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  1. Oakland is more like Ft. Worth and St. Paul than you might think Twin Cities Metro Pop. 1st City Population % of Metro 2nd City Population % of Metro Pop. Diff. % Diff Dallas-Ft. Worth 7,694,138 Dallas 1,197,816 15.6% Ft. Worth 741,206 9.6% 456,610 5.9% SF-Oakland 4,696,902 San Francisco 805,235 17.1% Oakland 440,981 9.4% 364,254 7.8% Minn.-St. Paul 3,657,477 Minneapolis 382,578 10.5% St. Paul 285,068 7.8% 97,510 2.7%
  2. https://www.milb.com/columbia/ballpark/columbia-baseball-history They began as the Greenwood (SC) Pirates in 1981, then moved to Savannah in 1984. Check out Mike McCann's minor league history page: http://minorleaguesource.com/total.htm
  3. The Gulf Coast and Arizona Leagues have finally set their division lineups for 2021 https://www.milb.com/arizona https://www.milb.com/gulf-coast In the GCL, the Orioles, Pirates and Astros added a 2nd team, the Yankees dropped their 2nd, and the Phillies and Tigers stay at two. In the AZL, The Royals added a 2nd team, the Padres, Dodgers, Indians, A's & Cubs dropped their 2nd teams, the Giants and Brewers stay at two teams, and the Rockies will have a team for the first time since 2000
  4. To be more precise: Pistons - 16 in Fort Wayne, 21 in Detroit, 20 in Pontiac, 19 in Auburn Hills, 4 in Detroit Warriors - 16 in Philly, 9 in San Francisco, 25 in Oakland, 1 in San Jose, 22 more in Oakland, 2 in SF
  5. NBA: Pistons - 16 yrs in Fort Wayne, 64 in Detroit area Lakers - 1 yr in Detroit, 13 in Minneapolis, 61 in Los Angeles Warriors - 16 yrs in Philadelphia, 59 in Bay Area 76ers - 17 yrs in Syracuse, 58 in Philadelphia Hawks - 5 yrs in Moline, IL, 4 in Milwaukee, 13 in St. Louis, 53 in Atlanta Rockets - 4 yrs in San Diego, 50 in Houston Wizards - 2 yrs in Chicago, 10 in Baltimore, 48 in Washington Spurs - 6 years in Dallas, 48 in San Antonio Jazz - 5 yrs in New Orleans, 42 in Salt Lake City Clippers - 8 yrs in Buffalo, 6 in San Diego, 37 in Anaheim/LA Kings - 12 yrs in Rochester, 15 in Cincinnati, 3 in KC & Omaha, 10 in Kansas City only, 36 in Sacramento Grizzlies - 6 yrs in Vancouver, 20 in Memphis Pelicans - 14 yrs in Charlotte, 19 in New Orleans (2 of those split with Oklahoma City) Thunder - 41 yrs in Seattle, 13 in Oklahoma City
  6. Now let's do the NFL: Bears - 1 yr in Decatur, IL, 100 in Chicago Lions - 4 yrs in Portsmouth, OH, 87 in Detroit Wash. FB Team - 5 yrs in Boston, 84 in Washington Chiefs - 3 yrs in Dallas, 58 in Kansas City Colts - 31 yrs in Baltimore, 37 in Indianapolis Cardinals - 40 yrs in Chicago, 28 in St. Louis, 33 in Arizona Titans - 37 yrs in Houston, 1 in Memphis, 23 in Nashville Rams - 10 yrs in Cleveland, 49 in Los Angeles, 21 in St. Louis, 5 in LA Chargers - 1 yr in Los Angeles, 56 in San Diego, 4 in LA Raiders - 2 yrs in San Francisco, 20 in Oakland, 13 in LA, 25 in Oakland, 1 in Las Vegas
  7. So I had to look up all the MLB teams that have moved: Yankees - 2 yrs in Baltimore, 119 in New York Orioles - 1 yr in Milwaukee, 52 in St. Louis, 68 in Baltimore Giants - 75 yrs in New York, 64 in San Francisco Dodgers - 74 yrs in Brooklyn, 64 in LA Twins - 60 yrs in Washington, 61 in Minnesota Braves - 82 yrs in Boston, 13 in Milwaukee, 56 in Atlanta Athletics - 54 yrs in Philadelphia, 13 in KC, 54 in Oakland Brewers - 1 yr in Seattle, 52 in Milwaukee Rangers - 11 yrs in Washington, 50 in Texas Nationals - 36 yrs in Montreal, 17 in Washington
  8. Yeah I don't think any city under 2 million could support an MLB team. Currently only Milwaukee is under that. These are the available western cities over 1 million: Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario, CA 4,650,631 San Antonio-New Braunfels, TX 2,550,960 Portland-Vancouver-Hillsboro, OR-WA 2,492,412 Sacramento-Roseville-Folsom, CA 2,363,730 Las Vegas-Henderson-Paradise, NV 2,266,715 Vancouver, BC 2,264,823 Austin-Round Rock-Georgetown, TX 2,227,083 San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CA 1,990,660 Oklahoma City, OK 1,408,950 Salt Lake City, UT 1,232,696 Tucson, AZ 1,047,279
  9. I added 2019 metro populations. El Paso, Tucson, Fresno & SLC are too small. Inland Empire is too spread out. None of its cities is bigger than 330,000. I think Austin is more likely than SA, because it is richer and growing faster.
