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  1. so what your saying is that the A's will never face mulder
  2. ok ok maybee the old logo wasnt great but it did have potential. i justt wish the angels would have kept some blue in their unis. maybee a dark blue alternate hat, kind of like the BP hats. and sry guys, i like red but the only team that can successfully pull off the mostly red look is the cardinals
  3. i was just looking at the logos that the Angels most recently ditched, with the light blue and wings, and i just realized it. i love those logos. all of them. from the script to the alternates. i hate the angels new unis with all that red. and i think that A is the most boring logo in baseball today. the old ones had so much potential. you could have made about a million uniform combinations with those logos. what do you think?
  4. sells replica and authentic personalized jerseys. they are both stiched but the replicas are all one color and have player names on the back. now the authentic jerseys are the complete real deal. you order a yankees jersey personalized you cant get a name put on the back and the numbers are the same as the ones on the real yankees jerseys
  5. has anyone else noticed that the shade of blue in the cubs batting practice jerseys and hats changes all the time? I noticed the Cubs stuff. It's like one day they're the royal uniform blue color and then they'll have a navy color. one time last year i accually looked on the MLB shop to see if they had two different sets of batting practice gear. maybee it changes when the players sweat
  6. hey, i like that idea. a lot of minor league teams do that. the rivercats did that and auctioned off the jerseys after a game last year. i almost bought one. accually, i think i saw a poster at autozone park a few years ago where the the redbirds did that also.
  7. hey, i like that idea. a lot of minor league teams do that. the rivercats did that and auctioned off the jerseys after the game. i almost bought one. accually, i think i saw a poster at autozone park a few years ago where the the redbirds did that also.
  8. So any place that screenprints onto t-shirts will do this? What about the mesh holes... will they remain exposed after the screenprinting process? I've got a Rams' Kurt Warner jersey that I'm rather fond of that I'd like to return to the way it was when I bought it. the only thing is, that, the font wont be spot on, but itll be close. and another thing im wonderin now.................... naaaaa there isnt a copywright imfiringement. im not sellin the stuff
  9. i think that's the only time we'll ever see those words together in that sequence. haha...I know...but who else is out there? There are NO decent second basemen in the majors period. Jeff Kent is old and doesn't hit or field all that well anymore, Alfonso can hit, but he can't field, womack is old. There just aren't too many out there. Options are slim. This is why you hide your worst all around fielder at second base, and typically they are one of the weakest bats in the lineup. Alex Cora would be a solid second baseman for St. Louis if they can't get Polonco. I forgot about him earlier. I'm an idiot. Plus we've got Luna and Bo Hart if we really need them. hey, wasnt polonco somehow involved in the cardinals getting ............ummmm...............i dunno..........that one the best third baseman in baseball today....oh yeah.....SCOTT ROLEN . what irony, it always makes me laugh when i see a trade go down just to have one player resign with his old team either next year or a few years later. ala sidney ponson, SF giants. almost like the phils just gave him away. sort of
  10. he was traded to the A's last off season in a deal that sent Ramon Hernandez to San Diego didnt oakland release him mid season?
  11. hey, dont get me wrong i love billy beane. my favorite baseball team is the Sacramento Rivercats, who are the triple A team for the A's. and that whole farm system is incredible. i just wish that the A's didnt have to be a farm system to the rest of the MLB, if you know what i mean
  12. hey guys im a huge bucs fan, obviously, and im looking at getting a throwback bucs jersey. im looking at either a Steve Young or a Doug Williams jersey from Mitchell and Ness. the only problem is that I either have to fork over $120 or $225. my question is, are they worth the money? or is there a cheaper way to get a quality throwback, maybee off of Ebay, or will i probably get ripped off? im really in a bind here guys so i need your input.
  13. Ya think? I'm not gonna piss my pants over the elbow of a 4, but that's just completely wrong. hey wait a minute.............. that elbow of a 4 thing...........that didnt have anything to do with me pointing out the elbow of the 4 on the bucs number font a few weeks ago................................did it?......... i hope not
  14. has anyone else noticed that the shade of blue in the cubs batting practice jerseys and hats changes all the time?
  15. did anyone see the warriors "the city" jerseys in blue rather than yellow. they wore them against washington, and they wore orange
  16. accually the A's have the money but the owners wont pony up the cash so that the A's can be competitive
  17. OH Jeez................. ....................lets not get into the clifton hit, although i agree with you that could be a completely diffferent thread
  18. you hit the nail right on the head. in a situation like this, I cant stand owners like that. dose anyone know if the MLB has a deadline for turning in your budget?
  19. as a big baseball fan im in mourning over the loss of two of the big three, hudson to Atlanta and Mulder to St Louis. I cant help but repeat what A's outfielder Eric Byrnes said after he found out the news " What the hell is going on here?!?!?!" no doubt the big three was the best three man rotation ive ever seen. and possibly the most talent ever between three professional baseball players. thoughts and opinions of these possibly deadly decisions by Billy Beane would help a lot.
  20. the best way to fix a screenprint jersey hands down take it to your local screenprinting or ebbroidery shop. i do it all the time. they might be reluctant at first but theyll usually rescreen it for you and itl be really cheap. another tip, the first time you wash it, put a little vinegar in your wash. the jersey will hold up way longer. i just got my deon sanders ravens jersey and ive already got the vinegar in the laundry room
  21. Ha, that shot was a trip. kinda looked like ferg boy got hit by a truck, helmet parts flying everywhere................... < bet he kinda felt like that after the hit.
  22. i always like logos with the state in the backround, like the brewers alt or the saints alt, or the astros with texas. my 5 favorite alts in order 5. Astros star with texas in backround 4. Baltimore shield logo 3. Sacramento Rivercats RC logo (triple A affiliate or the Oakland A's) 2. Titans sword 1. Buccaneers flagship (Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh )
  23. I'm not sure about Sacramento getting a team. I think it's still a growing city and I'm not sure what the whether is like there (although I've been to Davis) you talk about near perfect baseball weather sacto is the place I don't think you'd be saying that for a day game in August when it's 103. Though I would love to see an MLB team here I figure if it's anyone it would be the A's. yeah it gets warm but its way better than Las Vegas in august, thats for sure. and its probably better than DC too, because DC is so humid
  24. if any team relocates to Sacto it would be the parent club of the triple A team that plays there, the A's even though thats true for now, the A's the bought rights to raley field knowing that there could be a possibility that they loose the stadium. the A's have an alternate plan worked out with sacramento state to use their field if that were to ever happen