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  1. Those monstrosities also had a gigantic pants stripe on only the left side.
  2. The logos are pretty nice, but those uniforms...
  3. The Chicago Staggs of the failed A11FL planned on using antlers on their helmet, but they never played a down.
  4. This news is actually a month old, but it kinda got overshadowed: Washington is retiring Bobby Mitchell's #49. It's only the second number they've ever officially retired after Sammy Baugh's #33. Rather interesting that they finally honor Mitchell, who was also their first black player, just before all of the name change stuff happened. Unfortunately, they only retired his number because he just died. But it wouldn't be Washington if they didn't do the right thing for the wrong reason after years of sitting with their thumbs up their butt.
  5. No idea why they're removing the helmet stripes, and the pointed serifs on the wordmark are stupid, but whatever, I guess it works for a short term solution. I'm glad they're not rushing into a stupid name though. Hopefully they use this next year wisely and come up with a good identity.
  6. Morten Andersen, John Carney, and Jeff Feagles all spanned from Tecmo Super Bowl on the NES all the way to Madden on 360/PS3.
  7. What are peoples' thoughts on wearing older Washington jerseys that don't have the wordmark on them (My Darrell Green jersey, for example)? Is it okay since it doesn't explicitly say the name "Redskins" on it, or is it bad by association since it still represents when they had that name?
  8. Who moderates the moderators? The logo itself is okay I guess. At least it's an actual logo and not rendering of the badge.
  9. The hashtag is not important, but "Hail To The Redskins" is the title and lyrics of the team's fight song, which their marching band has played since 1938. Many fans would like to see a name that can fit into the fight song. Sure, that could be any two syllable name, but "R" is preferred, since the HTTR shorthand has existed for a while, even before hashtags. And like @Sec19Row53 pointed out, it has become the "Go Pack Go" or "Roll Tide" type motto of Washington fans.
  10. Put some numbers on the helmets, and they're good to go (If the season even happens).
  11. I would hope the P-51 would be the primary logo, using it on the helmet in a similar fashion to the spear.
  12. I'm definitely relieved, and optimistic. It's a cloud of shame that's been hanging over me for years, and dulled my enthusiasm for the team. I haven't worn any of my Redskins gear outside my house in a long time, although I have worn a jersey or t-shirt while watching a game at home. It'll be nice to be able to support my team in public again, and only have to be ashamed of their play on the field, or of Snyder's stupid antics. Not every team name has to be locally sourced, and I don't think Alabama is getting an NFL team any time soon. And as you pointed out, with DC being the nation's capital, they kinda represent all Americans, especially military.
  13. But then the wheat-feather would make no sense. But I could definitely get behind the Washington Cheez-its.
  14. Redtails is the best choice, and it's not even close. It sounds great, it honors a great group of people, makes for cool imagery, and strokes Snyder and Rivera's military boners. Warriors is generic and stupid, and completely alters the flow of the name. Red Wolves is dumb and amateur. As for changing colors, hell no. I'm glad they seem to be sticking with burgundy and gold. The colors are my most important connection to the team as a fan that has no connection to Washington DC.
  15. I like the idea of the stripe, but it would be greatly improved with the removal of the logo from the sleeve. Then it would be a unique, quirky, but simple stripe design. Instead it's a cluttered mess. Logos on top of stripes always look terrible (with the exception of the Seahawks).
  16. It's not. None of this makes sense. I don't know how forcing every team in the PAC12 to go to Arizona is somehow safer than going elsewhere in the country. Same with the ACC with Miami and FSU, if they go conference only. Just cancel the season already. This is stupid.
  17. Ugh, this again. As an Irish-American Notre Dame fan and a disaffected Washington fan, they are not the same. Not even remotely.
  18. Notre Dame probably sells more merch than UCLA and Cal combined. Their fanbase is massive. How much of that merch is UA stuff I'm not sure. All the shirts I've bought during the UA run have been made by Champion.
  19. They also have a very slight (and inconsistent) curve to the vertical strokes, making it even worse. It looks like it's melting, or like it's a bad photocopy of the actual logo.
  20. It does kinda look like muscles and tendons now that you mention it...
  21. While it could be interpreted as a cowboy, it definitely looks like a Confederate wearing a slouch hat as well. And with the gray of the jackets and the red of the battle flag, I just don't think it's far enough removed from Confederate imagery.
  22. I think a James Dean style rebel would be much more fitting of the school's 1950s origins, and would be unique.
  23. Demoff: "What if people think the new uniforms are overdesigned?" *Nike slides bone uniform design across table* Nike: We've got it covered.
  24. What is it with Nike and putting wordmarks in dumbass places? Also the gradient is stupid, and "bone" jerseys are ridiculously stupid. Reserving judgement on the helmet and sleeves.