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  1. The wild west. I say do it, and let the participants fight to the death.
  2. It's not really a farce based on the reasons given. At least I can take some comfort (and I think you're with me too) in the fact that I know I'm very happy with how they look currently, while some others are still whining about what they want them to change. Anyway, I'm not keen on being punished for talking about something we're not supposed to, so I better toe the line and keep quiet lol.
  3. Still stand by original opinion that those Oilers 3rds are nice. Nothing amazing, but they're unique and sharp and do everything a 3rd jersey should do. I like them.
  4. I probably agree with this. I like their retros but I think after seeing them for a while I would be yearning for a bit of contrast in them.
  5. Perhaps, but for now its better than Calgary's, Winnipeg's and Ottawa's IMO. I dont care that much for Edmonton's current homes either (too much bright orange) ...and Toronto, while a classic look, is still a bit drab to me compared to the crispness of the Canucks' blue and green. So Id say they're safely in the top 10 and probably top 4 in Canada. IMHO.
  6. Top 10 home uniform in the league, just saying.
  7. Prototypes for the throwback voting comp. Surprised the Bertuzzi era orca jersey wasnt given the adizero treatment as well.
  8. I dont know, I like the fact that the Canucks use an animal that doesnt really make perfect sense to a 5 year old. Its all representative and its art. I like the ambiguous nature of what the name means. Who cares if its not the most obvious thing related to Vancouver, its not a tourism company. I mean, so long as the Canucks dont use something like a kangaroo as a logo I think its fine. Canucks is an all incompassion term that signifies anything that wants to be connected with vancouver. An orca? Sure, its hardly a stretch.
  9. Again...... if I didn't like the orca that much either, I'd still be able to make the same argument. Everyone seems to want to simplify this down to me being annoyed that people dont like the same logo I do. Not the point.
  10. Its not simply about me not agreeing with someone else's opinion. I really dont mind. The original article that started all of this was in relation to the canucks management tweaking the orca at some point in the future. I expressed that I thought this could be interesting and someone else resorted to the standard response of "Yeah i dont like the orca" aaaaand here we go again. Instead of discussing the article and possible senarios that could result (reality), people are more interested in using it as another excuse to express their opinion anout why this logo is better than that one (fantasy - nothing wrong with fantasy, I get it. Before anyone jumps on that one). It would make no difference if I didn't like the orca logo either - its more interesting to discuss what the reality is (because thats literally what I was doing) than to play another game of "in my perfect world this is what I'd do..." VF69, sorry man I've heard you say the exact same thing so many times it just comes across as a personal agenda inside an echo camber.
  11. I love how the second I make a post that is slightly provocative someone uses it as leverage to attack and assert their moral superiority. You do realise Ive been on these message boards for well over a decade.. Believe it or not I do understand the opinions of other people when they say " I wish they'd stop using the orca". I understand that that means... they dont like the orca? I'm just asking for a bit more than that sometimes. Yes, consider the "context" and the real world and the realities of why certain logos are in place and others are not. Otherwise we just go in circles saying "I like this logo" "no, I like this logo". I mean, that will keep happening (and yes I actually do know how to deal with it thanks) but its not achieving a whole lot IMO.
  12. So you're pretty much ignoring what Im trying to say entirely. Got it.
  13. Sweeping declarations - that's a bit overblown. It's really got nothing to do with a difference of opinion about a sports logo at all, that's kind of irrelevant. Again, it's about the relevance of an opinion in terms of its real world application. I thought I made that fairly clear. My version of reality? I don't get it. Reality is reality, that's what I was getting at.