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  1. Tigers new home unis. Matching the D on jersey with one on that hat.
  2. From Marvin Jones' instagram. Personally, I think this combo is beautiful.
  3. Man, I never thought I could be physcially attracted to a wall.
  4. Michigan's plane slid off the runway on the way to the B1G tournament yesterday. Alternate travel plans did not get their uniforms to DC. Looks like they're wearing their practice uniforms (Maize jerseys, Blue shorts).
  5. Grabbed a screenshot from Lions' video on stadium upgrades. I'm sure it's nothing, but look at the uniforms on the left. The home & away sets appear to have no black, but that Black/Black/Grey uniform?? Link to video if anyone else can catch something:
  6. From the Pistons intro video last night. Doubt anything comes from it, but a simplistic version would make an amazing secondary. Anyone agree?
  7. Grabbed a couple screenshots
  8. Noticed this while watching Tobias Harris take a tour through the Palace, take a look around 1:25 mark of the video... Is this the design board for the new logo? It wouldn't be blurred out for nothing. 302047
  9. Has anyone else been seeing this script the Pistons have been using this year? The O in Detroit makes me feel like they're finally gearing up for a rebrand, putting the current wordmark on the Bad Boys era logo.
  10. I might like it if there were some red accents.
  11. From a couple of weeks ago, Ilyasova will wear #23 for the Pistons.
  12. Stanley Johnson will wear #3. Darrun Hilliard with #6 as well.
  13. Lions lose because they can't kick. Matt Prater better be a Lion by Tuesday. Funny how they had a bad team all those years with a good kicker, Jason Hanson. Now a good team with a bad kicker(s).
  14. Tigers will never win anything as long as they can't get at least two guys who can pitch out the bullpen.
  15. DJ Augustin (2yr/$6mil) and Caron Buter (2yr/$9mil) to the Pistons. Augustin is a steal for $3 million a year!!! EDIT: Butler's deal has been released $4.5 million a year not so much a good deal...
  16. Darren Collison to Sacramento for 3yrs/16mil. C'mon Stan! Josh Smith for Isaiah Thomas now!!!
  17. They let Monroe go to sign Meeks? LoL Monroe has yet to go anywhere. SVG could very well give Monroe the max/match any other offer sheet. If Stan isn't going to go all in with Monroe, he could easily flip him for a guy like Batum from Portland in a S&T. Right now for Detroit, it's just a matter of whether they can get a return from a possible Smoove trade or if someone offers something SVG can't turn down for Monroe. Apparently, the Pistons offered Isaiah Thomas 3yrs/$24mil, I'm just praying now for a S&T for J Smoove to be announced soon.
  18. Maize vs Orange becoming common in these tournaments. It doesn't look nearly as bad as it sounds.
  19. AL EAST: 1. Boston- The Red Sox win it again in a closer race than last year 2. Tampa Bay- The Rays contend yet again and get a wild card spot 3. New York- The pitching and weak infield will ultimately be the demise of this team 4. Baltimore- They manage to hang around .500 all year, the magic never appears 5. Toronto- Kept most of the team together, shouldn't do anything AL CENTRAL: 1. Detroit- I'm one of the few that thinks this team is better than last year and can potentially push 100 wins 2. Kansas City- Royals show they can do some damage and fall show just short of a wild card berth 3. Cleveland- They'll look to be in the division race and fall off the face of the earth again 4. Minnesota- Another mediocre season by Twin standards but show positive signs of rebuilding 5. Chicago- This team is a mess... I'm hoping Avisail Garcia can become something AL WEST: 1. Texas- Homers fly out of Arlington as the Rangers push 100 wins 2. Oakland- They win about 90 games yet again with the same core of players 3. Anaheim- Barely over .500 again and they consider tearing it all dowm 4. Seattle- They trend upwards, but not only Cano can push them over the hump 5. Houston- Once again will be the worst team in baseball NL EAST: 1. Washington- The Nationals rebound from last season and live up to last year's potential 2. Atlanta- Braves contend all year and fall just short of what will be a deep NL wild card race 3. New York- The Mets manage to finish around .500 4. Miami- They'll have a win total in the upper 70s and appear to be trending upwards 5. Philadelphia- Old age will lose quite a few games for the Phillies NL CENTRAL: 1. St. Louis- They finish the season as NL favorites yet again 2. Pittsburgh- 2013 was no fluke as they clinch another wild card 3. Cincinnati- Cannot keep up with St. Louis and Pittsburgh, but also fall short of second wild card 4. Chicago- Hey! Fourth place! 5. Milwaukee- Nothing clicks for the Brew Crew in 2014 NL WEST: 1. Los Angeles- Very talented team and as expected win the West 2. Arizona- D-Backs have a Baltimore-esque season and grab the second wild card 3. San Francisco- Appear to contend in the first half of the season, then fall off 4. San Diego- A decent Padre team pushes a .500 record 5. Colorado- The pitching alone could cost this team 85 wins AL WC: Tampa Bay over Oakland- The A's lose yet another elimination game NL WC: Arizona over Atlanta- D-Backs continue to shock the world ALDS: Detroit over Boston (3-1)- Tigers pitching repeats last year, but offense shows up as well Texas over Tampa Bay (3-0)- Rangers' offense is too much for Tampa staff NLDS: Los Angeles over Washington (3-2)- A back and forth series falls LA's way Arizona over St. Louis (3-2)- Arizona upends the Cardinals thanks to a couple late inning rallies ALCS: Detroit over Texas (4-3)- The most entertaining series of the postseason ends as former Ranger, Joe Nathan, strikes out former Tiger, Prince Fielder to clinch a World Series berth for Detroit NLCS: Arizona over Los Angeles (4-3)- The cinderella story continues as the D-Backs resiliency is too much for LA WS: Detroit over Arizona (4-2)- The magic runs out as the Tigers are too much to handle for the young Arizona team Maybe one of these years I pick the Tigers they may actually win it haha. Seriously though, I think the team is built for much more success in 2014 than in years past. Despite trading Fister, they still boast the best rotation in the AL with three CY Young contenders. They upgraded defensively at every single infield position, and defense is no longer a weakness. The offense relied on power surges last season while playing in one of the larger ballparks. If Jackson can rebound, Iglesias improves, and Kinsler and Davis do their thing, they can be pretty decent base-running wise. Veterans Martinez and Torii Hunter can very capable producing for at least another season. Not to mention, there's this jolly first baseman by the name of Miguel Cabrera as well.
  20. The Pistons broke out the Motor City jerseys last night, they actually look really good.
  21. I would buy the Tigers Gear. About it. I'm definitely getting the Tigers gear, only because I have 2011 and 2012. Just for completion purposes.
  22. Tigers gear. "We Own The Central" is going to look terrible.