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  1. NO thank-you!! IF the top of those socks were white rather than royal blue then yes, I’d agree with you, but they’re NOT and have no business of ever being worn with the blue pants. Most are not fans of the leotard look, which that has due to the socks having blue at the top and extending the pants color.
  2. I’m with you on that one. Hoping to see the BILLS in their blue pants but with the solid white socks as was worn in both Foxboro and in Las Vegas this season, since we don’t have white socks with the sleeve striping in the centre, which would be ideal. The solid royal blue socks or the blue striped socks have no business ever being worn with the blue pants. This is how we ought to dress at Arrowhead on Sunday for the AFC Championship game:
  3. Well that I fully agree with you on. They looked so much better with the white socks that were worn with the blue pants in Dallas on Thanksgiving 2019, and in this 2020 season when playing the Raiders in Las Vegas. As I stated prior, those blue striped socks should ALWAYS be worn when wearing the white pants, unless they’re wearing the faux 1965 AFL all-whites, as those blue socks had a different design pattern back in the mid 60s during our back-to-back AFL Titles. If they wear solid royal blue socks this Saturday against the COLTS rather than the blue striped ones it’s utter nonsense, just as the red mono color rush uni’s are. Sorry for the misunderstanding ....
  4. Sorry, but you don’t know what you’re talking about pertaining to this. The BILLS do not have white socks with striping (although we should). The Blue striped socks should only be worn with the white pants, and that’s it. Solid white socks should be we worn with the blue pants, until Buffalo is able to get white socks with the sleeve striping on the centre of those solid white socks. You’re one fo the very few that seems to like that leotard look, Since the BILLS do not currently have white striped socks for the blue pants then the next best thing is to wear the solid colored white ones like were worn at the Raiders game in Las Vegas, and last season in Dallas on Thanksgiving Day, both games that Buffalo won with the blue pants and white socks..
  5. Ahhh ... no we haven’t Technically it’s kind of a Yes and No ... I detect that s3ahawkz meant with the current KC and GB kits because at Super Bowl I for the 1966 season the Chiefs had white pants only as the ‘away’ team. So it was white on white with their red striped socks. Their red pants didn’t debut until 1968. I believe that’s what he was referring to, wanting to see that Super Bowl I look, but with KC in their white jerseys, red pants, and white striped socks.. I always liked the Chiefs AFL look with the larger helmet decal which was downsized in 1974, except for the jagged edges when they tweaked it. The larger logo on the helmet looked great but the white facemask was a sheer improvement over the gray ... at least for them. Love the gray mask on the BILLS uni’s ....
  6. The Bucs didn't exist until 1976, nor did several other current NFL franchises around in 1960. Between your mixing up of the upper and lower case fonts and your spelling it's like reading something posted from a 3rd or 4th grader ... and it's very annoying to try and read. Indeed Buffalo will be, it's just too bad the Chargers aren''t weaing their powder blues which they've never worn in Buffalo in the 61 year history of this rivalry. I have no idea what the Chargers think is so appealing about those alternate navy blue mono uniforms of theirs. I wish the BILLS would wear the AFL throwbacks more than just once each season. They should wear them for a road game against an original AFL opponent who doesn't wear white jerseys for a home game. Could have worn them against the Raiders in Las Vegas. The Chargers should have made the early 80s 'Air-Coryell' royal blue w/ bright yellow pants their alternates. Another boneheaded 'MOVE' by the Spanos family.
  7. Not until the 2024 season, if they so choose. Why they didn't put a jet plane on their helmet decal instead of a stupid football was senseless. Are they the NY 'JETS' or the NY 'Footballs'? I like the gotham green tho' ... and the NFL has more than enough black uniforms, whether they're primary or alternate.
  8. I agree, but only if the pants are in color. This thing with wearing the same color socks as the pants is just plain awful. There's no contrast and that damn leotard look makes a joke of the look. Da Bears have done it in the way you like ever since they introduced their dark navy road pants in the mid 80s, and Washington have gotten it right when wearing their burgundy pants for as long as I remember. I noticed that that NY Jets finally at least dressed better by wearing contrasting white socks with their gotham green pants whereas NE ruined their look by now wearing the same color socks as those navy pants. I surer hope they're not planning on wearing those same navy pants for all 16 games. They really need silver pants, and fast.!!
  9. The Raiders would be among the vey LAST teams I'd ever like to see KC wear all-white against. I've been watching that rivalry since I was a boy in the latter years of the AFL and when KC started wearing red pants in the very late 60s and playing the Raiders up in Oakland it was among the finest looking matchups around. KC in all-white for a game would fine, just not against one of the other 9 AFL clubs. It looks best when their opponent is wearing the mono look at home, like the Rams at the Coliseum when LA was in mono yellow after they canceled the Mexico City venue for the poor surface conditions. It's best to do for a road game when the home team chooses to go mono in color. I also liked the Chiefs look far better before they downsized the logo and went to the white facemask in 1974. They'd have a Native American female mascot riding a painted dhorse on their sidelines at the old Municipal Stadium before Arrowhead opened in '74. I'd also love it if the Raiders would go back to wearing their white color-rush jerseys with silver numbers like they last did in 1970 and now only wear them one game a season. .. It's a great look for them, as is their 1963 helmet decal. They should wear it when they donn those white color rush jerseys.
