanks.
  8. please ppl, stop giving me the svg movement link Why? Thanks to GBM these are the best svg templates available, I don't know what more you could want.
  9. Yes, uploaded to mediafire for you: LINK
  10. For all of them when you click download on Mediafire, the dialog that comes up shows a notepad Icon. But when you actually download it they all work perfectly. And this isn't just yours. So really there's nothing wrong. But thanks a lot for the concern. (P.S. SVG is really just text anyway) Ok, good.
  11. GBM: I noticed quite a few of the ones I converted for you don't work, they are just text files. I don't know if it's my fault or your fault or whatever, it doesn't matter, but I am willing to upload my templates on to my Mediafire page for you to link to. That way I know that they will work, less chance of something to get lost or messed up in cyberspace during the transfer from me-you, you know how that happens. So just say the word and I will get on that.
  12. I have a question. It's about the scissors tool, cutting tool, whatever it's called. The one where on a shape you click on a point on the edge, then you click on another point on a different edge, and it cuts the shape from point to point. Then you have two shapes. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. Well, it's all good for single shapes, but what if I want to cut through multiple elements with the same "cut". Like, I want to cut a vector logo in half. I just can't figure it out. Hopefully it's possible. Thanks to anyone who can help.
  13. Elliott, Thank you so much. I appreciae the interest very much and this would be exactly what we are looking for. Yes I would host them. You don't need to worry about that. Just email me, say, a ZIP file of all the ones you convert and I'll do the rest. If you could do all of those (except for the basketball one) that would be just awesome. Even the cycling one would be cool. I can definitely get them online. Thanks again, I really appreciate your support and assistance. It is much appreciated. Chestnutz, yes in fact you can convert AI files to AVG files in Illustrator. I've never done it but it is possible. Its just that people who use Inkscape can't use them at all without tracing so that is partly why I started this. Thanks again everyone! I will work on updating the list very soon. I have absolutely no idea how to make a ZIP file... ...but I'll get on with converting them.
  14. Hey GBM, As a first time poster on this thread, I am very willing to get a few templates up in SVG, but I have no idea how this will be done. Do you host them, or what? So anyway, I own illustrator cs and I would be more than happy to convert some AI stuff to SVG. I currently have, in AI: -4 hockey templates (my own action creation, an older Roger Clemente template, Speedy's edge template (slightly modified), and the front "hanging" view from my last sig series) -1 football template (doosh's template, sort of a side view that I use on all my football concepts) and 1 football template in R&D, will be an action template of a rb more than likely -2 baseball templates (action of swinging player and basic template of flat jersey/pants) -2 baseball hat templates -1 basketball template (you have it, I believe) -Even a few cycling templates b/c I designed the jerseys for this bicycle event my parents host. So as long as you can get them online, I can convert them. And it's cool that you are helping so much with this GBM, I know a lot of people without illustrator really appreciate it. I'm just glad to help in any way possible.
  15. You are extremely immature. Not only does it show in your comments, but also in the fact that your only dis is "douchebag". Shows that you are probably in about 7th grade.

  16. I actually do. Shows front, back, front shorts, side shorts. I have *many* assorted hockey template, all of which I could save as a jpg. Just show me what you want it to look like, or pm me or something. I was wanting just a template that uses the new edge design (front and back), shows the pants and socks. Anything else is just gravy. I can hook you up w/ a slightly modified Speedy template or the template I have using for my coathanger stuff. Thats all I got in Edge.
  17. I have *many* assorted hockey template, all of which I could save as a jpg. Just show me what you want it to look like, or pm me or something.
  18. Actually I'm not Michael Vick lol. He is probably at the top of my list for players to hate.

  19. Okay, thanks for everyones help!
  20. Heres a question: is it possible to make a double stroke in illustrator, two outlines? Don't know if mine will do it, I have illustrator 10. Thanks to all who can help.
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