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  1. The Padres' 50th anniversary logo leaked on a OYO Sports box:
  2. I like that the Seahawks apparently reserve monochrome for home. It’s a nice touch.
  3. The number font is the best thing about the Falcons look.
  4. To say nothing of the effect NFL Films has had on the legacy of the sport.
  5. Presumably, if it was profitable, they'd do it. It probably has a lot to do with how much the offseason has taken on a life of its own. There's probably a bigger market for watching guys like Rosenthal and Sherman talk about where free agents are going to sign than watching old games from the 80s.
  6. It bothers me how high the glasses seem to be sitting on the bridge of this guy's nose. If you took the helmet off and tried to draw this guy's head, he'd look like Hector Hammond.
  7. The 90s-00s version isn't great but the old one looks like a Hanna-Barbera cartoon.
  8. What's really strange is why they have different numbers on their navy alt, and why they don't use them on all the jerseys.
  9. And there haven't been any abstract designs in the past 30 years?
  10. Most 2000s era NFL uniforms just need to remove the dumb piping to end up with good jerseys: You can't really see them too much in these pictures and they look (mostly) fine.
  11. I assume these jerseys played a role in the Padres finally giving in and saying they'll go back to brown in 2020, and for that I'm thankful.
  12. That's not a real answer though. Even "history/tradition" would work better, though it'd still be pretty arbitrary.
  13. Counterpoint: I love the "clash cap" and think more teams should get one.
  14. MLB.com has photoshopped the players pictures with the new look:
  15. Another thing: Now that the Cardinals have put "St. Louis" and spoon piping on cream and light blue jerseys, they need to put them on gray jerseys and then wear them 81 times a year.
  16. Who's paying for this new stadium? And where's it going to be. San Diego's about to give the Qualcomm land to SDSU. Of course, if you just told me that the NFL blew that part too, I'd believe it.
  17. What's the difference between the Dodgers wearing a cursive wordmark with block letters on the cap and the Indians doing it?
  18. These Cardinals jersey feel cheap because at least when the Royals brought back light blue, they made it a proper secondary color. Were Cardinals fans even asking for this?
  19. The concept board is full of Marlins concepts in Miami Vice colors going back years. The Heat don’t get credit for the look, let alone ownership.
  20. The new blue jersey really shows how white outlines makes them look like the Red Sox