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  1. I like the cardinals one, but I can't help but think of Stanford when I see it.
  2. Sorry, but I have to say that I see no redeeming qualities about this concept. The striping and numbers are a no, and the yellow jersey is a very big no.
  3. Very nice, although I'm not quite sold on the name fonts.
  4. Well of coarse it wouldn't be on their helmet. The Chargers just wouldn't be the Chargers without a bolt on their helmet. They definately need something on the 50 yard line with more substance than the bolt, and I thought that they needed to bring back the sheild, so this was my attempt.
  5. Thanks. I like logos that look like they're out to get you. I did too at frst, but the curved one has grown on me. They don't have any straight bolts on their uniforms anymore either, so the curve goes more with their current style. Thanks, that was my objective.
  6. burgundy


    I think if the white lines between the black and orange were thicker it would look much better.
  7. Why would I change the horse? A charger is a horse. Really, the original shield logo was somewhat demonic too, I guess I just enhanced it.
  8. Well, here's the updated logo. Tell me what you guys think.
  9. Thanks for the comments guys. I'll see what I can do.
  10. For this logo I reworked the classic shield logo to try and connect it with the Chargers' current look. I didn't do any jerseys as this logo is meant to go with what they currently have. C&C please
  11. Awesome! I love everything about this concept.
  12. Yea, I think that the swords look incomplete without the circle. There's just not enough to them to carry on as a primary logo by themselves. Plus, the circle is reminescent of the classic logo, and my concept is to try and link past and present.
  13. Thanks for your comments. I decided to modify the shoulder yoke and the collar. What do you guys think of the update?
  14. For this concept I used a recolored crossed sabres logo from the red and black days as the primary. For the shoulder patch I modified the classic logo to include only the buffalo. With the jersey I tried to link it to the past with the triple stripes, but I tried to modernized it with a more swift and fierce look. C&C please
  15. I like it, but i think that the stripes are so bold and aggressive that it's distracting from the logo.
  16. Very nice. I really like this concept. The only thing that I might add is little bit of white to the stripes on the blue jersey, maybe like your green alternate.
  17. With this concept I tried to make the logo stand out more by adding the TML logo to the leaf and giving the leaf an outline. For the sweaters, I somewhat combined the looks of several eras while acheiving something different aswell.
  18. I think that the yellow-gold makes a much better contrast to the burgundy than the old gold. I'd like to see them wear something like that on the field. The current logo with the old-style uniforms isn't bad either.
  19. Well, I love the old spear logo, and I like the use of burgundy on the away pants, but I've never really been a fan of the "old gold" pants. I think the design would look better with their current yellow-gold or possibly white for the home pants. Of couse, if you change the home pants to yellow-gold the stripes would have to match.
  20. I really like this. I do think that the all-white uniform should be the regular away, but besides that, very nice
  21. The helmet is a pretty good idea, but I'm not so sure about the shoulder stripes. They just don't seem to fit the Colts. The blue looks a little dark too.
  22. I agree with your first point, that's why I didn't originaly use it, but since it was suggested, I gave it a try. I'm a bit confused on why copperplate is so bad though. As for your second point, a thicker outline may be better, but I have no problem destinguishing the numbers and name. And color blind people wouldn't see black, black and more black; they would see black and gray.
  23. Alright, so I decided to modify the second logo and see how it looks as a shoulder patch. The logo The jersey with patch
  24. Thanks for all of the comments. I decided to see what adding another horn would do, and I think that it looks rather odd. It doesn't quite look like a D to me.
  25. burgundy

    LA Kings

    I like it, but that shade of gold just seems odd to me. Otherwise, nice work.