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  1. The Leafs are so bad that it's Leafs--->Leafs
  2. But, what if they... "Swarm the crease, like Bumble Bees"? (Actually, it's "Storm the crease...". Was just having a bit of fun with Stompin' Tom's lyrics. Sacrilegious, I know). And, "Let's Go Swarm" is a bit of a tongue-twister, especially after a few pints. Right now, from the list, I'd have to give the nod to the Outlaws...
  3. I really liked Seattle's diverse & interesting team-name short-list, back when that franchise was exploring an identity. I would have been happy with more than a few of those contenders being the chosen one... I can't say that I share the same enthusiasm for Utah's "Final 20". At least the "Kraken" surfaced with a big Davey Jones treasure chest full of great nautical references for future marketing. IF the league's ready for another legendary-creature identity, I'm not sure that the "Yeti" & "Mammoth" bring much more to the table other than a reason to go with unique-to-the-NHL brown unis. Neighbouring Colorado seems to own the mountain theme, with its "Avalanche" & "Rockies"... (Although Utah is home to the Wah Wah Mountain Range (the Utah "Wah Wahs"? )). "Blizzard" & "Glaciers" just seem a little too generic. "Black Diamonds" sounds cool, but why the heck would you run with a phrase that's more associated with another sport? As a nod to the Beehive State, the short, sharp "Bees/Beez" moniker is a better choice IMO, than the clunky "Swarm"; but THAT option is the property of the AAA Salt Lake City ball team which BTW, existed as the "Buzz" & the "Stingers" before settling on the "Bees". "Outlaws" could be interesting as a Wild West theme, & Utah is considered to be a Wild West state...Right, Butch?
  4. There's a beehive on their state flag. The state insect is a Western Honey Bee. Black, copper & blue bee stripes would be a great design element. You mentioned the Jazz... Instead of Swarm what about the Buzz... Jazz/Buzz. What other locale has 2 pro franchises ending in "zz"?
  5. Well thought out & executed logos. The sweaters are trying a tad too hard, but overall...Nicely done!
  6. Hey Section 30...Great stuff! I'm lovin'the Flamingos! As an old lacrosse player, it's nice to see the game being repped!
  7. I don't know whether to be more pissed-off at Nike or with the fat-ass Hockey Canada bureaucrat who signed-off on these. Yeah...they're kinda cool & edgy...but maybe more suited for an Oregon Ducks Rollerblade Hockey team, rather than a nation's uniform. Call me an old guy shaking his fist at the clouds, but I think national unis should err on the side of tradition and be treated with respect; NOT as some sorta 3rd-Tier-College-Football-blank-canvas for frickin' Nike to experiment on, with its tacky gimmickry. Kudos to Sweden for supposedly telling Nike to "Just Don't Do It!". Too bad Canada didn't do the same.
  8. Wow... Thanks so much for this thread! Outstanding work!! OldSchool...you've got a great style!
  9. The next Creamers will be for work done in 2015.
  10. Hi MEANS,


    I've been pretty critical of MLS&E, their decision to change the current logo, and, (if change was needed (?)), the decision to go with a refurbished old logo. To me, it's just more smoke 'n mirrors from the ownership group that's given its fans nothing BUT smoke 'n mirrors for the past half century.


    However, I hope you know that I'm not being critical of your work.

    Congrats on the great job of improving a classic logo.

    A lot of us would have given our left nut to have worked on that project.

    Nice work, MEANS! It's a great vintage logo!


    Maybe someday you could share a little more of the process with us.



    1. MEANS




      Thanks for reaching out and being so honest with me. I totally understand as a fan of sports the frustration one can have with their favorite teams ownership. I am a Chicago White Sox fan and I feel the same way sometimes. 


      I can't get into too much detail on the process but the ownership did have a clear direction of where they wanted to go with the new mark and why they were even changing it. I feel they could have just worn some throwbacks and slapped a special patch on their jerseys to celebrate the centennial, but instead chose to try to embark on a new direction for the franchise while not forgetting their roots and past success, and I have to respect them for that.


      Overall the response has been pretty positive and having worked on a few identities I know as a designer you need to have a thick skin. I can say I have a few more identities in the pipeline as it relates to hockey so stay tuned.


      Thanks again, you didn't have to reach out but I really respect you for doing so.


      P.S. I am a Blackhawks fan, but a little part of me will now always root for the Leafs.


      MEANS (Andy) 

    2. sparkychewbarky


      Thanks for understanding, MEANS.


      Now I can go back to slaggin' those MLS&E bastards for what they've done to my team and not feel too badly about it :lol:


      Best of luck and keep up the good work.



  11. According to Ken Campbell (Senior writer for "The Hockey News") there are 5 NHL Expansion bids so far... Las Vegas, Quebec, Toronto and 2 bids from Seattle.
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