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    A question from a friend. What is your occupation?

  2. he'll always be a force boy to me, i've watched him grow as a player since he was 17, so it sucks to see him go. Unlike some other big name players who left the force, I won't be booing o'connor when he comes into nib this year. James O'Connor - Melbourne Rebels
  3. Luigi

    Happy Birthday!

  4. In my opinion your profile good.


    cherry desks

  5. you thought Man U were fake? wow, America really is in its own world! Yeah I've seen that clip, It's just weird, I would bet every male in Europe, Civilised Asia (South Korea, Japan etc.) and Australia knows who Manchester United are, It's hard to be that good at the world game and go unnoticed.
  6. Green Bay Packers - Well, I got into the NFL after playing Madden 08, through which I learned all the rules. There is a mode in Madden called 'Superstar' where you create a player and play as that player. My guy got drafted to the Green Bay Packers, and the rest is history. Western Force - Been a season ticket holder since day one, and have watched this team through all its highs and lows. and I have only ever missed one home game (vs. the Sharks, 2009). West Ham United - I have only recently started following soccer, my interest started when I watched Green Street Hooligans a couple of years back, and I have gone for West Ham ever since. Vancouver Canucks - My cousins live in BC, and this is there team, so I go for them too!
  7. you thought Man U were fake? wow, America really is in its own world!
  8. Luigi

    could i request a ban for a user named fowlza

    He has made an account just so he can spam me. He also has another account named fowlza14

  9. oh that is so wrong... Agreed, those are some short shorts. i can never see him anything but an england uniform. i was six when he kicked that drop goal to win the world cup and it absolutely crushed me
  10. super rugby fans will know what i'm talking about:
  11. Bank Gothic thanks a bunch!
  12. Can anyone identify the font used for 'gang green'? I want to start doing some pro combat concepts and would really like to use this font.
  13. I have vectorized some of the fonts on the paint users paradise page. You can't type with them, you just drag and drop the characters. Should I upload them to mediafire and link them here? Some of them are preety useful.
  14. Why don't we compare? (Second graphic courtesy the NBA Store) Sorry I couldn't find a Griffin. Collar is off, and there's too much of a red stroke on the Los Angeles script. The LAC is also too low. (It's supposed to be at the tip of the collar) Yeah, i checked the nba website but i was under the impression the official nba website images aren't completely accurate (ironic ey). Just came to that conclusion when comparing a few older, pre revolution jerseys to how they look in real life. Also, the images on the nba website are very touched up to remain consistent with all the other jersey variants that have to coincide on the same webpage. Also, on the nba website you can't distinctly tell the difference between authentics and swingmans just from the image. I noticed the collar was different and assumed it was one of those minor distinguishes that swingman jerseys have compared to the authentics. Haha @ Rebel Sport, in their defense, I saw them charging *only" $70 for Lebron Cleveland jerseys. They're getting new Lebrons back in stock end of January. I asked about Blake Griffin but all the staff looked at me blankly. I told them he plays for the other team that plays in Los Angeles. Concluded Griffin jerseys weren't in stock when the new rev 30 swingmans arrived in Australia as they had never heard of Blake Griffin. was this there response: there's another team in los angeles?
  15. why don't you buy online off nba.com or something like that? It'll probably cost you around $90 (that's shipping included) with the the aussie dollar the way it is and it'll probably cost about that over here when the arrive, and that said i wouldn't bet that they'll even get stocked at most stores. Also can you believe that rebel sport is still asking full price for lebron james cavaliers jerseys?
  16. My cousins live in BC up near the rockies so I go for them

  17. South of the river. nfl, basketball, ice hockey and rugby mainly

  18. Turns out I have more jerseys than I thought! I couldn't find the Eagles jersey but I found two other jerseys looking for it. The eagles one looks like this.Here's the pictures: Western Force Primary 2006: Aaron Rodgers Packers home: David Lee Knicks road: Australian Cricket Jersey 2005: Signed Australian Wallabies Jersey: I know I don't have very many but I'm only thirteen and the only one that I've actually bought was the David Lee one.
  19. I have: West Coast Eagles 2004 Home uni long-sleeved (no-number)(got for 7th birthday) Western Force original Primary 2006 (no-number) (got for christmas 05) Aaron Rodgers Packers home (13th birthday this year) David Lee Knicks road I'll post up pictures soon
  20. hello fellow Perth person!

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