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  1. I'll tell ya what, when you've frequented this chat board regularly for 10 years rather than your 10 months, or if you're Chris Creamer or one of his board Administrators I'll be glad to answer your condescending question! In the mean time ............ (I'm sure most posters can finish of that sentence)
  2. Isn't there supposed to be a change to at least their white away uniforms or are they gonna continue a powder blue team at home and white with navy trim on the road? All they have to do is revert back to the 1968 throwbacks that they wore for AFL-50 Legacy in 2009 along with NFL-75 in 1994 and call it a day. Loved those block letters, and then the TV numbers return to the upper jersey sleeves. They ruined them a few years after 2009 when making the current version of the power blues as alternates. They could also bring back the 1966 bright yellow/gold pants to change things up intermittently. Would love to see the numbers return to the sides of the helmets, (and most everyone will hate this) but bring back the gray face-mask too. I think it looks great on a white helmet. Their alternates in 2021 (if they :censored:-can the one helmet shell rule) they should wear the rarely worn royal blue early 80s Air-Coryell throwbacks with the blue helmet, yellow face-mask, yellow numbers and nobs, block numbers and they'd once again have the top uniform in the entire NFL ... at least in many opinions starting with Chris Berman.
  3. In a perfect world those would make for a great throwback but they'd have to move the TV numbers to the shoulders in order to retain the northwestern stripes on the shorter sleeves of this era which go nicely with those socks, great match. but one big problem ... the one-helmet rule. The current matte helmet with the new 2019 shade of purple would not come even remotely close to matching that early 60s purple.
  4. ESPECIALLY if they also wear purple socks.. The Vikings should at least do what the Bills did in Dallas on Thanksgiving Day, wear white socks with the mono-look, but then again they should always have a set of white socks when wearing the purple pants just as they had in their expansion years of the early 60's.
  5. I'm sure I've stated this before, probably on here, but i must reiterate how much I'd like to see the Packers wear their white color-rush pants at home with their green jerseys, and their home green socks. Also somebody was asking the other day who is undergoing a uniform change for 2020, and it seems that most believe that it's only going to be the Rams and Browns. My thoughts, I don't see how the Chargers wouldn't be for change also since they've officially switched back to their AFL powder blue as their primary color which they don't possess for the road jersey. Or else they'd be the AFC version of the Giants, blue at home and red on the road, and I think that's rather doubtful. I'd like to see them go back to the same powder blue (home) and white (away) throwback jerseys with the block numbers that they wore in 2009 for AFL-50 Legacy along with those same AFL pants worn for throwback games in 2009 and 1994, along with bringing back the yellow/gold AFL pants to occasionally wear, and put the numbers back on the helmets. All that, along with the Spanos' selling and then a return to San Diego would be the ultimate. John Hadl (21) and Jack Kemp (15) Taken in September 1966
  6. BIG mistake, and that's two weeks running. Buffalo should have went with the all-white socks in Pittsburgh with the blue pants, just as was done in Dallas on Thanksgiving. Why they went with the solid-white socks look in Foxboro with the white pants i cannot understand, nor who makes these ridiculous decisions. I'm no fan of the monochrome look (white excluded), but the white socks in Dallas on Thanksgiving made it much easier to tolerate. The leotard look these teams are wearing (especially Seahawks, Texans, and Titans) is just plain awful.
  7. Purple pants for the Ravens or not, the Bills have already ruined what could have been a great look in a very big game coming this Sunday. Going all-red CR for a second home game is way over the top and I wouldn't be surprised if Bills Mafia supporters give team management some major backlash for this decision. Very poor move, this is only the biggest December home game for the Bills since the 90s ....
  8. Canada Day falls on 01-JULY every year, so what have you been on about? Anyway, my day has now been ruined!! Buffalo never should have worn these red CR uniforms when Miami came to Orchard Park earlier this season, both teams blew a nice opportunity to have an AFL look for that game now that the Dolphins have both the home and away versions of their 1966 throwbacks. Mono-red CR for 2 of 8 home games? The longtime fans from the AFL and early post-merger days have been protesting the lack of wearing the traditional blue on white at home. Wait until they hear this decision. This isn't gonna take too well with many of the supporters in Bills-mafia, myself included.
