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  1. The Tucson Padres actually wear blue and gray, which means they were a trial run for the big league team if they really are dumping sand.
  2. In the past week, San Diego print and radio reporters have both said that changes are coming.
  3. (long-time lurker, first-time poster) I moved the Astros to the AL West, as is the hot idea right now, to balance things out. I also tried to make things a bit more colorful, so I only allowed each color to be used once per division. I also de-emphasized dark blue and black where I could, and switched the Astros back to orange, the Padres back to brown, the Red Sox to green to make that easier.
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    Bmac's MLB

    I agree that the red bill has to be used with every jersey. When a team has as great looking a hat as Atlanta does, they need to wear it as often as possible. I'd also change the sleeve logo to the tomahawk A. It's a bit too much for the hat, but it works for the sleeve because it does a good job of encapsulating the Braves' identity.
  5. I love the blue hats. More than the silly name, the most frustrating thing about the Angels is how their commitment to red will keep them from permanently adopting those hats. And speaking of the silly name, since the team's running out the clock on "Anaheim," I'd be interested in seeing your concept but with Los Angeles in big letters.
  6. Clean up the piping a little bit (something like what's on the pants) and you've got a winner:
  7. Seeing them all together like that really highlights how unoriginal MLB uniform designers are.