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  1. I've talked over the internet with Chuck Morgan, who is the Public Address announcer and is the VP of Ballpark Entertainment. He is also the one that does a lot of the marketing stuff like promotions and uniforms. He has said that the reason that they went with "TEXAS" on the front of the white jerseys is because they are marketing themselves as Texas' team. It's the same reason why they fly all of those Texas flags over the outfield ads (that and we are winning more pennants reducing the room for flags that used to fly all the teams of baseball). The red, white, and blue are all part of the marketing thing too, and he says that all three colors sell really well at the Ballpark. I know I've tried to ask him to consider dropping the drop-shadow, but as long as they are drawing well, selling merchandise, and people are embracing the team as Texas' team, I doubt it will change.
  2. I'm pretty sure North Texas had been using that wing design for at least a few years before Oregon introduced theirs. That's what I was thinking also. Anyway the new word marks are very nice and very "Nike". Their website shows that they still use the wordmark on the helmets: If you're talking about the eagle, yeah they've had it for a while.
  3. No Black? Check Getting rid of the wordmark on the helmet? Check Use of Kelly Green? Bonus I really like the uniform, especially the winged helmets.
  4. With SBN having a million blogs, this is a great job by Frasier on all of them. Lone Star Ball finally looks more like the old Rangers badge logo, which isn't bad at all. Many of the old logos needed to be trashed anyways and some made no sense, but this is a good job. I hope though with SBN taking the top part of the roundel on all of these that they don't mess with the coverage that some of these blogs have.
  5. How can it be the inaugural season when they've been playing there for the best part of the last century? The lower bowl is still part of the old stadium.
  6. I didn't know if this deserved its own thread, but Minnesota has been awarded the 2014 All-Star Game
  7. I like the logo a lot, but I think it would be something that better suited the Washington Redskins with the colors and their need for a new logo.
  8. This Saturday is the Texas Rangers' 40th Anniversary weekend. In addition to Eric Nadel entering the Rangers Hall of Fame, the Rangers will throw back to their 70's era powder blue jerseys against the Detroit Tigers. Considering that the Rangers have gone all out in this and have included the opposing team, I guess we'll see something like this: vs. EDIT: Both teams will wear their road sets via Chuck Morgan
  9. Ugh, and we still can't get this thing back on track... I guess it's going to be small steps for Pennsylvania State to get different stuff on their uniforms. I rather like the current look they have. It's simple and classic; something that we don't see often from the current age of college uniforms. I would like to see them go back to the numbers on the helmets though.
  10. yellow is a school color Wow, I didn't know that.
  11. From what I've always been told, "Rangers Ballpark in Arlington" was a holder for a company so they could re-sell the naming rights. As soon as they had the ink dry, it would change to "[iNSERT COMPANY NAME HERE] Ballpark in Arlington." The markets didn't work in their favor though, and so it remains.
  12. Beautiful uniform minus the ridiculous undershirt. I guess I'm the only one that really likes the undershirt. As the sleeves keep going up, having TV numbers or logos on the undershirts would be a great way to bring them back.
  13. I'm mixed on the uniforms. The "12th MAN" on the sleeves should be the uniform number. The beveling is too much, and the NOB and back number are way too far down. However, I like the striping and the new secondary logo. The thing is, Adidas is trying really hard to make that stretch stuff look good, and it never does.
  14. That doesn't mean you can dress your team like a bunch of athletic slobs. The new set is nice; it shouldn't get this much uproar. So it's either coat-and-tie or "slob". Huh. Good to know. Thanks. Yep, there's no middle ground.
  15. That doesn't mean you can dress your team like a bunch of athletic slobs. The new set is nice; it shouldn't get this much uproar.
  16. Well most stars in Kansas City are temporary. That's low
  17. The Rangers and Twins are throwing back to 1994; the first year of baseball at The Ballpark in Arlington. The old "Marshall's badge" logo is behind home plate, and I think they should switch to that full time.
  18. At this point, all that I would like to see the Rangers do is replace "Texas" with "Rangers" on the home jerseys and drop the black. I don't get why people want to change the hat logo, especially since the drop shadow looks a lot better than a thin outline on a very thick "T"
  19. Wait until they move into the American League next year. The Rangers are going to make the Crawford Boxes their personal playground.
  20. OK, I didn't know the history behind it. I knew they had to have worn it during their Arlington Stadium years and I remember reading about them a long time ago, but I couldn't find anything else about them.
  21. GRAMMAR NAZI ALERT: Do we really not know the difference between a pole and a poll? Yes, I know the difference. Apparently you don't know what a simple typo is.