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  1. https://twitter.com/tigers/status/956585156546002945 Tigers new home unis. Matching the D on jersey with one on that hat.
  2. From Marvin Jones' instagram. Personally, I think this combo is beautiful.
  3. Man, I never thought I could be physcially attracted to a wall.
  4. Michigan's plane slid off the runway on the way to the B1G tournament yesterday. Alternate travel plans did not get their uniforms to DC. Looks like they're wearing their practice uniforms (Maize jerseys, Blue shorts). https://twitter.com/umichbball/status/839872555972497412
  5. Grabbed a screenshot from Lions' video on stadium upgrades. I'm sure it's nothing, but look at the uniforms on the left. The home & away sets appear to have no black, but that Black/Black/Grey uniform?? Link to video if anyone else can catch something: http://www.detroitlions.com/media-center/videos/New-Ford-Field-renovation-plans-revealed/7d3ef6c7-4770-496d-bc45-ca067043db65
  6. From the Pistons intro video last night. Doubt anything comes from it, but a simplistic version would make an amazing secondary. Anyone agree?
  7. Grabbed a couple screenshots https://www.dropbox.com/s/0jyhgcdhv7gm5yf/Screenshot%202016-02-22%2018.21.13.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/n0c85wbzuxzbn0w/Screenshot%202016-02-22%2018.23.44.png?dl=0
  8. Noticed this while watching Tobias Harris take a tour through the Palace, take a look around 1:25 mark of the video... Is this the design board for the new logo? It wouldn't be blurred out for nothing. 302047http://www.nba.com/pistons/video/teams/pistons/2016/02/19/1455912961343-LifeintheLeague_TobiasDay1.mp4-302047
  9. Lions lose because they can't kick. Matt Prater better be a Lion by Tuesday. Funny how they had a bad team all those years with a good kicker, Jason Hanson. Now a good team with a bad kicker(s).
  10. You missed Cobo Arena where the Pistons played in the early 70s, here's a link to a few pictures. http://atdetroit.net/forum/messages/62684/60939.html?1136317366
  11. I was ready to say this is as well. When Wandy Rodriguez retires I don't think anyone will debate whether he was a Pirate or an Astro.
  12. 4 star CB de-commits from PSU and goes to Michigan. I believe the RB transferred to USC as well.
  13. If I remember the story right, Stafford caught for him in high school. Which you can only assume with the arm Stafford has.
  14. You could throw Jason Terry on the Celtics on there too.
  15. Those are all the colors of the rainbow! In order!
  16. Here's my take on what I think what will happen that I posted in the concepts a while back. As expected the Big 12 folds. Also, the Big East unexpectedly disappears. The rest of the conferences pan out like so: (links in conference names) Big Ten - As soon as the Big East becomes no more, the B1G brings in Pitt quickly. They bring in Kansas because of their strong basketball program and Missouri follows. After the new teams join, Notre Dame finally agrees to make the move. The conference championship game is in Detroit, MI SEC - When the Big 12 starts to crumble, the SEC is quick to grab Texas A&M and Baylor. Clemson and Florida State follow from the ACC. Championship game in Atlanta, GA PAC-16 - The PAC-12 would soon also feed off of the fallen Big 12 as they expand east and grab Texas Tech and Kansas State. Oklahoma and Oklahoma State soon follow. The new conference is called PAC-16. Championship game in Los Angeles, CA ACC - Once Florida State and Clemson leave for the SEC, the ACC takes Connecticut and West Virgina. Later on they eat up most of the Big East taking South Florida, Rutgers, Syracuse, Cincinnati. This leaves the Big East left in the dark. Championship game in New York, NY Mountain West - Boise and TCU are unable to find a willing conference since they have weak basketball programs. The Mountain West wants to merge with the WAC. That gets turned down, but the WAC programs like the idea. They all join except for Louisiana Tech. UTEP joins as well. The WAC folds. Championship game in Denver, CO. MAC - Not much going on here. They only extend an offer to Marshall and they accept. Championship game in Cleveland, OH C-USA - With Marshall and UTEP gone, the C-USA is looking for new members. With their conferences gone, Iowa State and Louisville are left in the dust. No one comes knocking, so they join the C-USA. Championship game in New Orleans, LA Sun Belt - With the WAC gone, the Sun Belt Conference nabs Louisiana Tech. Championship game in Jacksonville, FL Texas decides to go independent joining Army, Navy and BYU. So now for the scheduling. For the 16 team conferences, the given team will play all other 7 divisional opponents. They only get one protected rivalry from the other conference. 14 team conferences are the same, but they have two protected rivalries because there obviously isn't 8 team divisions. So you can guess how 10 team conferences work. *All teams play 4 non-conference games. The independents will all play each other once and you'll know why later. Now, I've decided to go with a tournament instead of bowls. I'm going with a 32 team bracket. The conferences are all guaranteed a certain amount of tourney spots. B1G gets 4 tourney spots SEC gets 4 tourney spots PAC 16 gets 4 tourney spots ACC gets 4 tourney spots MWC gets 3 tourney spots C-USA gets 3 tourney pots MAC gets 2 tourney spots SBC gets 2 tourney spots The top 2 Independents also get tourney spots. This leaves for spots, the 5th and 6th place teams from the B1G, PAC, ACC and SEC conferences will have a play-in for those final four spots. The bracket will be named after the #1 one seeds. The B1G bracket winner will play the ACC bracket winner. The PAC16 bracket winner plays the SEC bracket winner. The national championship location changes yearly.
  17. This is unpopular? I haven't heard it much, but it may be popular.
  18. See my FBS alignment. http://boards.sportslogos.net/index.php?showtopic=82136&st=80&gopid=1620199entry1620199
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