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  1. The Bucs didn't exist until 1976, nor did several other current NFL franchises around in 1960. Between your mixing up of the upper and lower case fonts and your spelling it's like reading something posted from a 3rd or 4th grader ... and it's very annoying to try and read. Indeed Buffalo will be, it's just too bad the Chargers aren''t weaing their powder blues which they've never worn in Buffalo in the 61 year history of this rivalry. I have no idea what the Chargers think is so appealing about those alternate navy blue mono uniforms of theirs. I wish the BILLS would wear the AFL throwbacks more than just once each season. They should wear them for a road game against an original AFL opponent who doesn't wear white jerseys for a home game. Could have worn them against the Raiders in Las Vegas. The Chargers should have made the early 80s 'Air-Coryell' royal blue w/ bright yellow pants their alternates. Another boneheaded 'MOVE' by the Spanos family.
  2. Hi, I sent you an email thru here regarding the Buffalo Bills, did you get it?


  3. Be very quiet about this, but the word-mark has been changed, but it's ever so slight.

  4. I just wanted to take a moment to thank-you for yesterday. Not cuz of agreeing with me, but for reading the posts and realizing I was right and rather than keeping quiet not to make any waves, u came to my defense. Those other guys were purposely kissing Chris' ass. I appreciate his work but in the past he never would accept anything until it became official. I have standup respect 4 what u...