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  1. Of course you do, Minnesota has always had virtually the same helmet.
  2. Holy jeez, could the uniform matchup for the HOF game possibly be any more boring? It's NFL-100 FGS, the league should have gone away from the one-helmet rule in time for the reason, they sure messed up by not doing so, because it's inevitable that it's gonna happen, so why not now ..
  3. The Chargers totally botched this in 2010 when they had Reebok produce a re-do of the Powder Blues. What they should have done was KEEP the throwback version as-is, which was worn in 2009 for AFL-50 Legacy with the block numbers, TV numbers on sleeves, and the numbers on helmets. Had they done so they would have owned that look. Instead, the way they redesigned the bolt on the jerseys where it now goes sideways, moved the TV numbers to the shoulders was totally half-ass! This is all just yet another bad 'move' by Dean Spanos who is desperate for headlines in a city that DOES NOT want them and I don't see that changing just because they switched to power blue. The Chargers fans in SD had lobbied heavily ever since NFL-75 in 1994 to go back to the powder blues and the Spanos' declined. Now all of a sudden they decide to do it and it's done poorly just to make some headlines in LA. It's quite sad how they've disintegrated what WAS a great 56 year fan-base down in San Diego to one that doesn't exist in LA no matter what color jerseys they choose wear. * This is how the Chargers should look AFL Championship Game 26-DEC-1964 War Memorial Stadium E Buffalo, New York Bills 20 - Chargers 7 Keith Lincoln (22) Chargers Butch Byrd (42) Bills Ron McDole (72) Bills
  4. Maybe Jets should have gone back to their 1963 uniforms, at least back then they had a jet plane in their logo! New York at Denver Bears Stadium (Mile High) Denver, Colorado 17-NOV-1963 Jets 14 – Broncos 9
  5. Maybe it's just me but those shoulder/sleeve stripes give it a look like they have a cape attached to the jersey . . Not a fan of the 'NEW YORK' wordmark .. they took the CLEVELAND route, that was a mistake If they have green socks with their green pants it's gonna kill the entire road look, and I expect they will ...
  6. No . . I did catch that part, that wasn't what I was referring to. Take notice that the upper and lower striping on the socks appear to look thicker than the ones on the jersey. That's what I had meant. BTW . . I like those current purple pants, it's just that those purple socks ruin the look. The Bills have that same problem with the current socks worn with the royal blue pants. We should take notice of the white striped socks that were worn with the blue pants from 1975-1980 before switching to the red socks in 1981 which I wasn't a fan of.
  7. Like so . . 04-OCT-1964 Lambeau Field / Green Bay, Wisconsin Vikings at Packers Minnesota 24 - Green Bay 23 and the sock striping nearly matched the jersey striping, not bad for 1964 . . Even back then they knew that if you had pants of color you needed white socks, not the socks of the same color. The current leotard look that so many teams have is just so awful!!
  8. I'm really glad the Bills re-did their unforms with Reebok and right before Nike took over in 2012 because with the exception of Minnesota's there's no other makeover I have liked, and even with the Vikings they didn't make them proper white striped socks to go with their purple pants. Kansas City's was nice, but that really wasn't a remake, all they did was reintroduce an attractive sleeve striping to the jersey and move the TV numbers to the shoulders. Would have been nice if that had reverted back to the larger helmet logo that was downsized back in 1974, I loved the look of that.
  9. Ohh nooo, green socks with the green pants? The J-E-T-S were one of the few teams to wear the proper white striped socks with their colored green pants, so I surely hope that they're not going to join the list of teams wearing the same color socks as their pants.
  10. Jeez, I surely hope not, those suck, especially the mono black one!! Not a fan of that wordmark logo either. I sure hope the J-E-T-S don't botch this, but I have a feeling they will. I'd hate to have to see those twice a year when they play the Bills. I wish they'd just return to the late 60s / early 70s logo that was pointed and shaped like a football and mounted on about a 45° angle, and in Kelly Green, now those were cool. Why they made it oval shaped like a rugby ball and switched to the Forest Green in 1998 was a big mistake to begin with, IMO.
  11. That looks SOOOO much better!! The Browns really need to wear white striped socks just like those when wearing brown or orange pants. Thank goodness those brown pants have side-stripping which is so much better than none, or with the BROWNS wordmark in place of stripping which has been awful. I like the prior orange-yellow much better than the bright orange currently in use which is way too loud. I also like the previous shade of brown rather than the newer one. Cleveland definitely needs to return to their more traditional look IMO.
