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    ^these teams are my life

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  1. Luigi

    A question from a friend. What is your occupation?

  2. Luigi

    Happy Birthday!

  3. In my opinion your profile good.


    cherry desks

  4. Luigi

    could i request a ban for a user named fowlza

    He has made an account just so he can spam me. He also has another account named fowlza14

  5. *Hello my na,me is George Stubbs Im looking for a Graphic Design to help me design uniform for my new sports uniform brand call Validation Athletics also need a logo for so it can be my stamp like the Swoop is for nike. If you are interest in this project but let me tell you i do have a small budget this is an energing business not rich yet. Email me

  6. My cousins live in BC up near the rockies so I go for them

  7. I see you're a Canucks fan too! That's awesome! So there a two of us.. I thought I was proably the only Canucks fan in perth. Why are u a Nucks fan? I was born just outside of Vancouver but moved out here with my family when I was young, so I've kind of kept a connection with my hometown through hockey.

  8. South of the river. nfl, basketball, ice hockey and rugby mainly

  9. Hi buddy! Where in Perth are you from? What sports are u into?

  10. hello fellow Perth person!