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  1. This really needs some polish, especially since you don't even have a nickname for the team. You only have one jersey set, the numbers are too skinny, the NOB is way to small and all you've done for a logo of any sort is recolored the All-Star game logo.
  2. Some things right of the bat: I would get rid of the black outline around the star in the logo. I would also take "Dallas" off the logo when you put it on the sweaters. Also, as much as I love the old star template I doubt it will ever be made to fit on the new era of Edge jerseys.
  3. It should be revived and made the primary logo of the Rangers, but I digress.
  4. If I remember right, the RWB jersey was shown on Defending Big D, and the reviews were not very good. I wish they would just drop black altogether and go with forest green and gold with white as needed. Not everything around here has to be blue.
  5. The City of Arlington does have an agreement with the two stadia on this particular issue. That's why you hear "The Ballpark in Arlington," "Ameriquest Field (ugh) in Arlington," and "Rangers Ballpark in Arlington." Officially, the place where the Cowboys play is "Cowboys Stadium in Arlington."
  6. Arlington doesn't need a public transportation system like many other cities have. I would like to see DART come into town, but as long as the big money backers don't want it, it will never come here. .... why DART when you have The T right their in Tarrant County? Nobody who has been on both asks that question. Riding the T is a step above riding a urinal cake. Besides, I'm mostly talking about rail.
  7. Arlington doesn't need a public transportation system like many other cities have. I would like to see DART come into town, but as long as the big money backers don't want it, it will never come here.
  8. So they take the logo: Put Final Four above it, and call it a day. Gotcha; a boring logo for a boring venue.
  9. I hated the first logo when you put it in the first thread, but that white bevel really makes the "I" pop and makes it defined. I'd run with that second concept.
  10. Thanks for the encouragement, although what you put out inspired me to make these figures. Each article of clothing is its own layer in Photoshop, but I could release another format for paint users.
  11. I loved these because they were so easy to use. I did make some baseball ones... I'll try to find a way to share them if anybody wants them:
  12. This whole discussion is why teams should have nicknames at home and place names on the road (and yes, I know the irony of being a Rangers fan... it goes for my team as well)
  13. The colors have a Seattle vibe, but this is a really solid design in my non-design opinion. The hop (?) looks a lot better than some other personified objects (Jamestown Jammers comes to mind).
  14. Is there another team that uses that shade of green? There probably is, but... I kinda like it. It's much better than what the Brahmas just pulled out.
  15. I thought the Indian Wars ended a century ago.
  16. Are they Rangers changing anything? I have a feeling they'll make some tweaks, but nothing major. My hopes: Alternate with old 80's-early 90's "Rangers" cursive script and 2 different home whites: current home white and a second one with red script to match red cap look. Maybe red roads too. From what I've heard from Rangers higher ups: no. I think they like their current set up and are making a lot of money on both the red and blue. I've been in a chat session with a person in the organization who has a lot of say, and there are reasons why they wear what they wear (even though I may not agree with them)
  17. Those gold pants on Washington look really good with the burgandy jerseys. They don't look that good though with the white jersey.
  18. The rumor is that he ordered it when the Miami Heat were tearing it up in the NBA. Torrealba and Soto have used colors from the team cap whenever they have been part of the starting battery.
  19. This is also what Roger Goodell said about the refs! But unlike Goodell, the Rangers make money hand over fist with both primary colors and the fanbase simply doesn't care enough to change it, especially since we've been very successful as of late.
  20. I don't know why people are still complaining; the Rangers are not going to change this anytime soon.
  21. I don't understand why people are sayin the new board is "sleek." It feels rather like the opposite; clunky and box-y. I don't mind changes, but everything feels so... consdensed in this version.
  22. I wish my alma mater in the University of Texas at Arlington would just go by Arlington. The new logos which have the flying A seem to be used all around campus anyways.