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  1. Hard to tell if that's standard block, or their custom rounded block. It's looking great so far.
  2. The red gradient jersey and red pants are not only dumpster fires, they are an entire train of flaming garbage careening off a cliff. If we were to exclude those elements from the rest of the set, these would get a C- grade from me. Some promising elements, and a fairly decent base design brought down by Nike's need to go several steps too far as usual. Although this time they went even further with a whole menagerie of trends. I'm not sure how much I should let the alt bring down the grade of the whole set. It's just so horrendous on its own, but i can't give the whole set an F just because of the gradient alt and completely out of place red pants.
  3. It doesn't matter what color fans want. If players were allowed to redesign every team's uniforms, the whole league would end up with mono black and mono white. Players are idiots with no sense for sports aesthetics.
  4. Well . I was actually liking the black and white sets until seeing that. What is this, an NBA uniform? Throw 'em in the dumpster fire with the gradient reds.
  5. - Kraken Kalimari - Mermaid-Hair Pasta - Polly-Wanna-Cracker-Crusted Fried "Chicken"
  6. But this has just become a clone of the NFL Merry-Go-Round thread at this point. If we're going to beat a dead horse, at least give it the dignity of keeping it where it lies. We'd accomplish just as much by everyone posting this picture repeatedly:
  7. Well since everybody else is jumping off the bridge with their fixed versions of the Falcons logo...
  8. They had a bunch of previously unheard of dudes lead by a backup quarterback, and wore dog masks because they embraced being the underdog. I think fluke would apply.
  9. That graphic makes It look like a South Park character got a haircut. But in all seriousness, I love the update.
  10. Is that a creamcicle codpiece? Good god, man.
  11. "What team do you cheer for?" "Cleveland Unfortunately." It's perfect.
  12. Well that's a good sign.
  13. This isn't even something that started with sports. Heraldic gold has existed for centuries, and is basically the predecessor of athletic gold. They chose to depict gold as a slightly orangish yellow, and it stuck.
  14. The difference between athletic gold and yellow is like the difference between cardinal and red. So sure, in a general sense, it is a shade of yellow, but it is not pure yellow. So if you're not talking with uniform geeks or designers, go ahead and call it yellow. But here it's proper name is athletic gold.
  15. Pretty clever. And a lot less complicated than this mess Pitt tried to pull off: The punter was #98 and that's backup QB Jeff George Jr. in some weird 98/96 hybrid. It didn't work.
  16. I made this a long while back for a Columbus Generals team: Not sure how well Columbus would take to cheering for a football team in dark blue, but it's a start.
  17. The obvious answer is the Lombardi era uniforms. The real question is whether or not they would continue to half-ass it with a green facemask.
  18. Of course it's subjective. I was just pointing out the main problems that people have with the uniforms other than the number font. I never said Nike can't do pewter. They're just choosing not to do metallic pewter because they believe it's an outdated fabric, even though many of us think it looks superior to matte.
  19. It's not just because of the number font that people dismiss them. - Pewter looks awful when it's not metallic. - Nike decided to overload the shoulders with that awful matte pewter. - The logo is a worse version of the previous logo. - The logo is too damn big. - The chrome is completely unnecessary.
  20. I've never been sure of whether or not I should be proud that he's from my hometown. This settles it.
  21. The Uniform is dead! Long live the Uniform!
  22. Why did they feel the need to add another outline to that logo? It already has one too many. But I could definitely get behind a red/black color shift helmet like the Jets.
  23. The LV just looks like tarnished metal to me.
  24. The white uniforms are okay, but the red uniforms are very nice and should have been the basis for all three designs. The whites should have had the blue side panels with the stars, with red numbers and letters with blue outlines. Like the 96 uniform basically.