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  1. Hey guys, so I'm not sure if this even really belongs here as it's not a concept involving logos and uniforms per se, but a few weeks ago I got bored and decided to create a concept 2014 NFL schedule before the real one is released next month. I've always been incredibly intrigued by the art of schedule-making, especially the NFL's, and although this may seem sort of boring and stupid to most, I'm sure that there are some people out there who share my feelings. So without further adieu I present to you my concept schedule, in both week by week and team by team formats. Any questions, comments, and concerns are all appreciated. Week by Week Schedule Team by Team Schedule To make a long story short, this is all part of a larger project that I'll be working on this May when I simulate the 2014 NFL season using my concept schedule and manually updated rosters on Madden NFL 25. I'll probably be posting game results online somewhere so keep an eye out for that, and if you'd like to help me out with this in any way just shoot me a message and we can talk. I'm open to all sorts of constructive criticism involving both the schedule and the project as a whole. Thanks. And as I said before if anyone doesn't feel as if this should be in the concept section feel free to move it. No worries.
  2. Romo will always be Romo, the Cowboys will never win with him. It's just a fact.
  3. I've used the RZC for the past two or three seasons now and it's pretty much my favorite innovation in recent football history. For the early games it literally does the channel-flipping for you, not only giving you red zone plays but also showing you every scoring play as well. I haven't watched a commercial when watching the NFL between 1-4 ET in I can't remember how long. It's absolutely fantastic for the early games when your team isn't playing, but often I'll just choose a late game to watch because it really loses some of it's value when there's only three or four games going on.
  4. MLB- Games 4,5, and, I'll admit, 7 of the 2001 World Series. I was only six at the time and didn't fully understand the importance those games had on our nation, but man were they entertaining (Jeter's "Mr. November" home run, Paul O'Neill chants, Brosius game-tying HR, Gonzo's walk-off). Also at age six I had honestly thought that every MLB season ended with the Yankees winning the World Series so you can imagine the shock I was in for the next morning (I fell asleep in like the 7th inning, again I was six cut me some slack) when I found out that they had blown it. NFL- Probably either Super Bowl XLII or XLIII. Both were incredibly entertaining games with great finishes. NBA- Tough call but I'd say either game 6 of this years finals or game 7 of the 2010 finals. NHL- Homer picks would be both game 7's that the Rangers won in last years playoffs over Ottawa and Washington, or even their game 6 loss to the Devils which was a well-played game that went to OT. Other picks would be game 6 of this years Final or game 7 of the 2010 Eastern finals. NCAAF- Not really a huge fan but I went to the Notre Dame-USC game back in 2009 in South Bend where ND came back from a 20 point deficit to within a touchdown but couldn't score after a series of chances inside the red-zone to send it to OT. Also what I haven't seen mentioned is the 2005 game between those two was legendary (The Bush push). NCAAB- Duke-Butler 2010. No doubt.
  5. Before you read this be prepared as it will be extremely biased and may contain a few grammatical errors (its 's 2 in the morning over here). 2007 and 2011 NY Giants Let it be known that I hate hate hate hate the Giants beyond belief. Honestly the Cowboys are my third favorite professional sports team behind the Yanks and the Knicks, yet I don't hate a team in any sport more than I hate the NY Giants. And it's not even like I hate the guys on the team. Sans a few guys like Strahan, Jacobs, Bradshaw, Pierce, and Blackburn (most of which are no longer with them), I really don't/didn't mind anyone on the Giants. It's more their fans, most of which are incredibly douchey 20-somethings who literally became fans in 2007, know little-to-nothing about the actual sport, and believe that their team is magically entitled to a championship every season. Eerily similar to the fanbase of another NY franchise that I happen to support, notice a trend? Now I think that Eli is one of the greatest clutch quarterbacks in NFL history, yet I think he was gift-wrapped two chances at a Super Bowl, and I'll gladly elaborate on that if anyone would like. Now I know that every fanbase has its inevitable share of douchebag fans, but being a Cowboys fan in New York I am literally surrounded by these people. The same fans the who didn't realize that this season started on a Wednesday night and that they were the home team in that game. The same fans who (I'm related to them) went to the 2011 parade after literally knowing two players on the team. I've got coutless examples of this stuff guys I'm not joking. Now I've met maybe one or two casual Giant fans under 30 who weren't total asses in my life, but they're about as rare as a logical dfwabel post (I kid because I love). Now before you guys get on me for berating a fanbase for being asses when pretty much 75% of Cowboys fans are just that, let it be known that I am named after Troy Aikman. I didn't necessarily choose to support this franchise, they were just sort of handed to me and I rolled with it because I liked their uniforms. Yes I get happy when they win, yes I get sad when they lose, but all in all I'm just a fan and I don't let it kill me one way or the other. I have never once gotten into an argument in person about the Cowboys and I never plan to, I've never actually seen them win anything therefore I don't deserve the "5 championship rings" argument. But to wrap this up, Giants fans under 30 are some of the most disgraceful people in all of sports fanhood (if thats a thing) in my opinion, and I'm sure any non-Giant fans living in the tri-state area will agree with me.
  6. Can't say that I'm disappointed with these. Very sharp and it was only a matter of time with this set before they went with an orange alt.
  7. I could never see myself ever switching from any of the teams that I follow in professional sports. Never could I root for anyone besides the Cowboys, Knicks, and Rangers in their respective leagues, and in the MLB I'm pretty much set with the Yankees. Although if the Mets ever got really good again like back in 2006 I would definitely find myself going for them in the playoffs if the Yanks were already eliminated. Unlike most of my fellow Yankees fans I don't really dislike the Mets at all. As for collegiate sports some of you may be shocked after looking at my username to hear that I'm not really a huge Duke fan anymore. This is mainly due to the fact that I'm going to St. John's in the fall. I'll root for Duke, but not nearly as passionately as I used to.
  8. These are awesome, I tried to do something similar to this a few years back with the MLB but didn't have the skill/resources. I couldn't find if you did one for MSG on your blog, but it would be really cool to see that.
  9. Has anyone else been sorta, I don't know, unimpressed by the Heat so far these playoffs? I mean the Milwaukee series was a joke, they really only played great two times last series (Games 2 and 4, and even gm. 4 was more of Chicago's offensive derpness then anything else), and now this series they've been pretty outplayed in both games. They might still win it all but it's certainly not gonna be a cakewalk like some thought.
  10. That's saying something too. Everyone on that set is a complete buffoon, and an even bigger homer (maybe excluding Rose). I can't even watch Wilbon on PTI anymore he's gotten so intolerable, Magic acts like a know-it-all because of his playing career, and you guys pretty much hit the nail on the head with Simmons. Remember these are the same guys that just a few weeks ago debated why LeBron doesn't have many TV ads minutes after a playoff game that I'm pretty sure didn't even involve the Heat.
  11. The officiating in that game was hilariously awful, but the Knicks let it affect them WAY too much. I'm tired of watching such an emotionally fragile team and something needs to change about them. I think this has already been well-covered on these boards, but ESPN's NBA coverage is downright embarrassing. I've never seen a network so biased against a team that hasn't won squat in 40+ years like they are with the Knicks. Antonio Davis? Really??
  12. What an ending and what a comeback by Boston. Assuming that the Rangers don't collapse they will certainly have their hands full next round.
  13. Wow, Rangers hang on and win 4-3 and we've got a three game series on our hands. Now right on to Bruins-Leafs, man I love playoff hockey.