  12. The Jets logo looked so much better when it was shaped like a football and had pointed tips while mounted on about a 45° angle . . They really butchered it by making it oval-shaped like a rugby ball, and switched the kelly green to forest green .. KC downsized their logo in 1974 when switching to the white face-masks, should have left the logo that size.
  13. I don't agree, I always felt the Jets unforms were greatly improved with the black trim that was added in the 90s
  14. That's a possibility MJ, but I'm thinkin' that only an elder Jets/Titans or Oilers guru could solve that mystery. The person who shared that photo only labeled '1967' and 'Tulane Stadium' in the sub-title, but Tulane Stadium had natural grass until 1971, that's when they converted it to the Astroturf and on top of that it just doesn't look like it was outdoors. Plus I also remember Tulane stadium from an early Super Bowl being a round bowl. The crowd in that photo looks too close to the gridiron for it to be Tulane Stadium. Anyway, I stumbled upon an old Jets game-program from hosting the Bills in 1966. Inflation must've set in, the price jumped to 75¢ from 50¢ that previous Jets/Titans programs sold for . . BILLS 33 - J-E-T-S 23 . . Pretty cool looking game-program with Broadway-Joe in his trademark white cleats: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Jets appeared to leak what was gonna be their new logo for the following season in 1964 on this 1963 game-program. In 1964 Shea Stadium opened, yet this game-program doesn't show the green jet-airplane logo they wore and used exclusively in 1963. I'm thinking that this must've been their alternate logo and they were planning on switching to it as primary for the following season, but that's just my guess. CHARGERS 53 - J-E-T-S 7 . . Ouch!!
  15. Loved the North Stars logo and uni's . . and getting to see Gump as the last goalie to go without a mask. I would like to see Minnesota get the North Stars name, logo, colors, and history returned. I just don't see that they've ever really reached an identity with the name 'WILD' .. Also I miss when the home team wore white at home and each game you'd see different colors. They changed it in 2003 and it was initially supposed to only be for that one season, and here it is over 15+ years later and still .. I remember going to a Sabres home game in 1974, and the Los Angeles Kings came to town to play the Sabres at the Aud. LA looked so awesome with those purple mono uniforms and that bright yellow trim and crown logo. Miss the Kings old look alot.
  16. The sub-title wasn't very precise, it only stated 1967, but they didn't play each other in Houston during the regular season in 1967, so I assumed it was from 1968. I didn't think preseason because you can't see any empty seats in the photo, and it's hard to believe they'd get a crowd like that for a preaseason game, but I could be wrong. What threw me off for preseason was that many AFL teams didn't have nobs on the back of their jerseys during preaseason, yet Matt Snell does but Namath doesn't and he's wearing what seems to be a practice jersey. Somewhat odd .. It also read in the sub-title 'Rice Stadium', but that's AstroTurf in the photo, and I already had edited it as you were responding.
  17. Came upon another oldie. Jets logo looked so much better with the pointed football shape rather than the oval-shaped rugby ball since 1998, IMO. * Assumption: NY Jets at Houston Week 7 20-OCT-1968 Astrodome -- Houston-TX JETS 20 - OILERS 14
  18. Hey J-E-T-S fans, here's a couple more very rare oldies in color, most notably the top one from 1962, final season before the name change from TITANS to JETS. 30 - SEP - 1962 / Week 4 Denver Broncos at NY Titans ( Jets ) POLO GROUNDS . . Manhattan, NY BRONCOS 32 - NY TITANS 10 * Titans in 1962 switched their pants from deli-mustard yellow to a regular mustard yellow (French's) lol * Broncos switched their new bucking-bronco logo which debuted in 1962 from blue to white by Week 6, and kept that white logo thru the 1966 season ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 28 - SEP - 1969 / Week 3 NY Jets at San Diego SD Stadium . . San Diego, CA CHARGERS 34 - NY Jets 27 * I always liked the pointed football shaped logo better from the 60's, and I remember they used to put the decal onto their helmet at about a 45° angle. Never understood the switch to the oval shape (rugby ball look) when going back to the look but with the switch to forest green with other tweaks in 1998.
