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  1. Perfectly appropriate for a shoulder patch.
  2. I have never had a problem with the cbj logo. Its certainly not one of the best logos in the league and its nothing to get overly excited about looking at, but i think its OK. It suits their uniforms and i mean, ive always seen the C.
  3. Bayne

    NHL 2018-19

    Carolina's thirds look dumb. Looks like they belong in some minor league.
  4. Bayne

    NHL 2018-19

    I wonder if they will potentially ruin these next season by sticking a dumb looking shoulder patch on it. Other than that, these are nice. If anything, it's just nice to see them wearing something new instead of that played, overly complex home sweater they've had for so long.
  5. Bayne

    NHL 2018-19

    Yes much visitlier I agree.
  6. That's still more of a shoulder patch style design to me.
  7. Bayne

    NHL 2018-19

    Talk about all over the place. "Darks half the season but yellows are whites so dark for yellow teams when whites comes in but keep whites during playoffs" Simple. I just think its time to change it back to whites. It comes and goes.
  8. I understand that rule of thumb, but exceptions can be made and I think Columbus proves that it can work to an extent. I don't know why you would want to introduce silver grey as a third colour. That would just be dull, surely. Just my opinion.
  9. You know what I think would be a good idea? If Columbus actually went back to black in some way. Be it thirds or whatever. I think it's different and it actually looks pretty cool. Just something to separate themselves from all the blue, red and white teams, and it's a nod back to their history too, so why not.
  10. Bayne

    NHL 2018-19

    Terrible move. Seriously it's up there with one of the worst logos on an NHL jersey ever. Black just feels and looks so 'bleh'. Bright red - owning your franchises' identity and wearing it proud is so much more exciting to see, especially for a team finally returning to the playoffs after all these years.
  11. Bayne

    NHL 2018-19

    It can work either way and because its different, I'm ok with them not using black if that's where they go from here. I'm sure it'd come back before too long.
  12. Not necessarily and thats obvious.
  13. Everything is so yawn. Where's the panache, the boldness, the flair and creativity? All I see is generic, meaningless, blandness with corporate stripes.. I'm so bored by it all.
  14. I don't think it matters if the level of authenticity is lowered slightly in order to achieve an 'interpretation' of the style. In fact, I respect that more. You're using a native art style as inspiration for a modern mark, paying homage to it while not overtly re-appropriating it with little to no modification. I like the fact that the Orca isn't exactly what you would expect from a logo that is trying to elicit a native art style, yet there are clear indicators that it is inspired by exactly that. It is its own thing. As far as the cracked ice and the opposing graphic styles within the logo - sure, I guess that's valid. But without getting too caught up in the level of accuracy of what is and isn't proper native art, I think it works. It's got a 90's look, but it's not a gross 90's look (especially since the recolouring) and I appreciate the relatively aforementioned harmonious merging of styles that it has accomplished.
  15. No. But they all should have kept their respective originals.