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  1. this was one of the uniforms that ushered in the proprietary numerals era, right? not many teams had something on this level of customization at the time. i think all the cuts give it energy and a much more aggressive look. appropriate for the team, but when they came out, i thought it was a bit much. by todays standards though, they’re a high crafted classic. who would ever had thought this would end up being like, mid-tier NFL numeral design?
  2. this scene in Ace Ventura is supposed to be in the Dolphins stadium offices. it is not
  3. hell yes! looks lighter; faster. love the energy of it and the socks and number being the only navy elements balances really well. number stands out in every way that it should. i'd pull the wordmark off the front of the jersey as well, or make it smaller
  4. i think being loud is the point. theres lightning bolts all over the uniform
  5. i dont know, i didnt design them; theres' no right answer here. but the black-on-black (or white) look is nice i think. thats part of the fashion aspect of it its one game, y'all will be fine.
  6. i thinks its time for them to just do something new. all the jersey stripes are better but there are still some players whos stripes go under the arm and others who cut off at the arm pit. then, the pants stripe should have been an easy one but they botched that too.
  7. really love this update. the current’s sharp corners / points were formed by some wonky paths, and the angles on the T just feels like a whole other style of letterform. this 2020 version feels older, more vintage in all the right ways. i agree with Matt above, its a more timeless look that stems from the craftsmanship in the letterforms and spacing, and doing away with the uncomfortable details. it will look great on the caps. i hope they get around to the wordmark as well
  8. i dont think thats a problem, really. you know who is at bat and who is in what position. tv / radio / in-stadium calls identify the players as well.
  9. different ways to execute the same idea. i see it as being left with no identifiers other than a face. also this monochrome uniform is meant to be shocking, different, and more of a fashion statement. its the boldest thing they could have done with the idea. i think any inclusion of color or contrast defeats the purpose of the idea. celebrate Player Appreciation by making it about them, the person. not the team or a number, or even their name. you're left with jus the person. on top of that, i think the all black hats especially will be big sellers. i don't know about all white though; but they're great for customizing (painting)
  10. thats great. i love that they were not comfortable with where it was and worked to get it right. i don't love that particular swatch of purple, but i want to see in on tv or real life before making final judgement. it will look better in proper context than this photo
  11. looks really nice. each team is easy to find and stands out well. i would suggest going a but smaller on the text for bye weeks and TBDs, then move the bye week teams to the bottom of the columns
  12. right, this is even better. with everything being “hidden” theres no team identifier or anything that stands out. so you’re left with a the player himself; his face. this seems like the best way to celebrate the individual players themselves, by removing team color and, really, the logos too
  13. i have no idea what you’re talking about. i dont care what anyone else thinks of it. is it so hard to believe that i might just actually like the uniforms? that its an genuinely interesting concept? or is that just not allowed?
  14. "Inspired by players’ style choices when they are away from the field, the fashionable monochromatic uniforms allow for each custom accessory design to stand out more than ever before." i dont buy that, but i do like the concept of all black and all white. losing the team colors puts focus on the players. i dig it
  15. thats the perpetual struggle of the Designer; to find that relevant “thing” that represents a culture, and turn it into a symbol. but NJ is not unique in that it is made of diverse cultures across the state you’re right, state fauna and flora are not relevant and are lame symbols anyway. look to what other flags represent, like the US flag. it represents the physical (states) with shapes, but a set of values with color. keep digging deeper; dont settle for the obvious
  16. thats better; more refined and balanced. just closing the “o” alone helps the yellow circle become the focal point and feels like we’re working with 1 less idea packed into this thing. the yellow more energetic and accurate to the jerseys. overall retains its frenetic appearance, just executed better. well done
  17. this is a catalog order, right? this is why an experienced Designer needs to be involved in these things nevermind the garish and tasteless application of a white stroke around a yellow number, but by closing in the negative spaces, the numerals lose their form. i cant see these even being allowed in the field. the wordmark is no better. theres nothing about this uniform that is designed, its just a bunch of random elements haphazardly thrown at a jersey, helmet, and pant
  18. the VU was tested on a select few players before it was a league wide option. looks like they're doing the same thing this time around
  19. any deviation from the VU template would have to be a step backwards, and there you go. that upper seam is so unflattering. i dont mind the shape of the collar point, but it looks so heavy handed; it stands out too much as well. ill give it to them on the numbers, thats a pretty cool looking application. plus shaves more material for breathability and flexibility.
  20. if you’re going to make an announcement and reveal a new logo as a big deal, its going to invite negativity. it represents nothing but change, which is uncomfortable. its a terrible logo, but so is the “old” one. its a losing battle from the start. maybe what they needed wasnt a new logo, and instead of replacing something, maybe they should have added something new? does the city have a flag? maybe that would have been a good route. was the need to increase tourism? maybe a marketing campaign would have solved that.
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