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  1. lol the thread got Saint-jacqued, one more indignity for the woebegone Falcons.
  2. Not crazy about the black-and-white-heavy Saints set pictured above. I don't like black pants with black socks, especially with gold helmets and white jerseys. It's an odd color distribution to me. The Saints should build around [what was] their unique shade of dark metallic gold, with helmets, numbers, and pants all in matching gold home and away. HDTV can handle dark gold numbers on white with even just moderately thick black outlines. I'm not breaking new ground here, but I think that's the way to go. It's the San Jose Sharks principle of a conservative design with a signature color.
  3. Is this another one of those intrastate rivalries where the University of ____ denigrates _____ State as a humble agricultural college for hopeless rubes who were too stupid for the real flagship, and then jangles their keys at them to signify that all they'll ever amount to is parking other people's cars, even though all these Division I universities are well-funded, highly sophisticated, and heavily administrated institutions that have abandoned their public missions and turned aside their own residents in order to get fat on retail-price tuition from the children of Chinese bureaucrats and Gulf State oil barons? If so, cool, I hope the farmers get one back on those stuffed shirts, I hate that lousy dean.
  4. Amazon's core business is IT contracting with the federal government, the retail is there to keep your eye off the ball
  5. NHL is doin' NHL things again
  6. I appreciate a mildly subversive use of naming rights. I don't even think they're a good investment: everyone resents them, and if you don't get in on the ground floor of it, no one observes the new name anyway, or they just call it "the arena." The Amazon brand does not need increased awareness. Neither does AT&T, but having the Cowboys play in "Anderson Cooper 360 Stadium" would surely cause more problems than it would solve. Semi-related: I'm surprised more telecasts don't cite advertiser conflicts as a reason not to use venues' corporate names. Down in the AHL, the Chicago Wolves still refer to the BMO Harris Bank Center in Rockford as "the MetroCentre" because they're sponsored by a bank that is not BMO Harris. (I myself also still call it the MetroCentre, but I am not sponsored by a bank.) There must be language in the contracts to account for this in the bigs, because otherwise I'm sure this would happen a lot.
  7. we're peakin' at just the right time
  8. Norm's joke about learning about Hitler may have the biggest gap between on-paper and delivery of any joke ever.
  9. Moviebob is a fat idiot who posts on Twitter, mostly about comic book movies. He loves Hollywood liberals, and hates southerners and Bernie Sanders supporters in equal measure. He believes in eugenics despite being hideous himself. I think he wrote a book about Mario 3 that was really about how his family didn't love him.
  10. wonder if b1rky posts here
  11. Then fight me. I can't stand even looking at mayonnaise-based "salads." Why do they exist? Disgusting!
  12. Congratulations to Jarome Iginla and Marian Hossa, two of the best who ever played the game, and to Doug Wilson, who was also pretty good for a long time.
  13. Snyder will probably have the NFL give ESPN a call. Can't have an official partner of the league playing the Voldemort game with them. Tiptoeing around it is one thing, doing a listicle with the name and logo missing probably drew too much attention.
  14. That's already an OHL team, they'd have to be the Golden Steelheads
  15. BSS pick 10 (it's actually 11 because everything they did was excessive): Superconnected 7/4 Shoreline Fire Eye'd Boy Anthems... Hotel Cause = Time Almost Crimes Swimmers Our Faces... It's All Gonna Break Stars and Sons unpopular opinion: the s/t is significantly better than You Forgot It In People
  16. The Royals can move downtown, and I'd be sad to see Kauffman go (future home: Hallmark Park?), but there's no reason for the Chiefs to leave Arrowhead and its ocean of parking. It barely gets used, just let it sit there and give people from all over the Plains a place to toss beanbags and eat gloppy deli food, it's fine, it's whatever.
  17. to games running 3:45 with nothing happening
  18. It's something your gym teacher comes up with for kickball because you can't spill over into art class. It has no business in a sport that takes itself as seriously (and nowadays, to its detriment, deathly seriously) as baseball does. Shootouts are a distillation of the game, so philosophically, it works as a way to end games that run beyond long. The strawman home run derby that people concoct to run down the shootout would, in its way, be more honest than a baserunner who magically materialized on second during the commercial break.
  19. I'm not used to no baseball at all. No swimming, no baseball on the radio, I feel like I'm in a permanent March but the weather is warm. It sucks, I hate it. I really, really hope everyone hates the ghost runner, but I don't like the odds of getting rid of it. It'll be terrible for the game, but replay turned out to be terrible for the game, and that'll never go away.
  20. They could pull off powder blue as a base color, as we've discussed before, but not those white hats and helmets. Those look goofy and, like vests, unbefitting of the major leagues.
  21. I thought I would be bummed about the universal DH, but the runner on second in extras makes a real travesty of the game. Is this how the ride-or-die-for-ties hockey fans felt about the shootout? Is this what it sounds like when doves cry?
  22. That's making the dog walk on its hind legs here. It's Orange County/suburban Los Angeles, it's not built for transit and never will be. There's encouraging stuff going on with the L.A. Metro (or at least there was until Americans decided, with help, that trains are to blame for the pandemic), but that's miles away. With, for instance, Wrigley Field, it's not easy to drive there, but it's not easy to drive anywhere around there. This is inventing a walkable area in an ocean of sprawl. This wouldn't change the whole well-entrenched car culture, it would just be really inconvenient.
  23. I'm totally on board for losing the giant hats and the Disney rocks, but I am having a hard time reconciling how you're going to run a baseball team out of Anaheim with no parking lots. What are people gonna do, teleport in? I like New Urbanism as much as any dork here but even I know where I'm licked.