  19. That could very well be. Just realized, that Bills at Titans game was their final game with the Titans nickname. Sonny Werblin bought the team that off-season and changed their name to the JETS for their final season at the old Polo Grounds. My Dad once told me that by the time the NL baseball NY Giants left there after the 1957 season for SF that Stadium was a real s**t-hole. Must of been horrible for the Titans/Jets to play there, as it's condition by that time was far worse than Ebbets Field in Brooklyn I had heard. Then again the Raiders had it even worse at their original Grounds before the Coliseum in Oakland was built.
  20. Here's another oldie Jets fans : Kinda interesting that this game programme shows their jerseys in a medium blue when then wore navy with mustard yellow pants ... Was the Week 14 season-finale. BUFFALO 20 NY TITANS 3
  21. Hey J-E-T-S fans, take a look at this very rare color photo from the 1963 season, with the newly renamed Jets (from Titans) and their one-season jet-airplane logo. Pretty damn cool !! NY Jets at Buffalo 07-DEC-1963 War Memorial Stadium . . . E Buffalo, NY BILLS 45 - J-E-T-S 14 Very bizarre when seeing the goal posts on the goal line as it was back in those days. That had to of sucked. This was played Week 14, and oddly both teams met again the following week to close out the regular season, which was to be the Jets final ever home game at the old Polo Grounds in Manhattan, which became Week 15 of the 14-game AFL season. There was no Week 12 in 1963. The AFL called off all the Sunday games after President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas on the Friday before. The NFL didn't suspend their games, and that was later deeply regretted by then NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle.
  22. Not necessarily ... they're kinda confusing the public, many who don't know NFL history from those early years, just as many don't know that college football was way bigger than the newly formed NFL back then. Although the ACME/GB Packers were in existence as early as the 1910's, they didn't join the new league which became the NFL until 1921, it's 2nd season, meaning they aren't a 100-year NFL club member until 2020. They must've been celebrating their 100 year existence as GB rather than their 100 year 'NFL' existence. Which would mean they were formed as the Acme Packers way before 1919, I think? When I went to a game and saw Lambeau Field (Bills at Packers) I went to the GB Packers Hall of Fame, very closeby. They had some really old team apparel in glass casing from the early 20th Century, and I thought the team was formed even earlier than 1919. That leads me to believe they became GB in 1919 and before that they must've been 'ACME'. Will have to ask a Packers fan with some serious acumen of their history.
  23. It seems both the AFL and NFL teams were wearing patches on the left shoulder of their jerseys during that 1969 season. NFL-50 and AFL-10 What I remember most is the scoreboard at the end of that Super Bowl IV game reading "THE SUPER CHIEFS' which I thought was really cool.
  24. I was more or less referring to uniforms, not the patches MJ. Kinda like what they did in 1994 for NFL-75 and in 2009 for AFL-50 Legacy with all those cool throwback uniforms. They also had an NFL-50 left shoulder patch in 1969 which appeared on all the then NFL teams and on the Vikings Super Bowl IV jerseys when the Super-Chiefs beat them, proving that the J-E-T-S win over the then Baltimore Colts in SB-III was no fluke. and technically in 1920 it was named the APFA and wasn't renamed the 'NFL' until 1922. Since I like being pedantic at times, 2019 will not be the 100th of the Chicago Bears, as they were originally the Decatur Staleys. Green Bay and the NY Giants entered the league in 1921. The Staleys moved to Chicago in 1921, year 2, and kept the Staleys nickname until switching to da 'BEARS' in 1923. So . . . It would seem that it makes the Cardinals the most senior NFL chartered club. Regarding those patches you posted, it's amazing that the NFL didn't come up with a better logo for NFL-100 than that. Looks second-rate, but that's just my own opinion. I loved the AFL-50 patch in 2009, now that one was well thought out, but in 1960 Denver's socks weren't, hence the eventual bonfire of them.
  25. Back in the day, virtually all AFL and NFL clubs had yearbooks . . I was looking at their 1960 version the other day, pretty damn cool Rams, these were well thought out. Also, once again this Yearbook shows us the modern day damage the Rams have done by taking the angular look away from the Ram horns on the front of their helmet and made them much too straight. Present day helmet look is 2nd-rate like that. and of course, my beloved Bills had one too. 1965 Yearbook but the photo was taken at the 1964 season / home opener against KC. One can tell by the single red stripe on the helmet. The blue outer stripes were added in 1965. $1 ... such a great deal before the age of greed set in. Also take notice of thte size of the Chiefs logo back then, I liked that size much better and they won Super Bowl III in that one, which they downsized in 1974 when also switching from gray to white face-masks.