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  1. Its things like these that fuel lifelong passion. That's not bad work, as you said, for such a young age!
  2. He's wearing them in the logo as well, although not as obvious: The team has also had a few giveaways as a part of Hugo's unveiling today, which included a pair of Concordes.
  3. Originally the guy who was Hugo in Charlotte was also Super Hugo, Micheal Zerrillo. I also hope that they bring back Air Hugo:
  4. Love the new hugo, though i'm gonna miss the heavy rear "stinger" portion of his suit that caused that awkward Hugo "waddle" when he walked. Haha. Edit: He may still actually have that, hard to tell from the front on pics.
  5. <mod edit: Be proud of whatever your professional accomplishments are without belittling the opinions of others you deem unworthy of peerage>
  6. Done by Joe Bosack, I think it's a decent move visually in the logos, the uniforms are a huge improvement.
  7. While I prefer color at home, it would be nice to see teams introduce both a home and away alternate, but that just opens the door for more Sabres fans to be horribly disappointed.
  8. Couldn't be further from the truth. Many of these logos are designed for specific application. Take the Air Canada logo for example, which could have easily been designed to replace the Air Canada logo in many applications.
  9. I mean this with respect, but your opinions as a whole have always made me think "God, really?". Not meaning it as any disrespect, at all. You've always seemed to bring different opinions to the conversation. I'm all for the Bravos getting rid of the bloated "A".
  10. Willing to bet that they simply put them over the striping on the yokes. Having that logo in the front and visible is more important now more than it was twenty years ago...
  11. Asking College Basketball fans to convert from "Tobacco Road" to "15 Unique Schools" is like asking Carolina fans to stop chanting "Go To Hell Duke"....
  12. The fact that the right side of the A and the first C doesn't line up well vertically, as well as the curved portions of both Cs don't match the plane of the left of the A just might give me a migraine. Something along these lines:
  13. At least they stole from a team no student's going to know about. The beveling, the perspective, the logo, the odd shapes due to image trace in Illustrator. This thing deserves a ribbon.
  14. Warning flags for a Hurricane Warning flags for a Hurricane Tropical Storm. Good stuff so far. I think the silver on the Canes set could be lightened up just a bit. If you go too dark, and too metallic, it'll clash with the black.
  15. I've been in and around this team doing PA and Radio work for quite some time. I know them quite well....looks like they've made the big time. This is a perfect example of "bad publicity is still publicity."
  16. You're welcome.
  17. Honestly, I think it's a downgrade as a instant reaction.
  18. It's the Philadelphia Eagles. It's payback for bastardizing their logo.
  19. Here's the article from Deadspin: The stadium was under construction at the time, but a 40 foot sinkhole is pretty amazing.
  20. Don't get the point of this post? It is like when the Utah State guy said BYU ripped off the "white out" idea from USU just because USU was the first in the state to do it, even though the white out promo had been done all over the country just like this black alternates thing. UNC & ECU did black helmets before NC State? Cool, NC State did black uniforms before UNC & ECU. Who cares. Nobody is really that original anymore, that's all that these fans have for having things "first" , they are just grabbing at straws now To his defense, NC State has grabbed at other successful ideas a few times, including this glaring ripoff of ECU:
  21. Monarchs is a style that is simply called "Falcons" available here: I believe one of the members here made the Michigan State font into a true type form, someone may chime in with that info.