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  1. I think your update is very well designed, and it certainly reads like a buffalo. I'm not as sold on the front facing logo, though. I knew exactly what it was supposed to be, but it took me a while to figure out how it was supposed to be a buffalo. The lack of any white down the middle makes it tough for me. Maybe add in the complete mouth?
  2. Try looking into getting a new set of fonts. There are plenty of places that have free athletic style fonts you can download. Keep in mind that every team doesn't need five different colors in their identity.Some might argue that NO team needs five different colors. The Colts just use two, for example. You might try breaking your presentation up into multiple images. When you have that much info on one image, it's hard to see the details without clicking and zooming in. That will get fewer eyes on your work. If you are going to include warm ups on the template, make them interesting. At least put the logo on the front of them. Or, you could just not include them. Make sure the depictions of your uniforms are consistent. For example, if you can see the jet plane from the front and back views of the uniform, then it better be visible from every single front and back view it is on. The plane is on all for sets, but it only appears six out of the sixteen times it should. Spend some time on your logos and wordmarks. The more you work on them and practice, the better they will look.
  3. Can I have a little more context to this? Is this part of the same identity, or six different options?
  4. Hey guys, I started working at Wichita State a few weeks ago, so I'm going to be tracking their football uniforms this season. No game this week, but I'll be back next week with an update!
  5. On the gold, I would probably use the non-skewed numbers. I'm not a fan of the full color bridge on the front of the black jersey; i think the tonal effect looks better. Otherwise, get set!
  6. I agree that simple looks can look great. But look at the difference between the shorts of the two teams you mentioned and the ones you posted. I prefer navy over black for the Thunder, but just black is certainly better than black AND navy. Good luck. Don't rush things; take time and make them something you can be proud of. I've been doing concepts for a long time now, and it is more fun now that I am good with the tools I work with. Stick to it!
  7. A have a few thoughts. These jerseys are extremely simple. It's basically a plain jersey and shorts. The bricks are fine, but they are an afterthought. My first thought was that the navy section on the back was just illustrating the fact that it has the pattern. Is it supposed to be navy? If so, it would look better if you dropped that. A navy number on a royal jersey is going to be hard to read. I would stick to white. I've never heard the "Loud City" nickname. Personally, I don't like nicknames on uniforms, but this one is as good as any. Why add a black jersey? Before you post a concept, take a little time and clean up the rough edges. Make it look nice and clean before you post it. You will get a better response.
  8. Ben5

    MLB concepts I made

    These are BP tops.
  9. This isn't really a concept. This is basically just coloring. If you are going to post in the concept section, make a concept! It doesn't have to reinvent the wheel, but it should be a little more than this.
  10. Can I give you some advice? Don't do this. I mean this in the nicest way possible. Thirty different versions of the exact same jersey isn't super creative. I can imagine most of these in my head already with no effort. It's not exciting seeing the same jersey over and over with a different wordmark slapped on and a color change. Make something new and creative instead. Make a fauxback jersey for each team in a fun, 1970s style. Think of the Rays fauxbacks from a few years ago. Push the limit on these, but don't just reuse the same thing over and over.
  11. I made these. Consider the bottom jersey of each set to be for batting practice.
  12. The explanation I've heard for why teams only have one helmet is because NFL players can wear any helmet shell they like, including shells that have been out of production for a long time. VSR4 helmets from Riddell haven't been made in almost 10 years, but there are multiple players who wear them, including Tom Brady. There is limited available stock on these. In order for a team to wear a second helmet, they would either have to burn through there extra stock of these twice as fast for a game or two, or force a player to wear a helmet style different from their own. I assume that would be an insurance liability, or at least a potential for a lawsuit from an injured player.
  13. A couple very minor changes, a couple major changes. C&C, if you please.
  14. The two tone nameplate doesn't work. And you have competing lightning bolts on each piece of the uniform, and they all are different. And lightning shouldn't be blue.
  15. I assume Michigan couldn't get a full uniform set together because they had all their sets in the cargo hold of the plane. Illinois in orange versus Michigan in yellow wouldn't be any better, visually. Also, I play basketball all the time. And every time I play, there are guys on one team who wear the same color shorts as players on the other team. They can even wear the same color shirts! If a bunch of guys in their 30s can handle that, I think college athletes can handle people wearing matching shorts.
  16. This is probably the best those March adidas uniforms have ever looked. When they stay away from the stupid gimmicks, they look fine.
  17. I used their wordmark and photos to recreate their number font.
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