  9. Wouldn't mind seeing the Colts wear ONLY their blue color rush pants with the white away jersey, but wear white socks instead of their primary blue ones. They looked great for those few games in the blue pants back in 1995, and the socks were perfect for them. This was also back in the days when teams could have the belt in any color they chose, to bring out the accent in the pants. We don't see that anymore since NIKE took ove in 2012. 17-SEP-1995 COLTS at BILLS Orchard Park, NY (12) Jim Harbaugh
  10. The Bills will be announcing later on this morning to make their choice official, just as they do each Wednesday morning. We'll see if you got this one spot-on Mr Canzman . . . . . . but I'm hoping you've got the Ravens off with the black pants. I wanna see the Bills go up against them with those nice purple pants, and now that they've become a common part of their uniform choices, I'd like to see them get some better socks to go with those purple pants. They once had a white set with stripes which I believe were purple and black striped. Something like that would really bring about a nice contrast and really compliment them. That solid blacks socks just don't work, but for now at least they're not wearing solid colored purple socks with those same colored pants. When the Ravens first moved to Baltimore I wasn't too enthused with their jersey number font, but it's really grown on me. It hasn't become my favorite jersey number font, but it makes it part of their identity. My current favorite jersey font remains the block numbers like Buffalo and other teams wear, and the once I can't get enough of is the jersey font of the Chicago Bears which I believe is the same one that the Houston Oilers wore in their AFL debut season of 1960 and then wore those as throwbacks in 2009 for AFL-50 Legacy. Those are the ones that the Titans SHOULD have chosen for their re-do. Their current ones are amongst the worst, partners with Tampa Bay. C'mon Ravens ... bring those purple pants to Orchard Park for Sunday. You know you want to.
  11. You're a bit off there my friend. First off, the red monochrome color-rush are still in the Buffalo Bills catalogue for 2019, but they debuted in 2015, NOT 2016, in a TNF game against the J-E-T-S at the Meadowlands. That was the very first NFL color-rush game, which they started for Thursday night games in 2015, Buffalo wore them a second time the following season against those same J-E-T-S in Orchard Park, but this time NY wore a specially made all-white color-rush uniform. The change was due to people who were color-blind and they could not distinguish the red versus the green, which is why the NYJ's color-rush was altered to an all-white version for that one. Red up against green is a problem for people who suffer from being color-blind. Secondly, the Bills have worn them for at least one game every season since, like the game in the snowstorm vs the Colts which you posted a photo of, then against the Lions last season, and wore them against the Dolphins at home earlier this season. Gotta remember, Buffalo also has their AFL style throwbacks which the older generation of fans love and clamor for, which is why they have yet to wear their red C-R more than once in a season. The last thing you were questioning, that poster who wrote that I'm quite sure was referring to teams in the AFC South who lack using red as their 'primary' colored jersey, NOT as an alternate or a C-R jersey. Houston's primary jersey IS navy. As far as Tennessee goes, I believe that the late Bud Adams' daughter had a big hand in their redesign, and while those jersey numbers match TB's as the NFL's worst, the overall set has potential but needs quite a bit of tweaks. I’d start with the elimination of those jersey fonts and stop wearing navy socks with the same navy colored pants. The underarm trim color .. I keep asking myself .... why oh why? I loathe their no-purpose double slanted mini stripes on their pants. If they had an optional set of silver pants it could really look good with their navy jerseys considering that they have silver on the shoulders. Overdose of navy if ya ask me, just like Seattle and Houston, who both refuse to use white or red socks with their navy pants. 2016: NYJ at Buffalo 2015: Buffalo at NY Jets
  12. Actually, what New Orleans wore in Atlanta on Thanksgiving night weren't specially designed color-rush uniforms They were more like conversions to match the theme for color-rush, but all in all they were tweaked throwbacks. They were really replicas from their 1967 expansion season, the away uniform, with the exception of the socks being swapped to solid white instead of the old black & gold stripes on white, and the facemask remained black rather than gray ones that were worn in 1967. All in all they turned their throwbacks into the color-rush theme. Take a look at the jersey striping, as it matches their 1967 white away jersey. Five sleeve stripes, black-gold-black-gold-black, identical to their white away jerseys from their maiden season.
  13. YES they most certainly did. Detroit should have been in their throwbacks, and da BEARS in their 1934 super-stripes. Would have looked superb!
  14. Hey .. the Saints finally have white pants that have stripes, I'll be damned. Haven't seen their socks yet, but even if solid white, it's at least a start. Congrats New Orleans! They look really great tonite in all-white. Oh and another thing:
  15. The Bills haven't had white striped socks since the first half of the 2011 season, only the ones that are blue on top. I'll take these solid white with the blue pants all day if it means not wearing those blue-striped socks with the blue pants.