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  1. Hearing another SEC school is releasing new uniforms tomorrow
  2. Shameless plug: I have a stream on twitch where I talk about college football uniforms each Friday. What we saw last week, what to watch for and some misc. stuff. Starts at 2PM ET if anyone's interested:
  3. New black uniforms for South Carolina will debut tonight
  4. With Spring Games rolling around, some schools have been releasing their schedule posters. Always enjoy these threads every year and didn't see one for 2016. Oklahoma South Carolina Miami (Florida) Toledo Ohio University
  5. The most common explanation I've heard is the cost of a season worth of wooden bats would be much greater than having a set of aluminum bats. Because the wood bats break, and the aluminum bats (very rarely) break. I haven't done the research, but that's the response I see whenever this question comes up. And I think it's one of those "what about the smaller schools" arguments. No doubt the big schools could afford an endless supply of wood bats - it's not like baseball makes a profit for the school anyway.
  6. South Carolina is switching bat suppliers from Rawlings to DeMarini (thank goodness.) Thought these custom bats were pretty sweet.
  7. South Carolina's new helmets look a lot better with the reflective decals and stripes IMO. Like the back jerseys but not worn with white helmet and black pants.
  8. Equipment staff tweeted a pic of it on the helmet. Think it looks great.
  9. I believe it's somewhere in this thread. I know I've seen it before.
  10. It was announced in a Green Bay shareholders meeting this morning, but the NFL has yet to confirm it. http://gnb.247sports.com/Bolt/NFL-Thursday-football-games-to-feature-color-on-color-uniforms-38430463
  11. ECU could look so much cooler than they do. Great color scheme and mascot. Just not executed right.
  12. Really awesome stuff. Maybe Marshawn's celebration jump/dive/hold-my-d*ck into the end zone would make a pretty cool one. There's some great pics of it.