  10. Two teams already in Texas is not the problem. SA is too poor. We couldn't finance a AAA ballpark, so no way we'll get a major league park. As much as I would like a team here, Austin is a much better choice, both richer and growing faster.
  11. Minor leaguers Brady M. Feigl (Padres org) and Brady G. Feigl (A's org). No relation.
  12. The 2020 Miami Marlins had pitchers Josh A. Smith & Josh D. Smith
  13. Iowa: Dan Gable Johnny Orr Hayden Fry Fred Hoiberg
  14. I'm from SA, and I'd go with Tony Parker instead of Manu. It's very close, though.
  15. Hell, why not move the Bears back to Decatur and the Lions back to Porstmouth?!
  16. August 29, 1987 - Watched Dale Murphy hit a home run at Busch Memorial Stadium January 31, 1993 - Dallas Cowboys win Super Bowl XXVII October 28, 1995 - Atlanta Braves win the World Series March 10, 1996 - Iowa State Cyclones win the last Big Eight Conference Men's Basketball Tournament June 25, 1999 - San Antonio Spurs win NBA Championship
  17. The independent American Association, Atlantic League and Frontier League, along with the rookie Pioneer League are now independent MLB Partner Leagues which will, according to MLB, "collaborate with MLB on initiatives to provide organized baseball to communities throughout the United States and Canada". The short season Appalachian League will now be "summer college wood-bat league specifically designed for rising freshman and sophomores, operated with the support of MLB and USA Baseball." The new MLB Draft league, with four New York-Penn Lg. teams plus the Trenton Thunder & Frederick Keys, will also be a summer college wood-bat league, but "focused on top prospects who are eligible to be drafted by MLB Clubs." All other independent and summer college leagues are on their own.
  18. It now looks like Lake County will stay in the MWL, while Bowling Green goes to the South Division of the Mid Atlantic League (from @jjcoop36 at Baseball America) North Aberdeen IronBirds Brooklyn Cyclones Hudson Valley Renegades Jersey Shore Blue Claws Wilmington Blue Rock South Asheville Tourists Bowling Green Hot Rods Greensboro Grasshoppers Greenville Drive Hickory Crawdads Rome Braves Winston Salem Dash
  19. That's 11, you forgot the Harrisburg Senators
  20. I still haven't heard who the odd man out is at AA. Supposedly Jacksonville is moving up to AAA, while San Antonio and Wichita are moving down to AA. If that's true, then one team from the Southern or Texas Leagues will have to go. Or they could add a team (New Orleans?), and drop two Eastern League teams (Bowie?, Richmond?).
  21. I live in San Antonio. There has been absolutely no progress on a new stadium. The building sites they have been looking at are now too expensive, already taken, or didn't really work in the first place. And good luck trying to fund it in this city. Moving back to AA is probably for the best.
  22. Rocky Mt. and Grand Junction are actually the farthest away from the nearest NWL team, both over 600 miles. I don't think any of the PL teams are really a good fit in the NWL.
  23. I think a 5/5 PCL is pretty obvious: PCL West: Las Vegas, Reno, Sacramento, Salt Lake, Tacoma PCL East: Albuquerque, El Paso, Oklahoma, Round Rock, Sugar Land with a 7/7/6 IL: IL West: Columbus, Indianapolis, Iowa, Louisville, Omaha, St. Paul, Toledo IL South: Charlotte, Durham, Gwinnett, Jacksonville, Memphis, Norfolk, Nashville/Richmond IL North: Buffalo, Lehigh Valley, Rochester, Scranton/WB, Syracuse, Worcester
  24. I know, I was saying they could switch to a west coast affiliate (Arz, SF or LAA)
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