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  1. Well, apparently someone in Korea did read it
  2. I like this one, nice work (UK)
  3. i've got these two on my wall: Soundwave 2011 Soundwave 2012 Both times it was an awesome day, but I think I preferred 2012
  4. This would be terrible. The best part about Arsenal is their solid red shirt with their solid white sleeves. Three stripes would not work well for what is perhaps one of the most iconic looks in European soccer. Agreed. Adidas does need an EPL team to make up for Liverpool, though. They still Chelsea, West Brom, Stoke and Swansea. Nike now has Arsenal, United, Everton and City next year. Seeing as Arsenal was their anchor for introduction to Europe I'm certain Nike will fight to keep them. Though anything's possible, I'd see someone like UA stealing the contract rather than Adidas. Don't forget Adidas also have Sunderland now
  5. Cool idea, but I'm not 100% on the idea of taking a sports team's identity hostage, however good the cause.
  6. from the ones that I have been too 1. Shea Stadium It was alright, going to a MLB game was awesome though
  7. That's some A+ bollocks right there. Someone's marketing team will be getting some extra presents at Christmas! Agree with Primal. West Sydney landscape? It's a jungle of concrete. Western Sydney imo ends at Penrith, west of that is where all of that nice landscape is!
  8. a preliminary t-shirt design that was posted on their facebook page I like it, nice design and there is more merchandise to be announced! Please 'like' their facebook page to support rugby league coming back to WA!
  9. West Ham United's home kit for the 2012/13 season: Very clean and simple which I like, but I'm not sure about that collar. I think out of our two kits this year I'll probably buy the away one, there's only so many claret jerseys with blue sleeves one man can have.
  10. amen to that, never liked it, never will
  11. not 100% on the name but I like the logo. Think of the marketing opportunities with a name like pirates though, and to be honest I just want an NRL team in this town. Bring on 2015!
  12. The fury? The A-League could definitely do without these atrocities:
  13. I don't get this one.