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  1. Why USC in the Rose Bowl over Colorado?
  2. How many expansion teams do you expect to make a good first impression?
  3. The UNVEILING was a disaster. The franchise still has a chance.
  4. He looks like Will Ferrell impersonating Harry Caray.
  5. It's the same government that was partly culpable when the Sonics left and let $30 million dollars go away. I don't understand why they're so surprised that fans are pissed off.
  6. Tree Rollins punching and biting the crap out of Danny Ainge's hand 33 years ago is still good for a few points in my book.
  7. 27 million a year? You can call me anything you want. And it's funny to see how a few seasons of success can all of a sudden make a team "evil". Three seasons ago Golden State wasn't much of anything.
  8. Durant leaving fills me with warmth. I can finally root for him and not feel bad.
  9. Why the Sega characters? What’s your reasoning behind picking them? Why does your Washington jersey have 87 on the back, and 26 on the sleeves? What’s your rationale behind hearts on a Roses jersey? Or a Reds jersey that has very little red in it? Whatever program you’re using, take your time. Work on one design at a time. Pencil sketch, scan, refine. And relax. It’s a message board.
  10. No big loss? The Rock says.... https://youtu.be/ETShkg-65fY
  11. I'm an IE user as well. Is Edge in heavy use yet?
  12. Better than those red 90's monstrosities. That Sonics fans had the team taken away, and the way ownership behaved the last season they were in Seattle still makes me ill.
  13. Way to rep the REAL Major League Football, Brass!
  14. Is who likes your post and name changing really that important? No.
  15. Losing an NBA team is a terrible feeling. Losing the NFL twice must be even worse.
  16. Why is this a thing now? What's the official reason for this being mandatory?
  17. I, of course, love the old Seahawks helmets. Is the one on the end for New Jersey? Me too! I wish the team would have gone with the silver domes back in '02. Would have broken up the monochrome look quite well. The "NJ" helmet is one I purchased/customized a while ago for an old fantasy football team.
  18. Depending on the browser and OS, it's wonky and unusable.
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