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  1. Yeah, I had seen Miami's selection of throwback uniform games when they announced several months ago that they were adding the white '66 AFL away jersey to their 2019 collection which they were able to do because they no longer have the orange alternate jersey. I thought they should have just gone back to the throwbacks as primary when they had the chance last season, as that's what their fans have been clamoring for, and in doing so only add the agua away pants option which they introduced in 1989, along with the tweaked dolphin from 1997 but to keep the original AFL sunburst ... They looked ridiculous yesterday with those solid white socks they had on with their white away pants. Too many teams are now doing that as we saw with the Saints yesterday with those stripeless white pants. That solid white socks look is just too hard to comprehend for teams wearing white pants.
  2. Oh I probably believed you Mega Hawk, I guess I just didn't wanna believe it because I hate the Bills red color-rush so badly. Plus we never seem to make the announcement until the Wednesday morning before the Sunday game. I'm too much of a traditionalist as I had seen my first Bills home game at the old stadium while still in the AFL and with the old grazing bison logo. I could probably tolerate the red jerseys for one game if they'd at least wear white pants with the red striped color rush socks with them, but this mono-red just is an eye-sore to me. Dunno who you know at #BillsMafia but you got it right .... I guess it could be worse, by wearing those 2002-2010 Donahoe monstrosities. Both Buffalo and Miami should be wearing their AFL throwbacks like in 2016 and 2017 down in South Florida, that looked great!!
  3. We had already heard about this from how their ticket stub was designed for their upcoming home game this Sunday. What they should be doing is using that logo on their helmets also instead of keeping the current ones on, which using both logos is quite silly. It's just too bad they can't use the leather simulated helmets that they wore for a game before the one-helmet rule came into effect in 2013.
  4. That sounds like utter nonsense. If that's the case please post your source / link ... The BILLS have not yet released any announcement to what uniform choice they've made for Sunday's home game vs Miami. That is normally posted on Twitter and Instagram on the Wednesday preceding the game...
  5. Unfortunately the Chargers tampered with that uniform set which was so well designed it needed no tweaking. They changed the font on the jersey, move the TV numbers to the shoulders, redesigned the bolt pattern on the jersey and changed the placement of it, removed numbers from helmet, changed the lightning bolt logo on both the helmet and pants along with various other tweaks. There was just no reason to mess with such perfection. I don't even like their new ones, the throwback version shown above which was worn in 2009 for AFL-50 Legacy were just so great.
  6. It think this is the Titans' best away look which I got to see up close when they came to Orchard Park in 2018. The NFL should revise the 5-year rule to permit teams to make minor tweaks after the initial season of a uniform change because there's most always something that needs modifications from the get-go. For example with Tennessee, the Columbia blue armpit coloring is totally ridiculous and should be eliminated, same with their jersey number font, it's even worse than Tampa Bay's. With the Columbia Blue jerseys the font should be WHITE, not black, you cannot see those numbers on television. Rumor has it they were allowed to thicken the white outline of the Columbia Blue jersey, but I haven't seen it yet. The Titans badly need to wear either white or Columbia Blue socks with their navy pants. Also do something with those slanted mini-version of their no-purpose pant stripes. For number fonts, why not just go back to the one used in their maiden season of 1960, similar to the current ones worn by the Chicago Bears, and somewhat similar to Denver's. Either that of the traditional block number font. The late Bud Adams' daughter, Amy Adams, who was most influential person in their redesign really messed these up because given the right tweaks it could be a really decent unform set, Their JERSEY FONT is just plain AWFUL!!
  7. This is the one scenario where those solid white socks would work just fine. That's my main gripe with the J-E-T-S new unforms, the current socks don't offer any contrast to the green or black pants, only the green socks work well when they wear the white pants. This is happening with far too many clubs these days.
  8. Don't the J-E-T-S have white socks in their new set to wear with the gotham green pants? That would make a total difference for the better, They had always been a team that wore correct socks with their now defunked forest green pants, which were white striped. Even those black socks would be better, at least to show some contrast.
  9. PLEASE allow me to echo that . . The Buffalo Bills should NEVER EVER go mono blue, NOT EVER, whether it's at home, on the road, or at a neutral site venue!! and the red helmets of 1984-2010 are gone, and hopefully forever, and let's just keep it that way by allowing them to Rest In Peace. Ship any surplus to Joe Ferguson in Arkansas, as it was his idea to begin with.... All of us at #BillsMafia are still wondering where these mysterious RED SOCKS are that they keep showing on display each week on Twitter and IG. ?? Stop teasing us with that silly leotard look ..
  10. Bingo!!! Yeap, white C-R pants with those exact socks. I am dying to see that, and I think many others wanna see that too. Doubt the Packers would ever wear that tho’.
  11. Good grief, Baltimore is wearing mono-purple today vs Cleveland. Purple jerseys and purple pants, what a total overdose of a great color. You know it’s a bad choice when the Browns of all teams have a better look. Cleveland in white jerseys and orange pants, good choice.
