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  1. I agree with this. There's something neat about how they've managed to make red and green work in their logo. It would be a shame to move away from it. The green and red is as iconic to the team as the logo is IMO.
  2. I think I actually agree with every one lol.
  3. Ok, I will fix my attitude. I mean most of my posts aren't 'combative' or 'aggressive' though. Maybe 1 or 2 out of every 10 posts I make is, or comes across that way. I get stubborn about (what I see as, and what are definitely objectively) bad opinions sometimes and I can come across too bullish when that happens. I like strong opinions though, it makes for entertaining debates. But I get it - we can't have that. I'll accept the mod intervention.
  4. You don't care that I liked the black hunter green and gold? You really don't? Oh I thought you would. So you're someone who takes others opinions and gets angry at them. Ok.. Just because I have an opinion and don't decide to qualify every sentence with "hey remember guys it's just my opinion, take it or leave it!" doesn't mean I have this belief that I am right and everyone else who disagrees is wrong lol. I've been around too long to be that delusional. The language thing is correct. You got me. I used adjectives in my sentences. Big deal, it's just my opinion and you can disagree. And btw not everything is subjective. That's what people who don't understand design principles and human perception and psychology say.
  5. 6 years I don't understand when people say "this team uses this colour so this team can't use this colour" etc etc.... if it makes your teams identity strong, then use it. I don't care if another team in the the league has a similar colour thing going on - it's always going to be different in some way (unless you're the Lightning and Toronto). It's like there's a colour quota and if one too many teams employ the use of that colour then everyone starts to turn it into an issue which it isn't. The Stars looked strong, classic and mean with black, dark green and gold. Now they look bright, modern and pretty with their (IMO) over-the-top green with silver flair. It's not for me. Even the logo is trying too hard to be clever with a worn out bevelling effect - the original looked classic and had a stronger presence.
  6. Why so many people thought this was a good jersey perplexes me. It's drab looking.
  7. They really lost something when the dropped the gold. Even the new jerseys from 2014 to me look weaker in comparison. The winter classic jersey wasn't fantastic or anything, but it was nice to see a simple treatment of the stars motif with some retro looking vibes. All the bells and whistles of the bevelled star and neon green lines just doesn't work, unless you're playing the 'evil' team in some sort of Disney tv movie for 7 year olds.
  8. Dallas are full on embracing the futuristic vibe. And I hate it. Talk about making themselves look cheap and tacky. Their winter classic jerseys are what they should be doing, not this trash.
  9. Perth Glory A-League Nice purple kit - white, meh.
  10. Not bad. If I were a Flames fan I'd be pretty happy with it. The white C's work nice with what seems to be red numbers. Overall it's a bit black heavy, but it's fine.
  11. I disagree. The Big Foot secondary logo worked quite well in tandem with the primary logo. I didn't find it gimmicky at all. Something like the Stinger on Columbus' jersey is way more gimmicky to me. Even the skating Penguin is more gimmicky, and that's a primary. Look at how much respect that logo has. So you just can't say that. I know they have moved away from the Sasquatch thing over the years but irrespective of that I like the Mountain/Big Foot theme better than slapping a somewhat generic/boring C logo on the shoulders. I know it's the state emblem, yada-yada, but to me it lacks character big time. And pairing it with the main logo just doesn't work - they're from two different design styles, so instantly the jersey suffers because it looks disjointed without a unified style. If one day they come up with a nice clean simple new primary logo (the alternate jersey logos they've come up with in recent years haven't impressed me) that goes well with the C on the shoulders, fine, but until then I think those 90's early 2000's jerseys were much better.
  12. I'm reserving true judgement of most of these jerseys until I see them in action and as a full set etc. I feel like our opinions of each of them are possibly inaccurate as they were all photographed in a controlled setting and likely don't reflect how they would actually look IRL. I definitely agree that the Devils should be red and dark green though. LA, probably agree too, but not as sure because I really didn't love the throwbacks they did a few years ago. And yeah you're clearly not in the minority btw.
  13. That should be irrefutable. To me it looks weird as a navy blue circle, even if the puck in the main logo turned to navy (which would look weird too). It's black. Maybe I'm just too used to it.