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  1. Well that make total sense, and I can easily live with that. When I heard the news I was mostly only happy for teams like the Cowboys, Eagles, Titans/Oilers, Falcons, Bucs, Seahawks, Patriots, and now BILLS-mafia who have been long clamoring for the red helmets can get their wish. I like Dallas’ alot from their expansion years and the Falcons red helmets and original logo with the black jerseys. Now we can finally see the Eagles in those Kelly Greens, it’s about time.
  2. I love it, that looks awesome!! I’ve got all the Fresh Prince episodes on HBO MAX, and I’m pretty sure it was from either season 1 or 2 out of the 6 seasons.
  3. I was watching an episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air the other day and Will Smith was wearing a kelly green Philly throwback from the Randall Cunningham era that had the big ‘eagle’ logo on the jersey sleeves and it looked so damn good. (I had forgotten how nice those were) that all I could think of is WHY OH WHY do they continue to wear that downgraded midnight green set when they could be wearing those same kelly green kits with that same jersey and the silver pants. That would be one of the finest primary sets in the NFL, but instead they choose those outdated ones from the late 90’s which is livable but nowhere close to the kelly green. Then .... when they wear their alternate black-mono set they look horrible, and the midnight green collar doesn’t help... BLAHHHHH !! I can live with AZ in black once or twice a season as long as they’re wearing white pants. Now that Cincinnati has done their re-do I would have to think that the Cardinals are at the very top of the line for an upgrade. I liked their prior set but with the red pants on the road. Finally, I wish these teams would stop wearing the same color socks as their pants. Baltimore .... love the purple pants but get some white striped socks FGS. The black ones have no contrast to the purple pants. This black NFL uniform fad (NYJ, PHL) is way past it’s sell-by-date. Excluding the RAIDERS, CIN, ATL (w/out the blk pants), and PIT, because black has long been their primaries, not alternates. That’s my opinion. *** when watching on TV the kelly green was much brighter than the photo below
  4. I’ve come to see it during these changing times of uni’s in the NFL that a team should always wear contrasting pants of their opponent. Like say if virtually any club plays on the road at Seattle with that navy blue OVERKILL mono look of theirs, then the opposing team should wear light colored pants. If the Vikings play at GB or Chicago then it’s fine to wear their purple pants but ....... Minnesota badly needs a set of white striped socks to go with those purple pants IMO. The Super Bowl with Steelers vs Packers with both in bright yellow pants was an eyesore to me. Just once I’d like to see GB wear their color-rush white pants at home with their green jerseys, but ...... with their green socks.
  5. I’m sure the Bills will have different masks and revert to the gray ones when wearing the AFL faux throwbacks.
  6. I believe it’s probably safe to say that people who frequent this chat forum and for a long period of time appreciate the work and time you spend to post these each and every season on a weekly basis. I know that I sure do. I for one will be looking forward to seeing your postings each and every week again this upcoming season. So thanks alot Mr Canzman, on behalf of myself and #BillsMafia, especially us charter members from the AFL years.
  7. NO .... the BILLS seriously do not. Been there, done that. With the white helmets we had the blue facemask from 1977-1983 before changing to the red helmets. The blue facemask looked good with the white jerseys, but not good when wearing the blue jerseys. It was overkill. I’d just assume stick with the gray masks ... but my main issue are those stupid mono-red color-rush uniforms, I hate them!! Also, the 1965 faux throwbacks should be worn more than just once per season. I’d like to see the return of home throwback, and then have both versions of the AFL look, just like Miami has.
  8. NO thank-you!! IF the top of those socks were white rather than royal blue then yes, I’d agree with you, but they’re NOT and have no business of ever being worn with the blue pants. Most are not fans of the leotard look, which that has due to the socks having blue at the top and extending the pants color.
