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  1. Depends on the team. The cowboys don't, and several of the southern teams wear white at home early in the season due to heat.
  2. Didn't see this until now, thanks a bunch for the tips! It's funny, I actually learned most of my design skills by tracing logos, but for whatever reason I never thought of doing that with fonts and lettering. I also tried out VectorScribe, and it is absolutely fantastic! It's definitely made designing more efficient, and helped with a few of my weaknesses. Thanks again for the advice, I appreciate it a lot!
  3. How is it ignorant or a lack of football knowledge to examine past evidence based on literally every other league and see that this structure they try over and over and over and over won't work? Literally every single alternative football league does the exact same thing and it fails every time. There are hurdles they can never overcome. 1) The talent isn't there and never will be. The AFL pulled it off because they had money and there were only 12 teams in the NFL in 1960; the talent pool still had plenty of options for elite talent. The USFL sort of pulled it off for the same reasons, but even they had to sue in an attempt to stay afloat. These alternative leagues are worse than college football because it's filled with college level talent and literally none of the dynamic NFL caliber players that are exciting to watch on Saturdays. At best you're getting a single player who makes the jump and succeeds, but the rest of the XFL players will be guys who would be lucky to be depth talent in the pros. Combine this with the fact that any college football weekend there are 4+ games on at any time, and you can find an interesting game to watch (This is likely a big reason why people like college football more than the NFL). With the XFL you'll have 4 games in one day, and maybe you'll get to see 1 or 2. And you're stuck with it no matter how bad the game is. 2) These alternative leagues have zero historical significance to rely upon. Again, overall NCAA talent is worse and more diluted, but people love it because they have emotional ties that can last generations. Millions of people attend colleges and universities, and have family who attended them (This is the second reason I think why a lot of us prefer college football better than the NFL). College football digs into that sense of being the way that pro sports did during their formative years. The Seattle Dragons, a team created a month ago owned by an unlikable multi-millionaire will create no interest or bond for a vast majority of people. 3) Leagues nowadays have insane upkeep costs. The financial structure just isn't there to allow them to survive. The AAF had hundreds of millions invested and it collapsed within two months. Every single year makes it even more difficult to meet these financial burdens. Especially when an entire league has less funding than a single NFL or top college team. Quite frankly, it's ignorant and lacks football knowledge to put one's faith in any of these leagues surviving beyond one season. It still blows my mind the UFL made it four seasons before folding.
  4. Please, for the love of god. Can someone post anything about any other team? Just one. Doesn't even have to be current or relevant.
  5. Nike likes to save that sort of thing for college.
  6. MLB the Show has reached a point where its aesthetic issues are just unacceptable laziness. Not a uniform issue (I've already talked about those pretty extensively), but I was playing as the Astros in franchise. In a game against the Yankees, the announcers talked about how this was a potential World Series preview. That means they're using audio clips from 2013 at the most recent.
  7. It's over... It's finally over... He's gone... Jeremy Jacobs is no longer the owner of the Boston Bruins!!! WE'RE FINALLY RID OF HIM!!! Aaaaaand the team is now owned by his six children. Good thing the children of former owners NEVER fail. Good thing having a bunch of owners NEVER leads to destructive power struggles.
  8. ". . . The logo uses a traditional woollen shawl with “swooping curves” meant to represent desert dunes in the shape of the FIFA World Cup Trophy, an infinity symbol, and the number eight." Oh off, FIFA
  9. We here at the CCSLC like to refer to it as “the concepts section”
  10. I think the worst part is that it just looks like a worse version of that old Blackhawks concept that was everywhere during the late 2000s
  11. I don't think they were trying to go bland, I think they were trying to stay as close as possible to the previous name. Hawks already has a known link to Native American iconography in hockey with the Blackhawks. It seems to me like this was meant to hint at that connection while not being in violation of NCAA rules.
  12. If I were in charge anyone who referred to a logo as “clip-art” or a “Madden create-a-Team logo” would be immediately banned for life. On topic, both the Fighting Sioux logo and his new Hawks logo are awful.
  13. The social scientist in me wants to scream right now.
  14. Yeah, these are original XFL uniforms. 1. New York/New Jersey Hitmen 2. Las Vegas Outlaws (Probably) 3. Stock Photo 4. Chicago Enforcers 5. No clue 6 & 7. San Francisco Demons 8 & 9. LA Extreme 10. Las Vegas (Probably) 11-13. Stock Images
  15. Besides Bois, the main SBNation page is all paint by numbers BS. I'd be willing to bet I can also nail the "Why Madden 21 is the BEST Madden Yet!" article that EA pays them to write. I mean, twitter also has notoriously bad taste. They LOOOOOOOOOOOVED the Browns uniforms when they were unveiled. The names aren't phenomenal, but we live in a culture of performative overreaction, so of course twitter was going to either say these were the greatest things ever or the worst.
