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  1. the Purple Jesus dosent like me, LOL: http://www.purplejesusdiaries.com/2013-articles/march/are-either-of-these-the-new-vikings-uniforms.html
  2. this is on their site now (i voted for the 49ers. i know ya'll curious LOL)
  3. You're right, that is definitely United Regular Black. Chances of them going with that as the number typeface is slim, although Fox Sports used to use it (not sure if they still do) as their typeface for broadcast graphics. Its not out of the norm for a company to purchase rights to use the type face as theirs, but the likely hood seems low. Anyhow, a standard, non-rounded, slab serif would be wonderful to see. good eyes. yes, it's United (italic) so i dont think thats going to be a number font. the condensed version would be really nice, but i dont see Nike going with a font like this. i think it will be a standard block or something new from them. it could liekly be part of the Vikings new identity package though. so you might see it on the site, in print, advertising, etc
  4. OSV, i dont think those side by sides really show anything except the one seam is different. the TV numbers could still be on the shoulders, its just too hard to tell from this. there are so many things that determin color in a digital photo. you could take 2 different cameras and snap a shot of the same thing at the same time and one might produce color thats a bit different Harrington or Gundell, if you're reading you might be best to answer this, but how many jersys have the word marks sewn into the chest like the Vik's word mark here? i was assuming most would be an applique
  5. im working out some concepts myself and havent made a decision on that. will either be yellow or white. it depends on how far i want to push it. if its a traditional Vikings look then you go white, but if you want to do something really unique and new then yellow will look great. id even add a stroke or two to it. how the Vikings themselves will do it i dont know, but i would lean towards white
  6. Wouldn't be my first choice, by far, but I'd take it over some ridiculous chainmail pattern, or fake looking battle-scars, or imitation rivets, or whatever dumb "viking-like" idea some designer might be pushing. yea, goddamn designers, amiright? A little harsh? Maybe. I just feel like right now were in a bad place in which a whole lot of brand new toys (finishes, patterns, etc.) have been dropped into the laps of the designers at the major companies, and it's like we're an some visual arms race between Nike, Adidas, and Under Armor to see who can use them to make the biggest splash. If I were one of them, I'd probably get caught up, too. Sometimes I just wish they'd calm the frig down. There's very little restraint being shown on the college level... and the Seahawks are a bad sign that the NFL might be next. thats design history in a nutshell. but theres a saying "in order to do great design, you need a client that will allow it". . . or something like that. i think that was Milton Glaiser
  7. Wouldn't be my first choice, by far, but I'd take it over some ridiculous chainmail pattern, or fake looking battle-scars, or imitation rivets, or whatever dumb "viking-like" idea some designer might be pushing. yea, goddamn designers, amiright?
  8. I had done a "Modern" version of the old school helmet awhile back so I guess this is what they would look like. thats badass DB.
  9. i highly doubt they do anything thats been done before. could they do something similar to Rutgers and fashion the helmet graphics/finish after a Vikings helmet? yea i could see that. but this is a very high profile client. dont bet on something they've already done before here.
  10. I would be blown away if it was not retro. The Jared Allen helmet video is interesting though. I have never thought for a second that they'd change the essence of their helmet. The helmet will have horns so either they've done someone Seahawks/Oregon, or the video was made to be funny. I Know I've been a broken record on this, but I REALLY hope they have yellow outlines on the numbers and stick with purple facemasks. If they do that, I'll be content with whatever else they do. its hard to know what to make of the Allen vid. i believe him when he says a "mix of old and new" but that could be something as simple as a color adjustment or extreme as an HGI chrome and textured pimping.
  11. i guess ill post what ive said a few times in here. i dont have any inside info on the Viks but judging by what they did with their logo recently and knowing the uniform they have now, i think they will have a new design that is very inspired by a vintage look or two. basically, i think they'll do what the Bills did. theres an old saying about branding, "when everyone else zigs, zag". we dont see a football team update a look with traditional stripes and block numbers much anymore. the Bills were a pleasant surprise and i dont think the 2 brands/demographics are that different. i think it would be good for them to do something that is timeless. Noudor, i dont think you have to worry about a grey mask, but i wouldnt mind that either
  12. The CCM version was better. i dont know what that means, but im not feeling the black (or navy?) LOL
  13. You've been in Columbus for a few weeks and you're already an Ohio slappy? How long until you start Cleve'jacking threads... (CBJ's look is definitely underrated... Top in the league is a little nuts, but Top 10 isn't out of the question. It's that awful alternate jersey that brings it down... And bumping up the piping off the hem like on the original version would help as well IMO.) LOL, man its different seeing the stuff in real life. the jerseys hanging in the windows of Nationwide Arena and the logos all over town. the identity just works great everywhere. and since im not really a hockey fan at all, im allowed to say its best in the league, so there! oh, and true story about the alt logo. it went to reebok/adidas (from the team) as a concept. the circle wasnt even a perfect circle, the font was copperplate, and the cannon was probably a clip art piece. they had other ideas, but the team said "thanks but we like what we have" so it left there as a "cleaned up" version.
  14. im not sure if anyone dislikes the CBJ's identity but i think its the best in the NHL. the logo, the jerseys, the alt, the whole package is just beautiful and full of Ohio spirit
  15. theres more than one way to do this, but heres how i would do it in PS 1. in the top left i circled the type of gradient you need to use for this 2. on the image, the measurement is where i started with the gradient and where i dragged it to. depending on how your swatches are set up (reverse them by pressing X) you will either need to drag from middle down, or bottom to the middle. make sure your gradient/swatch is black and white 3. the far right is how i achieved that affect you see. SCREEN and 43%. as you can see, theres some banding on the image, it's pretty poor quality, but thats the gist of it. stay away from 100% black/white on your background. also, the OVERLAY and SOFT LIGHT setting may work best depending on colors you're using
  16. i think we can merge this with the "worst logos of all time" thread
  17. I wonder what some of these guys would do if this was the actual update! I actually really like this one. Very clean and looks much easier to reproduce. since they have never been directly exposed to good design, they would probably die.
  18. im pretty sure it means a Bills-like uniform update. a modern take on a vintage look
  19. i think thats true; i mean theres a guy really flipping out over this? and he thinks it's the best logo in pro sports? talk about emotional attachment and rose colored glasses. you see this reaction (a bit of a paradigm shift) with major updates, but damn. i'd almost bet he has bought the same groceries from the same store for 20 years
  20. from his dribbble page: http://dribbble.com/shots/930620-Viking?list=searches&tag=vikings also Fraser's version on the right: http://dribbble.com/shots/158772-Minnesota-Vikings-Logo-Concept?list=searches&tag=vikings
  21. From a $$ standpoint, I don't think fans will go out and buy a new hat just because this logo is on it. thats not the point. it's to make the logo work better in a variety of mediums, and more aesthetically pleasing (or just drawn better as in the hair).. they've made it better in a few areas and will most noticeably be a better reproduction in embroidery
  22. not exactly at the height of Axl's career but he did go through a jersey phase. i saw them in Columbus in '02, he wore a few different ones. specifically remember a Blue Jackets jersey Duff McKagen in SEA jersey (whats the deal with the red?)
  23. STICHN, theres a link in his signature that will take you to the DL page
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