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  1. Bayne

    NHL 2018-19

    It can work either way and because its different, I'm ok with them not using black if that's where they go from here. I'm sure it'd come back before too long.
  2. Not necessarily and thats obvious.
  3. Everything is so yawn. Where's the panache, the boldness, the flair and creativity? All I see is generic, meaningless, blandness with corporate stripes.. I'm so bored by it all.
  4. I don't think it matters if the level of authenticity is lowered slightly in order to achieve an 'interpretation' of the style. In fact, I respect that more. You're using a native art style as inspiration for a modern mark, paying homage to it while not overtly re-appropriating it with little to no modification. I like the fact that the Orca isn't exactly what you would expect from a logo that is trying to elicit a native art style, yet there are clear indicators that it is inspired by exactly that. It is its own thing. As far as the cracked ice and the opposing graphic styles within the logo - sure, I guess that's valid. But without getting too caught up in the level of accuracy of what is and isn't proper native art, I think it works. It's got a 90's look, but it's not a gross 90's look (especially since the recolouring) and I appreciate the relatively aforementioned harmonious merging of styles that it has accomplished.
  5. No. But they all should have kept their respective originals.
  6. Whatever happened to sticking with a logo and letting time and history cement it as a classic? If colorado or vancouver stayed with their current logos for another 20 years, everyone would freak at the idea of ditching a classic insignia. Anyway, im not defending these logos to the death, just playing the counter argument.
  7. I didnt say "not as bad" I said "not as egregious" in terms of its 90's OTT aesthetic. Like i said, I think its a good logo. Colorado's logo still exists does it not? For the record i also like that one.
  8. I wasn't replying directly to you. I get that I'm not entirely alone in my opinion.
  9. I get that the Canucks logo is a product of it's time, but I think it gets unfairly upon simply because of it's history. Sure it's got some indicators of a 90's aesthetic but it's no where near as egregious as most other typical logo designs of that era. It shows some thoughtful restraint in that respect I feel. I've always admired the pleasing balance it achieves despite the top heavy nature of the design elements. The 'angry' expression that people lament never bothered me because of what has been discussed in regards to its influence from native art. Besides, I never really see it as 'angry'; sure it's bearing it's teeth but it's not frothing at the mouth and ready to tear you apart - again, some nice restraint. My only criticism of the design is that for a primary logo it is slightly too detailed for me. That's not to say I think the logo should be simplified - I don't think that would work. It is what it is, and it's done quite well. It's just that I admire logos that are a bit more simple in shape and the Orca is borderline too busy.
  10. Bayne

    NHL 2018-19

    I absolutely love the unique hockey masks. It adds a bit of flair and personality to the team. It's a great tradition. Sure some helmets can look naff, but that's all part of it.
  11. Id be ok with black jerseys if they werent just apart of an all black uniform. Tampa and carolina look like theyre wearing onsies out there, nothing breaking up all the blackness.
  12. Haha its so good witnessing someones breaking point over uniform discussions. All the best.
  13. Talk about an incorrect oversimplification. Ive for the longest time championed the 40th anniversary jersey. That thing was beautiful. If we could wear that full time id be thrilled. I dont think the Orca is amazing, but i like it enoughand 90% of suggestions to improve it are misguided and simply wrong. Thats boiling it down.
  14. I'm frank. I read and take on board all comments. Some have merit and others dont. Just because i might come across as a bit rude sometimes shouldnt really be an issue. I sometimes find others to be a bit rude on here too but i find it funny and i enjoy debating. Maybe because the Canucks discussion has been had so many times I am a bit short with my opinions on that issue but I'm in no way personally attacking anyone. Lets be honest though, some suggestions ARE awful. Can we not at least agree on that? Ive been around for over 10 years so it gets repetitive. Can't be polite and considerate to every single new baffling idea. Go ahead and slam me for this arrogant response. Im just being honest and giving my opinion. I'm sorry if it offends you.
  15. Lol. Thats like me saying, its not unheard of for some flames to be blue so the calgary flames logo in blue COULD work. (It would tie in with their shoulder patch).