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  1. Dallas vs. Minnesota Kansas City vs. Atlanta Detroit vs. New Orleans Los Angeles vs. New England Denver vs. Jacksonville Houston vs. Green Bay Philadelphia vs. Cincinnati Miami vs. Baltimore San Francisco vs. Chicago Buffalo vs. Oakland Tampa Bay vs. San Diego NY Giants vs. Pittsburgh Washington vs. Arizona Carolina vs. Seattle Indianapolis vs. NY Jets
  2. Update: let's go ahead and put me squarely in the Man City camp. I tried giving everyone a good look this season, but City has been the one team I've most looked forward to watching each week.
  3. Minnesota vs. Detroit Washington vs. Dallas Pittsburgh vs. Indianapolis Tennessee vs. Chicago Jacksonville vs. Buffalo Cincinnati vs. Baltimore Arizona vs. Atlanta NY Giants vs. Cleveland Los Angeles vs. New Orleans San Francisco vs. Miami San Diego vs. Houston Seattle vs. Tampa Bay Carolina vs. Oakland New England vs. NY Jets Kansas City vs. Denver Green Bay vs. Philadelphia
  4. Woo! Let's see if I can keep this train rolling.... New Orleans vs. Carolina Tampa Bay vs. Kansas City Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland Baltimore vs. Dallas Jacksonville vs. Detroit Tennessee vs. Indianapolis Buffalo vs. Cincinnati Chicago vs. NY Giants Arizona vs. Minnesota Miami vs. Los Angeles New England vs. San Francisco Philadelphia vs. Seattle Green Bay vs. Washington Houston vs. Oakland
  5. Cleveland vs. Baltimore Green Bay vs. Tennessee Minnesota vs. Washington Chicago vs. Tampa Bay Kansas City vs. Carolina Atlanta vs. Philadelphia Los Angeles vs. NY Jets Denver vs. New Orleans Houston vs. Jacksonville Miami vs. San Diego Dallas vs. Pittsburgh San Francisco vs. Arizona Seattle vs. New England Cincinnati vs. NY Giants
  6. London has 5 in the Premier League. Let NY and LA stockpile as many as they can.
  7. Atlanta vs. Tampa Bay Pittsburgh vs. Baltimore Dallas vs. Cleveland Jacksonville vs. Kansas City Miami vs. NY Jets Philadelphia vs. NY Giants Detroit vs. Minnesota Carolina vs. Los Angeles New Orleans vs. San Francisco Tennessee vs. San Diego Indianapolis vs. Green Bay Denver vs. Oakland Buffalo vs. Seattle
  8. Tennessee Cincinnati Kansas City Oakland Seattle Houston NY Jets New England Arizona Denver Atlanta Dallas Minnesota
  9. Green Bay tonight. I'll add the rest later. NY Giants vs. Los Angeles New Orleans vs. Kansas City Indianapolis vs. Tennessee Minnesota vs. Philadelphia Cleveland vs. Cincinnati Washington vs. Detroit Oakland vs. Jacksonville Buffalo vs. Miami Baltimore vs. NY Jets Tampa Bay vs. San Francisco San Diego vs. Atlanta New England vs. Pittsburgh Seattle vs. Arizona Houston vs. Denver
  10. Getting in late, but I would have picked Denver and lost anyway. San Francisco vs. Buffalo Philadelphia vs. Washington Cleveland vs. Tennessee Baltimore vs. NY Giants Carolina vs. New Orleans Jacksonville vs. Chicago Los Angeles vs. Detroit Pittsburgh vs. Miami Cincinnati vs. New England Kansas City vs. Oakland Atlanta vs. Seattle Dallas vs. Green Bay Indianapolis vs Houston NY Jets vs. Arizona
  11. Arizona vs. San Francisco New England vs. Cleveland Philadelphia vs. Detroit Chicago vs. Indianapolis Tennessee vs. Miami Washington vs. Baltimore Houston vs. Minnesota NY Jets vs. Pittsburgh Atlanta vs. Denver Cincinnati vs. Dallas Buffalo vs. Los Angeles San Diego vs. Oakland NY Giants vs. Green Bay Tampa Bay vs. Carolina
  12. They eventually confirmed that with the single team package, you only get that team's feed, which is what I wanted anyway. Ultimately, it's not much more to jump from single to all access ($28 more), but when you're only interested in following one team, the full package is a bit of a waste. There's plenty of other hockey on national and local broadcast. Now, I wish the NFL would get on board with this model.
  13. Any NHL.tv subscribers here? I'm looking into subscribing for the first time and have a relatively simple question that their support can't seem to answer. Does the single team package include both home and away feeds? This is a point that they specifically mention in the All Access package, but isn't addressed in the Single Team package either way. I've been messaging their support, and all I've received is a frustrating exchange of links to the same product info and FAQs that I read before contacting them.
  14. Can someone explain that to me? 20 teams in EPL using modest variations of something like five, maybe six, overall kits.
  15. It failed to grab my interest. In part, because I'm not ready for hockey yet. Hold in mid-winter, and I might be in. Also, Team North America and Team Europe? Feels like the kind of 90s gimmick that's best left boxed up in the attic with FoxTrax.
  16. Miami vs. Cincinnati Indianapolis vs. Jacksonville Tennessee vs. Houston Cleveland vs. Washington Seattle vs. NY Jets Buffalo vs. New England Carolina vs. Atlanta Oakland vs. Baltimore Detroit vs. Chicago Denver vs. Tampa Bay Los Angeles vs. Arizona New Orleans vs. San Diego Dallas vs. San Francisco Kansas City vs. Pittsburgh NY Giants vs. Minnesota
  17. Why would they even entertain either request? Seems silly to even ask to have two leagues at the same level
  18. Help me out here. Is scoring up this season? I was expecting more lower scoring games, and ties. Pleasantly surprised by the results so far this year. Please tell me this is the norm and my preconceived notions were wrong.
  19. Houston vs. New England Arizona vs. Buffalo Oakland vs. Tennessee Cleveland vs. Miami Baltimore vs. Jacksonville Detroit vs. Green Bay Denver vs. Cincinnati Minnesota vs. Carolina Washington vs. NY Giants Los Angeles vs. Tampa Bay San Francisco vs. Seattle NY Jets vs. Kansas City San Diego vs. Indianapolis Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia Chicago vs. Dallas Atlanta vs. New Orleans
  20. The announcers seem to disagree, but I think these look great in action.
  21. That game was fun to watch. I loved seeing Man U get outworked. On a different note: can we just go ahead and relegate Stoke now?
  22. This Bills' season is toast. Looking at the schedule, I had them going 9-7, and needing to steal one more to make the playoffs. That included winning their first two games. Right now, 7-9 looks like a best case scenario, barring a major turnaround.
  23. WiB's first EPL season update: I suppose I should worry about sounding bandwagon here. However, this Man City team has been awesome to watch. Beyond dominating the scoreboard, I've really enjoyed how well they seem to gel as a team. The flow of their gameplay is beautiful. I'm not quite ready to call anyone my favorite (been trying to give a good look to as many teams as I can), but I've definitely found myself looking forward to watching them each week. I hate that I missed yesterday's Chelsea-Liverpool match. Those are two others that I've enjoyed watching. Trying to follow some of the lower ranked teams. There's part of me that likes to see an underdog win, especially when I'm a neutral observer.
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