  16. I now present my work of speculative fiction “SBNation/Bleacher Report’s upcoming/released within the past 20 minutes, unresearched, unclever, and overreactive article about the XFL Team Names,” Vince McMahon’s newly minted XFL released their new logos today to massive fanfare and WOOOOOOOOOOF are they bad! They’re almost as bad as the time Randy Orton was RKO’d by the Rock’s signature Tombstone SUPLEX (Hyperlink to SBNation article)! Below we rank the names and logos of the teams and what we think they should be! THE GOOD 1. Tampa Bay Vipers — This name is great because Florida is hot and has swamps. Snakes like in hot swamps. It also works because Tampa Bay is close to Miami and rich people drive Dodge Vipers! The logo is a V and looks like a car logo, which means it’s SLEEK AND COOL. However, they could’ve made it even better by making the logo this photo LeBron James and Dwayne Wade one time in front of a Dodge Viper! [wade-james -viper.png] 2. Dallas Renegades — This is a cool name for a team that will be competing directly with the Dallas Cowboys! They should have a pretty good shot now the the Cowboys’ best players are holding out for more money (Hyperlink to article about Zeke and Dak)! The logo is perfect for a team trying to be Dallas’s BAD BOY team and perfect for a league run by Vince McMahon! THE BAD 3. Seattle Dragons — Dragons don’t exist you DUMMIES! If they were going to name their team after a mythical creature, they should have named the team the BEASTS after Marshawn Lynch who LITERALLY caused an earthquake in 2011! (Hyperlink to article “Why Didn’t They Give The Ball To Marshawn???”). The Dragon logo is SOOOOOOO generic! We’d replace it with this image of Bruce Lee from “Enter the Dragon” a CLASSIC movie! 4. Los Angeles Wildcats — YAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWN! What is this, HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL?? (Heh heh, nailed em). This is a league run by VINCE MCMAHON, The man who runs the FLAMBOYANT WWE in LOS ANGELES, a city with TONS OF CULTURE!! Why not name your team after a city icon, like the Los Angeles Black Mambas? Kobe is a TRUE sports legend (Hyperlink to “We’re Gonna pretend Kobe Didn’t Miss 75 Undefended Threes in His Final Game”) and DESERVES a team named after him! Of course, the name wildcats was used in that early 2000s HBO show that I’m too lazy to look up about football players who commit violence, do drugs, and have plenty of sex! That sounds like the attitude of a team in a league run by WWE’s Vince McMahon! 5. Houston Roughnecks — What the heck is a roughneck? If you ask ME, it sounds too much like Redneck! Believe me, I was roommates in college with a guy who went to vacation in Houston one time, and they do NOT like being called rednecks. If they wanted a really great team name and logo, they should’ve just called themselves the Oilers, but I’m sure the NFL would have been a bunch of no-funs and tried to stop them (Hyperlink to “Roger Goodell is Mean and Stupid for Rightfully Protecting NFL Trademark”). 6. New York Guardians — All anybody is going to think when they watch the Guardians play is “WHERE’S STARLORD? DRAX WOULD’VE CAUGHT THAT BALL! (Insert six more Disney references)” LOL. What exactly is the team guarding? All that bad traffic in Manhattan that makes me late to work??? If you’re gonna name your team after a Disney film, there are better logos than the Lion King! We personally like THIS: [Dancing-Baby-Groot.gif] 7. DC Defenders — BUT WHAT ABOUT THE OFFENSIVE PLAYERS? ARE THEY GONNA HAVE THEIR LINEBACKER PLAY QB TOO????? The Defenders name and logo are lazy, if they wanted to be super unique, they would’ve have brought back the Washington Federals name and logos! THE LOOOOOOOOOOL. St. Louis Battlehawks — This is easily the worst and my favorite team name in the XFL. It sounds so extreme and dated, I expect it has an 80’s toy line cartoon show and toy line with it! The name is also the name of the football team in the CLASSIC Key and Peele football sketch. TWO PUMPS (Embedded YouTube video that won’t work unless you view it on YouTube itself) The logo is dumb and boring, it should be a giant falcon wearing armor and holding a sword! [drawing-by-a-five-year-old.png]
  17. Saying a logo looks like a Madden create-a-Team logo is as generic and creative as a Madden create-a-Team logo
  18. Nailed it the first time. That guy has no idea what he was talking about. No mea culpa for you, sir!
  19. I’d love to run a scientific study on why this site gets astronomically dumber in the hours leading up to a logo/jersey unveil.
  20. To be fair, we have no idea what this guy's taste in names is. You can find thousands of tweets talking about how great uniforms and logos supposedly suck. Same principle could apply here. That being said, I'm perfectly willing to give a mea culpa to this guy when he's 100% correct
  21. I've decided to add a points system beyond 1 per color because of some intricacies. 1 point for prominent use on primary uniforms (white is counted for one color teams, .75 for silver at Penn State (commonly used in several sports, but not an actual school color), .5 used prominently in an alternate, .25 used noticeably enough, but not overly prominent or relevant (Penn State's black and pink, and Liverpool's use of yellow accents). Navy Blue -- 3 (Penn State, Patriots, Red Sox) -- 22.222% Red -- 3 (Red Sox, Patriots, Liverpool) -- 22.222% Silver/Grey -- 2.25 (Patriots, Penn State, Celtics) -- 16.667% White -- 2 (Celtics, Penn State) -- 14.814% Black -- 1.75 (Bruins, Celtics, Penn State) -- 12.97% Yellow -- 1.25 (Bruins, Liverpool) -- 9.26% Pink -- .25 (Penn State) -- 1.85%
  22. Is it though? Gargoyles always seems to be one of the most popular recommended names for New York teams whenever there's a thread about nicknames that go well with cities.
  23. Don’t worry, you’re not missing out on anything.
  24. I could’ve sworn it was, but it doesn’t appear on Phoenix’s website. I’d assume that it would have been removed after the redesign, but they still have a ton of schools on there who have gotten redesigns in the interim, so I’m guessing they didn’t design it.
  25. That isn’t true. Ottawa petitioned to be considered a continuation of the original Senators and the league denied it. The Senators hanging a banner for the original’s championships and wearing jerseys inspired by the original isn’t the same as the league giving them the rights to the history. The Senators situation is amazingly more akin in this case to the Nets hanging a Biggie banner and wearing Coogi inspired jerseys than the Jets situation.