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  1. A lot of Americans don't even know that the War of 1812 happened. And I'm pretty sure people around here only know about it because we have a fort to remind us. I think all that was taught in school is that the Whitehouse was burned down, and Francis Scott Key wrote The Star-Spangled Banner. It's pretty pathetic.
  2. The world record that stood for 26 years was broken in women's triple jump. Yulimar Rojas is freakishly good. Nobody else stood a chance.
  3. That's kinda the point of street style and park style, hence the names. Unfortunately vert and big air are not in the Olympics yet, as those are the more spectacle type of events. And I wouldn't call skateboarding a fringe sport. Maybe 30 years ago, but not now. I would call 3x3 a fringe sport though. Probably the most surprising of the new events.
  4. 3x3 basketball was so weird to watch. It's like watching people play a pick-up game on a playground. Which I guess is the point? Anyway, congrats to the US women.
  5. Two 13 year olds just won gold and silver in Women's Street Skateboarding, and made the veterans look like chumps. This is what makes the Olympics fun.
  6. This picture says otherwise: However, they may have been influenced by this Heritage Sports Art painting that chopped off the serif for some reason:
  7. It's always fun to see a meme happen live. The crazy thing is, he got up from that, did some great tricks, and just barely missed bronze.
  8. I've been watching, but mostly online through CBC because NBC's coverage is terrible, as usual. I watched the entirety of the men's street skateboarding competition last night which was pretty cool. Checked out surfing, but it was pretty boring, honestly.
  9. Tennessee and Atlanta say hello. Not that it makes the Rams look any better, but they are not the worst. The plastic and gradients are stupid, but at least it's a legible typeface.
  10. I'm going to miss the shoulder stripes of the Under Armour uniforms. Looks like they're goin to chunky and truncated (chunkated?) UCLA stripes. Nike knows how to make the stripes better, they just choose not to, and it's so damn frustrating. Also looks like the gold won't be nearly as yellow and more towards Vegas gold, which is a shame.
  11. I wonder if they'll also grant the Browns an exemption, and they can start using a second helmet this year for their throwback.
  12. Unless they change uniform designations, they'd only be able to wear it with the blue jersey, saving us from mono-black at least. Not sure how I feel about black/blue/black, or black/blue/white though. Could look okay, could be garbage.
  13. The White Ranger was originally supposed to be a new character. JDF was supposed to be the star of his own Saban show, Cybertron. After the pilot they changed it to VR Troopers, and replaced JDF with the actor that was supposed to be the new White Ranger.
  14. Don't like the white helmet, but that pose is fantastic. Other teams take note.
  15. With the all black jersey and pants, they really missed an opportunity to have actual white socks. That would have looked so nice. Overall, these look okay. They still look like the White Sox, even if they do look like a GTA knockoff, and I'm sure those hats and jerseys will be extremely popular with their target market.
  16. The Blue Jays hat is hilariously lazy. They just copy/pasted the maple leaf from the logo, and slapped a generic "Toronto" pennant on the side. Fantastic.
  17. For the 1982 season, the Washington 32s tucked in the feathers on their logo, but returned to the hanging feathers the next season. In 1994 the Detroit Tigers started using their current road script, but the jerseys also introduced racing stripes, and they had an orange-brimmed hat with an orange D. They were only worn during the strike-shortened season. In 1995 the Tigers introduced a navy blue alternate jersey. It lasted one game.
  18. I guess what I should have said was, "The name United made sense for DC, so it wasn't as obvious that they were using a Euro-style name." Wasn't saying Euro-style makes sense for DC more so than other cities. Bad phrasing on my part.
  19. DC United has always used a Euro-style name, but it makes sense for them. The first charter club to switch to Euro was Dallas back in 2005 when they dropped Burn for FC.
  20. Probably replacing the random triangle with 96.
  21. They're still keeping the crappy C flag logo, but we'll take what we can get.
  22. Put the marlin on the front of the hat and remove the pinstripes, and that should be the basis for all their uniforms. It really is baffling that they don't embrace that beautiful blue.
  23. Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Illinois have also had champions in all NCAA football divisions.
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