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  1. I agree, these are really slick. The only thing that might not work for me IRL is the black collar on the whites (because it would be so big - stupid template) but other than that, perfect.
  2. The 40th anniversary patch begs to differ.
  3. Lol when people say they think they're in the minority when its obvious that almost everyone thinks the same thing.
  4. The thing about Kraken is it's unusual. And unusual names that initially sound wrong actually often can become iconic names. Seattle Sockeyes sounds nice, but it's almost too safe and orthodox. Seattle Kraken is odd at first, but I think it could become the basis on which something pretty unique and distinctive gets created on. That being said, I still like Sockeyes. It's such a perfect hockey team name but I can see it being Kraken. I'm not hating it as much as some, or as much as I thought I would when I first heard it.
  5. I literally feel like the only person who doesn't like the Jets jerseys. Generic, poorly designed template in my eyes.
  6. Sockeyes is soooo much better than Kraken, but I feel like I would get used to Kraken if it were chosen and end up not hating it.
  7. Can someone tell me why the Canucks logo has the ice shards with a dark fill instead of just white triangles? I mean, I think this is how the monochrome version look all the time, I just noticed it again because I'm looking at the all-star pics. Why do they have the ice shards a different colour to the 'ice'? It doesn't make sense to me. Just make them white?
  8. I wasn't even talking about race and yet you're still trying to call me out on it. Just because I used a couple of words that you decided to misconstrue. "Forced diversity" is a legitimate criticism that does not automatically make someone racist by the way.
  9. Pretty bad those Avs jerseys. Definitely don't look better IRL.
  10. Yeah ok I made a ridiculous straw man argument. But then to suggest my jersey colour diversity statement has racist undertones is one of the more absurd things I've read about one of my opinions. Is 'diversity' a trigger word for you or something?
  11. So that is what you were implying. Wow ok. I don't know if you're trying to be funny or something so I'll just ignore it.
  12. It's telling how? You think that my opinion on jersey colours is some sort of Freudian slip that uncovers my inherent racism? Lmao
  13. So you'd be fine with the entire league using the same template and using 32 unique colours? That sounds awful to me. Its like forced diversity. "Oh look, we all the colours for all the teams, isn't it pretty?" :censored: that.
  14. I don't think they're bad jerseys, I just think they're a bit bland. They use an existing template for both home and away and splash this gratuitous green over their homes and suddenly everyone is supposed to worship them like they're untouchable classics. I prefer jerseys that don't look like they were created in a lab. Sometimes it's the unorthodox approach that ties in with history which makes a jersey that is unique and special. I think the Stars had something with dark green, black and gold, but these new ones just leave me feeling a bit cold.
  15. Their current jersey could easily be described as tacky as well. That's not even my opinion, that's just common sense.