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  1. best brand identities? Juventus and Montreal Allouettes are the top for me but still rather new. durability means a lot so, Houston Texans are certainly in the running. the Atlanta Falcons had a great run before this year. also add Oregon football
  2. i think you can use it either way. put it on a 45 angle even. no matter what orientation its just shape and color, there's no wrong way to use it. like Coca-Cola using their ribbon in place of the script logo. lots of room to play
  3. oh hell yes! i didnt see this before. love the idea of fully embracing the stripe. hope to see this used on scorebugs and tv graphics everywhere
  4. i think the actual numbers have wider verticals than what you have here, but the changes look improved to me and speaking of verticals, thats what i mostly dislike about the drop shadow. there is this sense of vertical movement with the side stripes and gradient jersey. it would make more sense to me to move the drop shadow under the numbers — rather than at the side — to play into that. and it might be why the "9" looks particularly out of place. theres a horizontal "beak" of it rather than a vertical
  5. its not taking the single bar Unitas facemask and placing it on the modern helmet, its just the color. we can make it look old (livery) by not changing any functional piece of the modern uniform.
  6. classic Gulf Racing liveries still work great on modern Porsches. its about using visuals to conjure certain connotations and, as much as i dislike the phrase, "tell a story". one that is cohesive. the Colts uniforms are now worse because they're being pulled into different directions— different stories being told. you have elements being pushed forward (black and 2 logos) and others being pushed back (numbers). the facemask matters less now than ever i think.
  7. right, theres no reason to introduce “anvil” as an official team color. you can even get Yankees hats in about any color you want but that doesnt mean it has to be on field.
  8. personally, i'd like to see some rounded corners in the wordmark to push it a bit further (maybe the insides of the letters?) but nonetheless, that is a definite improvement. NFL logos and unis get picked on, but their typography has been just as awful through the Nike era and thats clear here on the overall package ill say as a fan, im not a fan. though the new wordmark, despite its flaws, it still a step forward. and thats maybe the biggest bone to pick. why do NFL uniforms so consistently now move in different directions? what are they trying to do with the identities? why are they making these decisions? honoring the state and pushing some elements forward makes no sense when you also bring in the Baltimore number font— which is mostly associated with Dallas for anyone with an eye for that. the new alt logo... we know they didnt rip it off a small college, it just shows what an easy idea it is. and the execution is pretty corny. want to use black? ok... but why only on the swoosh of the white jersey? thats incredibly odd. and still in the Elite51 template?
  9. well, not everyone likes jazz its certainly a "chromatic note" of a jersey.
  10. overall harmony is the goal and thats not necessarily achieved by repetition of limited elements. you can have contrast and still get there, but generally i would say the most important part of the football uni is the helmet and whatever is placed on it helps drives the visuals of the rest of the uni. UNC uniforms are an example of good harmony where every element is a simple geometric and blocky shape. the logo and numbers are both mono-weight, white and outlined in blue. everything is solid color, no gradients or mixing of finishes. i think new ATL uniforms actually dont do a great job of reflecting the logo. its easy to focus on the tapered red lines and say "repeat that everywhere" but the 2 longest lines/shapes of the logo are curved. adding some roundness throughout the uniform would achieve better harmony. theres more done to this, but just adding some curves back into the numbers alone i think helps a lot and starts achieving that harmony, which begins at the logo the point is everything has to compliment and work together. i think the Bears are a good example where you find contrasting shapes but the proportions of those elements and shared colors tie it all together nicely. the rounded, thin-ish numbers pair perfectly with the logo and the rectangular stripes are tied in with decent color application— im not crazy about the pants stripe but it works well enough. lets push it more though, look at the Giants. its "visual jazz" where each part of the uniform is almost doing its own thing but there is a good harmony where it all works. would the jersey be better if it had blue in it? i don't believe so; it would be less unique and not better, but different. the numbers and stripes are not influenced but the logo, but again, it works really well. even the anti-gray face masks people can't hate on this one
  11. a tail that forms an “M”. thought it was good inspiration. Cheer thought it looked like a mermaid
  12. have to give big ups to the Falcons creative team on the photo shoot. their team photographer is one of the very best. not only are the compositions great but the editing is superb. if you compare to most other teams, the highlights get really blown out or a they use a sort of HDR look. all the ATL shots look great. gorgeous stuff
  13. naw, i didnt keep any of the actual work. left it all on Dolphins server. that reminds me, there were 3 different swatches of Blue-Gray we were looking at early on. and we were also looking at more of a true "dolphin gray" too. pretty much the throwback facemask color. we wanted to put it into the logo but just didnt work well
  14. good question. i imagine they were burned, lol. but you never know what someone might stuff into a closet somewhere. maybe some Nike employee has it mounted on their wall now? the anthracite really looked great with aqua and orange. its a huge apparel color way seller too. that particular CR concept did not look good though. numbers unreadable. but sometimes someone says "i just want to see it". that didn't come from Nike, but Dolphins leadership. the dark blue was a winner for me; did the same thing as anthracite as a dark contrasting color but was unique and had even better harmony with other colors
  15. yea, i dont want to highjack the thread but we explored 7 different primary uni ideas. the most outrageous (and one Nike produced to see on the real models) was an Anthracite Color Rush option with Aqua numbers. all others were either about combining the '66 uniform with the modern one (kind of like the Bucs approach) and doing something new. those were my favorite because they were subtle and had lasting value. we also talked about replacing the blue with a new color— it was about the same value as Anthracite but obviously blue that looked great with aqua and orange and used as a alternate pants color. this is one of the "forward thinking options" i liked best but this logo was NOT considered. it was actually a logo option i did for Dolphins Cheer they didnt like but i thought was cool enough for this concept
  16. its possible. when we re-did the Dolphins unis, Nike made a few prototypes; color rush options too. we put them on models (not players) to see how they would fit on an actual body. like these ATL shots, the nameplates said “Dolphins” as they were not player issued. that said, the actual final uni was in that group too
  17. the Chargers gonna end up winning this whole thing there's a sentence i never thought id say
  18. i think its odd to change it just for color contrast. there's a whole story and specific connotations that come from changing the colors; they have 2 different ships. one suggests the Raiders. i just can't support this
  19. odd that the ship has black sails on the white and red jersey, but red sails on the pewter jersey. black sails scream Raiders to me, but whatever direction they wanted to go why not make it consistant? still, the home and away uniforms are solid. happy to see the Bucs building a upon what was already great
  20. its different approaches to Design. NBC's logo is very abstract; an ultimate exercise in minimalism. the Bucs logos are illustrative and trying to depict something much closer to real life. its not that the current Bucs logo is "too clean" or "too minimal" but that it does a very poor job of expressing something not only in a believable way, but with any sense of skill or craftsmanship. its the same logo as before, drawn much worse. spot on. though the previous version of the logo is simpler in its line work and detail, there is so much more substance.
  21. im realizing what looks so odd about the new Ram logo is its using an abstract horn with a more true-to-life head rendering.
  22. that mockup doesnt nail the details but its close enough. a much larger package coming along with all of this
  23. thats the kind of clashing of eras i dont want to see. why go backwards with a 50's number font, but forward (or back to 80s?) with a white mask? whatever direction the uniform moves, all the elements need to move together. lets either do the '58 uniform, or move it all forward with subtle adjustments that better ties all elements together
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