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  1. It's been a while since I posted a concept. Here are some updates I made. All are pretty minor, and most are just updates to the jersey template.
  2. You all are 100% correct about the Pistons nameplate. Also, the Hornets stripe is not a gradient. It's a double stripe.
  3. Sorry in to interrupt the yakball knockoffs and the Star Wars sports association for these concepts. No promises that I'll have something new for you tomorrow.
  4. This is " 'NBA by Nike' by Ben", not " 'NBA by Nike' by Nike"!
  5. The template is one I made myself in Inkscape. I really suggest downloading Inkscape and using it instead of Paint. It can do so much more and take your concepts to a whole other level.
  6. Thank you! That's exactly what I was trying to do. I wanted a good mix of classic uniforms (Lakers, Spurs), well thought out changes to uniforms that are almost there (Warriors, Heat), and total revamps that start almost from scratch or pull from the past (Jazz, Rockets). For that Jazz uniform, I probably went through 4 or 5 different phases before I settled on this one.
  7. Thank you for the compliment and your help on the concepts.
  8. It's an old alternate logo I recolored, so yes. Thunder logo is all me though.
  9. Can you do the turkey, but with New Mexico, but with a duck instead, but not a mallard, and make it an entire series? I'll sit and wait.
  10. Here are some concepts I did for NBA teams for next year. I hope you like them. Hit me up with C&C. I'll try to post three a day.
  11. dont care is correct. I have a lot of issues with zippers breaking too.
  12. I've worked with UA baseball uniforms for 4 season now. While the pants don't hold up great, the jerseys have. Actually, their all sublimated jerseys have held up very well. I'm still using the same gold set we bought 2 seasons ago, and they look great.
  13. Yeah, it super sucks that old helmets are disappearing in favor of helmets that are objectively safer.
  14. Did anyone see the Bachelorette Canada this week? The boys went on a football date. One team wore the Montreal white uniforms, the other wore the alternate. Two of the guys in white had the old version, but one guys wore the new version and it looked bad. Also, they threw these men into a football pads with no one to properly fit them (as far as I could tell). It was extremely dangerous, and that show is lucky no one got seriously injured. I hope Jasmine finds love.
  15. I did this two years ago.
  16. You're right on about things at the FCS level. If the coach cares, basically they dictate what the uniform looks like. The uniform would have to meet the schools' brand standards (if they exist), but as long as they do, the coach would be the person who picked. That's true for all the sports I work, at least. As for the FBS, I have a story. Back in late 2008, UConn was preparing to switch from this uniform to a new uniform. Randy Edsall was presented with a few options. His final choice actually mixed and matched jerseys and pants from two different sets (basically a combination between Minnesota and Boise State, with minor alterations). He wanted blue pants, white pants, and grey pants. Nike sent us samples of two different grey pants: one that basically matched the grey we used but would look a little washed out on the field, and a darker grey that would read as grey but was too dark for our color scheme. Edsall said screw the grey, stick to the white and blue. Easy enough. Come a couple years later, Randy goes to Maryland and they unveil these.
  17. Cohesive and consistent, clean and contemporary. Very well done concept. I would love to see them immediately.
  18. Those mannequins have strange dimensions. The waist band is probably just too big.
  19. As I understand it, the rule doesn't limit the number of helmets a player can use in a season. You can switch styles, or even helmets within a style if necessary. The rule says that a team can't use two different helmets. This is because some players wear helmets that aren't made anymore, like the VSR4. For a team to wear multiple helmets, there are situations where a team doesn't have another old helmet, so a player is forced to wear a different helmet than they normally would. My assumption is that the NFL doesn't want to be in a position where a player gets injured being forced wearing a helmet that is not their normal helmet.
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