  12. I would love to see the Packers wear their white color-rush pants with their beautiful green jerseys. Have wanted to see that look for like . . . forever!
  13. Tennessee is gonna go white on white for their game in Atlanta . . . and they're going to be styling up the place with SOLID WHITE SOCKS again. Howwa 'bout that!! Also I'd love to know what happened to the Eagles midnight green pants. They probably have the very worst white on white uniform combo in the NFL, and they'll probably end up making it worse by wearing solid white socks.
  14. Now why couldn’t they have worn those brilliant looking socks with those white pants in Seattle yesterday? Oh wait, that would’ve made too much sense.
  15. Yeah and I had a glimpse of them during the pregame warmup and it looked like they were wearing green socks with those pants. What a way to ruin what could've been a really good look. Baltimore: Why they can’t just stick with the purple pants when in the white jersey I don’t understand. They’re wearing those awful stripe-less black pants at KC. Those pants should have been given to Goodwill. Dumb Dumb Dumb!!
  16. Why these NFL teams continue to wear the same color socks as their pants irks me to no end, and they’re both doing it. and then there’s the dark navy pants clashing with black pants, something that’s not tolerated in many soccer competitions. Also . . after Tampa Bay, Tennessee has got the very WORST jersey number font in the entire NFL. Whoever chose those should be tried and convicted, and that’s in addition to the Columbia blue armpit coloring on the white jersey itself.
  17. I'm still trying to figure out why they keep showing these mystery red socks, it's now 3 weeks and counting. Do they even exist, or do they just like antagonizing us with that silly leotard look with the blue pants?
  18. Oh boy, a double whammy! J-E-T-S are wearing solid black socks with their mono-black uniforms, they blew it!! Should be wearing green socks, would then be G-B-B-G .. bad choice! The green socks would compliment the accent of the pants and helmet. Don’t get what these teams are thinking, or NOT thinking I should say. Brownies too, wearing white on white w/ white socks .. these teams are just killin’ that new sock rule which most of us are now hating.
  19. The Lions wore them last against da Bears at Soldier Field in November of last season but haven't worn them since, including when they wore their white w/ silver pants against the Bills mono-red color-rush late last season. Looks awful w/ the Honolulu blue socks. They should consider wearing the silver-gray color-rush socks with them, if they choose wear them again. That would most definitely look better. They had the right socks for them in 1998 but shelved those pants just as quick as the Colts did their blue ones back in 1995. Too bad too, the Colts looked awesome in their blue pants and had the most perfect white striped socks to go with them.
  20. Mr Canzman, sir, this is the second straight week that you've gotten the BILLS uniform set incorrect. We're not wearing mono-blue uniforms Sunday vs Cincinnati, but will be in white jerseys and most likely the all-white AFL throwbacks according to what I've heard from several insiders at #BillsMafia. Also the Bengals uniform guide has them scheduled to wear their black jerseys in Orchard Park.
  21. Quite right, those socks would go well with their purple pants, too bad they're long gone. I don't get why so many of these teams don't give much thought to the socks they wear. The Ravens should probably have white socks with striping that matches their purple pants stripe, and they should always wear the purple pants whenever they don their white jerseys. No need to keep changing it up with all-white or with black pants, the purple just really works. Keep it consistent like CHI, KC, WSH, and some of the others do. Should have brought out purple pants a long time ago, I was calling for it since their '96 move away from Cleveland even when they had that silly looking Flintstones helmet logo in their early years in Baltimore.
  22. That would be great in a perfect NFL world, but unfortunately the 32 NFL teams can only wear Nike products. Too bad too, because I really liked what Reebok was doing thru the 2011 season, and their masterful job with the AFL-50 Legacy uniforms during the 2009 season. Then enter Nike in 2012 and those sweat stains along with the toilet-bowl collars and they can't even make metallic pants for SF and NO to match their helmets. Vikings had to change their helmet color due to Nike being unable to match their shade of purple. Yet Nike is pretty good with the soccer kits, go figure?
  23. Yet the one team that should have worn solid white socks today were the Baltimore Ravens, to go with those brilliant looking purple pants of theirs. The black socks are just too dark to bring out the accent in the purple pants, so a set of solid white socks would have done total justice for them today, the only thing they didn't get quite right. They should just shelve the black pants for when they wear their white jerseys. Philly looks awful with those solid white socks with their white pants, just as the LA Rams and JAX did today. Good for da Bears and Chiefs for continuing to wear the perfect socks when wearing their colored pants. The Bills drive me nuts with those socks that are royal blue at the upper part, if only they were all-white with the same striping and they'd be perfect with their blue pants, just as Chicago, KC, WSH, and NE are when they wear their colored pants.
  24. So did I, they looked sensational with those purple pants. Best looking uniform of the 10 am PDT games, IMO. Could use some white socks to wear with them tho', those black ones are just too dark.
  25. Yeah like the Los Angeles Rams ... White jersey.. White pants ... and solid white socks I mean WTH?? Just pitiful !!