  10. If the Browns do wear the white pants with the brown jerseys I just hope they do it right by not wearing solid white socks like some teams started doing last season. If they don't change up and always wear the orange pants with the brown jerseys it's gonna devalue the nice look of it. Gotta change up from time to time. For awhile in Week 1 Clevelands uni's looked so good and the socks were perfect for contrast. Only thing missing was Brian Sipe playing QB. The Chargers in white on white kina is too much white, but in 2009 when they wore all-white at KC for AFL-50 Legacy they looked outstanding. Why?? I felt it was because of the solid black cleats w/ the black TV numbers on the helmets... Also, I wish the Chargers had kept the TV numbers on the helmet black, just like they were back in the AFL years. Not the best choice in using powder blue, and it's sure not too visible. I'll get hell for saying this, but I like the facemasks better when they were gray, especially when wearing all-white. When the SD Chargers introduced the powder blues in 1966 along with the bright yellow pants it looked mighty fine, but after they dumped the powder blues in the mid-70's they had never had powder blue pants in their history with this uniform set of 2020. I'm not sure if that would look good, but I'd be open to seeing the concept image of it.. Look at how much better the black cleats and black TV numbers look to bring out the full accent of their awsome AFL uniform look. On another note, while glad they fixed the placement of the bolts on the jerseys I really wish they had gone back to the block numbers, just like we saw on the 1968 throwbacks they wore for NFL-75 in 1994 or in 2009 for those AFL Legacy games. and finally ...... ATL, those mono black uni's had nothing to do with gagging yet another game. The blame strickly goes to the uneducated special-teams players on ATL who were standing around picking their nose waiting for the ball to go 10 yards when all they had to do was dive on the ball and it's game over and they'd leave Dallas with a 'W' in the standings. A certain special teams coach did not do his job coaching his players on what to do before that onside kick occured. Funny, it brought back a very bad memory of mine from a certain 1999 season wildcard playoff game played in Nashville. Special teams players should have been fiiercely instructed by the ST-Coach to STAY IN THEIR DAMN LANES and there never would have been that ridiculous Music City Miracle ... The NFL badly needs to go back to the sock rule they long had up until last season.
  11. Thank-you !! I was beginning to think I was the only one to see it that way. To me it was like an overdose of yellow. The TV numbers on helmets should be black, the facemask gray (I'm sure many will disagree on that one), and why they changed to that number font instead of going back to the traditional block numbers that were on the AFL throwbacks that they wore in 2009 for AFL-50 Legacy, I have no idea. Had they done all that then the yellow pants would have stood out so much more. Still an improvement from the 2010-2019 look when wearing powder blue. I'm glad that they at least moved the positioning of the lightning bolt on the jerseys back to where it was in the days of the AFL ...
  12. You're seriously gonna compare the amount of sunlight that got into the old Houston Astrodome which opened in 1965 to the new SoFi Stadium with all the sunlight that goes thru that open air see-thru canopy? Dude, you must be havin' a laff ...
  13. In the 61 year history of the Chargers vs Bills rivalry, the Chargers have NEVER worn their power blues in Buffalo. Buffalo in the all-white faux AFL throwbacks and Chargers in their powder blues would have looked like a 1966 or 1968 game of Buffalo at San Diego. Whoever in the Chargers organization made that decision must not have any knowledge of the AFL. Totally blown call and should be under review as they can still change it since the Bills are wearing white jerseys for that game.
  14. Sorry, but you're reaching with that response. It's not a dome, it's a transparent canopy, and the both the sun and air gets in there. No way the grass dies, can't see it ... Can't compare it to the old Astrodome as no sun or air from outdoors got in there. That was totally different, and I wonder how they didn't see that coming upon constructing it in the mid 60s.
  15. You sir are correct, I did not take that into consideration. However, both the Rams and Chargers could easily groundshare play on a natural grass surface here in Souther California without it being on wheels. The Rams have been ground-sharing with the USC Trojans at the LA Coliseum for the last 4 seasons, and the ground crew was getting some deep praise for their great maintenance work. The Steelers have natural grass and groundshare with the PITT Panthers at various times, and they get their share of stormy wet weather. Some high shool teams plays there on Friday nights occasionally too. Ths sun gets thru the glass at SoFI ...... this is LA, they should not be on artificial field turf. I liken it to be like an act of crime. Even the LA Galaxy groundshared with the Chargers for the last 3 seasons .... Get the nice quality grass the Packers use. We're talking LA here .....