  9. I’m with you on that one. Hoping to see the BILLS in their blue pants but with the solid white socks as was worn in both Foxboro and in Las Vegas this season, since we don’t have white socks with the sleeve striping in the centre, which would be ideal. The solid royal blue socks or the blue striped socks have no business ever being worn with the blue pants. This is how we ought to dress at Arrowhead on Sunday for the AFC Championship game:
  10. Well that I fully agree with you on. They looked so much better with the white socks that were worn with the blue pants in Dallas on Thanksgiving 2019, and in this 2020 season when playing the Raiders in Las Vegas. As I stated prior, those blue striped socks should ALWAYS be worn when wearing the white pants, unless they’re wearing the faux 1965 AFL all-whites, as those blue socks had a different design pattern back in the mid 60s during our back-to-back AFL Titles. If they wear solid royal blue socks this Saturday against the COLTS rather than the blue striped ones it’s utter nonsense, just as the red mono color rush uni’s are. Sorry for the misunderstanding ....
  11. Sorry, but you don’t know what you’re talking about pertaining to this. The BILLS do not have white socks with striping (although we should). The Blue striped socks should only be worn with the white pants, and that’s it. Solid white socks should be we worn with the blue pants, until Buffalo is able to get white socks with the sleeve striping on the centre of those solid white socks. You’re one fo the very few that seems to like that leotard look, Since the BILLS do not currently have white striped socks for the blue pants then the next best thing is to wear the solid colored white ones like were worn at the Raiders game in Las Vegas, and last season in Dallas on Thanksgiving Day, both games that Buffalo won with the blue pants and white socks..
  12. Ahhh ... no we haven’t Technically it’s kind of a Yes and No ... I detect that s3ahawkz meant with the current KC and GB kits because at Super Bowl I for the 1966 season the Chiefs had white pants only as the ‘away’ team. So it was white on white with their red striped socks. Their red pants didn’t debut until 1968. I believe that’s what he was referring to, wanting to see that Super Bowl I look, but with KC in their white jerseys, red pants, and white striped socks.. I always liked the Chiefs AFL look with the larger helmet decal which was downsized in 1974, except for the jagged edges when they tweaked it. The larger logo on the helmet looked great but the white facemask was a sheer improvement over the gray ... at least for them. Love the gray mask on the BILLS uni’s ....
  13. The Bucs didn't exist until 1976, nor did several other current NFL franchises around in 1960. Between your mixing up of the upper and lower case fonts and your spelling it's like reading something posted from a 3rd or 4th grader ... and it's very annoying to try and read. Indeed Buffalo will be, it's just too bad the Chargers aren''t weaing their powder blues which they've never worn in Buffalo in the 61 year history of this rivalry. I have no idea what the Chargers think is so appealing about those alternate navy blue mono uniforms of theirs. I wish the BILLS would wear the AFL throwbacks more than just once each season. They should wear them for a road game against an original AFL opponent who doesn't wear white jerseys for a home game. Could have worn them against the Raiders in Las Vegas. The Chargers should have made the early 80s 'Air-Coryell' royal blue w/ bright yellow pants their alternates. Another boneheaded 'MOVE' by the Spanos family.
  14. Not until the 2024 season, if they so choose. Why they didn't put a jet plane on their helmet decal instead of a stupid football was senseless. Are they the NY 'JETS' or the NY 'Footballs'? I like the gotham green tho' ... and the NFL has more than enough black uniforms, whether they're primary or alternate.
  15. I agree, but only if the pants are in color. This thing with wearing the same color socks as the pants is just plain awful. There's no contrast and that damn leotard look makes a joke of the look. Da Bears have done it in the way you like ever since they introduced their dark navy road pants in the mid 80s, and Washington have gotten it right when wearing their burgundy pants for as long as I remember. I noticed that that NY Jets finally at least dressed better by wearing contrasting white socks with their gotham green pants whereas NE ruined their look by now wearing the same color socks as those navy pants. I surer hope they're not planning on wearing those same navy pants for all 16 games. They really need silver pants, and fast.!!
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