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  1. Yeah, I think some of the confusion is because a lot of you guys weren't here for a lot of Teal's antics. When he first joined basically his only contribution was constant, and I mean literally multiple times per day, posts requesting if people had information or leaks. People naturally got annoyed with him, and there's been tension since. The way he talked and dangled information as he did in recent months has always felt to me like revenge for some perception that people were purposely withholding information from him previously.
  2. I’ve always hated that the Premier League pulled that crap. I completely get why Chris wouldn’t want to go to court against a billion dollar entity, but they completely lacked grounds to do this. The mothership is about as perfect example of fair use as it gets.
  3. I mean, I’ve definitely seen other people on this site use that term, pretty much ever since I joined. Whether or not the term annoys you, it’s pretty hard to argue that it isn’t an efficient term, certainly easier than saying color-white-color or even triple stripe, which can easily be associated with three separate stripes a la Adidas or the 49ers.
  4. This strengthens the argument that the stripe pattern needs to be Color-White-Color on a color background lighter than the color stripes to be truly considered a Brashier stripe. Plenty of teams went with some one or more of dark-laight-dark, light-dark-light, or color-background-color before the Packers. But nobody used that specific pattern/color combo until the Packers wore it; his true innovation was that center white stripe as ornamentation
  5. Is it targeting if you're on the same team?
  6. This exactly. The terms “generic” and “Madden Create-a-team” are basically translation for “I don’t like the new logo and don’t want to take the three seconds it takes to put why I don’t like it into words.” For instance, I like the new one better because each of the letters is legible, the font is unique as opposed to standard block, I’m not a big fan of double outlines as used, and I like how the star and the letter A interact. It’s actually pretty easy
  7. I got you. This should be the falcons jersey (with a logo somewhere in between the current and old). Make the road white with red letters, and we’ve got perfection (I’d be okay with red or black pants instead of white).
  8. How is that logo any more generic than the logo they retained? At least with that new one the letters are legible.
  9. I have to imagine they'll be in orange pants. As far as I can remember, they've worn orange pants for every playoff game in the past 4 years. Honestly, it's one of the few instances of monochrome I actually like, so I kinda hope they keep the trend going.
  10. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh, that's not how the legal analysis works for that...
  11. Oh, no doubt. The Nike relationship is absolutely vital to their success. I know a few people in recruiting at different schools in different sports, and they all say one of the most important, if not the most important advantage a school can have is facilities. A lot of Clemson’s dominance and Penn State’s resurgence has been assisted by a major focus on developing world class facilities in the past few years. It’s obviously not the only factor, but infinitely more important than what the uniforms look like.
  12. I’ve never bought the claim that they had a recruiting advantage due to uniforms. I’d imagine it had a lot more to do with having the next big upcoming coach (at the time), great recruiters, an offense that made above average players look like damn gods, recent Heisman finalists/winners, a great location, great stadium atmosphere, as well as jerseys they thought were cool. Ultimately, that teams that have out-recruited them then and now are teams with traditional uniforms (Sure, a bunch of them wear alternates, but plenty did before the Oregon phenomenon took over). If anything this has all just resulted in a bunch of mid to lower tier schools continuing to be mediocre to bad while also looking like a bunch of jackasses because they don’t have what it takes to actually compete in recruiting.
  13. dark vs. white helmet , helmet number vs. no helmet numbers, pants stripes vs. no pants stripes, team logos on the jersey, names on backs vs. no names on back. Really the only thing they have in common are a block number font and no sleeve stripes. The "Penn State vs. Bama" argument is a straw man. Oregon could easily go with something that isn't constant gimmicky changes while also going with something that isn't Penn State/Bama level classic. Just look at Northwestern. They added a northwestern stripe across the chest in a manner that is pretty out there while also hearkening back to classic football looks AND you'd never mistake them for anyone else. It can absolutely be done.
  14. If there's one thing that being a Bruins fan has taught me, it's that there is never a price so high that sports fans won't pay it.
  15. My issue is that logo above was clearly designed only with a navy blue background in mind, which looks very good. I think the white background with the light blue outline is extremely jarring and the effect he's going for disappears.
  16. Woo Sox it is. Officially Worcester Red Sox with a logo that's an old Walmart smile logo swinging a bat wearing red socks.
  17. Thanks everyone for the comments and likes! I'm honestly a bit surprised at just how positive the reaction has been! Got a few updates below based on suggestions. I actually always intended to have the club name on the crest, but due to an accidental purging of my fonts, I wasn't able to find a font I felt worked for a bit, then got impatient and just posted it. Luckily, while repopulating my fontbook I found several that worked well. I certainly agree, it looks more complete with the team name on there. That was actually the first thing I thought too when I was designing it originally, but then I got distracted by the whole grid thing that Buc mentioned, and here we are. One of the two updates features a version with your suggestion that I think looks pretty solid and would probably be a better option if this were used in real life. Tell me about it. I'm still amazed at the number of designers who I thought were professionals back when I joined who, I found out over time, aren't. And I think the industry is MUCH worse off for it. Alright, update time. Two sets, four versions overall. Designs on the left feature the original logo with the team name, designs on the right feature updates based on your suggestions. The name is white on the top two and in grey on bottom, similar to the original crest.
  18. I'll never understand what was going on with that Galaxy alternate logo. It looks like something Brandiose would come up with for a team named the Ring Worms.
  19. I agree with sentiment exactly. This obsession nowadays that some people have with being entirely distinctive in every single facet of a logo is how we get abominations like the Rocket City Trash Pandas' raccoon/trashcan/rocket/calculator/letter R logo
  20. I for one am excited for Indiana Jones and the Legend of THE Lost Yankees Hat.
  21. The Yankees AND Michigan being eliminated from Championship contention in the same 24 hours? What a great day for sports!