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  1. NY Jets vs. Buffalo Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh Tennessee vs. Detroit Baltimore vs. Cleveland Dallas vs. Washington New Orleans vs. NY Giants San Francisco vs. Carolina Miami vs. New England Kansas City vs. Houston Seattle vs. St Los Angeles Tampa Bay vs. Arizona Jacksonville vs. San Diego Atlanta vs. Oakland Indianapolis vs. Denver Green Bay vs. Minnesota Philadelphia vs. Chicago
  2. Count me in. Week 1 Carolina at Denver Tampa Bay vs. Atlanta Minnesota vs. Tennessee Cleveland vs. Philadelphia Cincinnati vs. NY Jets Oakland vs. New Orleans San Diego vs. Kansas City Buffalo vs. Baltimore Chicago vs. Houston Green Bay vs. Jacksonville Miami vs. Seattle NY Giants vs. Dallas Detroit vs. Indianapolis New England vs. Arizona Pittsburgh vs. Washington Los Angeles vs. San Francisco
  3. Looks like you're getting your money's worth.
  4. Raleigh, NC seems like: UNC Basketball NC State Football NC State Basketball UNC Football Pittsburgh Steelers Boston Red Sox Carolina Hurricanes Durham Bulls Carolina Panthers Carolina Mudcats Carolina Railhawks
  5. That was painful to watch. Hull was outmatched from the start, but played a solid defense. I really wanted to see them get the draw.
  6. Never. Booing Gary Bettman is one of the greatest traditions in sports.
  7. Bleh. Desert Knights sounds like a porn. Or a documentary about lounge singers.
  8. During the second period of the 2006 Eastern Conference Finals, I knew the Sabres were going to win the Cup that year. Also, I was dead wrong about soccer. I used to think it was boring. I got into it a bit during the last few World Cups, and this year's Olympics pushed me over the edge. I watched every game I could (including making my wife drive so I could watch the US Women's team on my phone) and soon found myself not being able to get enough. This weekend, I found myself glued to EPL action, caught both medal games yesterday, and a bit of a few MLS games.
  9. I always loved the "dated" versions of those games. I had a tabletop hockey game from the early 80s that caught the brief period of time where the Colorado Rockies and Calgary Flames were both logos on the side. It came with the Islanders and Flyers as the previous Stanley Cup participants.
  10. I was talking about this game recently with a coworker!
  11. Buffalo fan, do you could probably take your pick, but the one that stings the most was the 2006 Eastern Conference finals. Watching your team lose a game like that in person, in hostile territory, just adds to the pain.
  12. Probably the worst one I've seen since moving here. They're usually pretty good.
  13. I would guess that you are friends with this person? Edit your profile and click "Notification Options," then uncheck the "Notify me when one of my friends updates their status" box. That makes sense. I was looking for a setting on that user's profile. Never thought to check mine. In other news... it looks like that's the only person who updates their status. Otherwise, I would have seen this before.
  14. I take that back... it's every time they post a new status update. Still, how do I stop seeing those?
  15. I'm having a notifications issue. I keep getting notifications every time a particular member posts. I have no idea why I'm getting them, and can't figure out how to turn them off. Help?
  16. Ahem... https://twitter.com/DurhamBulls/status/448258426762588160/photo/1
  17. Anyone have a tutorial to create a varsity letter effect to text? I want to take a some plain copy and make it textured to look like a jacket letter. I thought someone posted one before, but I can't find it.
  18. Add some flames, and it kinda looks lke the Hindenburg.
  19. Use the pen tool instead of Live Trace.
  20. Freakin sweet. I can't imagine how much work went into this, but you guys rock!
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