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    USFL Tweaks

    Curses to the jury members that found in favor of the USFL in the antitrust suit and then awarded the league just $1 because they misunderstood the judge's instructions.
  2. It's cute but not very accurate. Cowboys don't have silver stripes on the white jersey. I know it's only for fun, but...
  3. I'm aware, but it's still a weird decision to be the first-ever team to host a SB, to actually be designated the home team ... and to wear your roads.
  4. Nice. Would love for a Seattle v2 hat to feature gray.
  5. Not to be That Guy, but the helmet stripes were already tweaked once. I could see them tweaking again and still maintaining it's "the same."
  6. My Nike prediction: Gradient helmet, top to bottom, orange to white. I hope not, but I wouldn't be surprised.
  7. If the league is no pads (and it is), why does this rendering show ... pads?
  8. Anyone notice that the bottom tiger is squeezed a bit? Or is this just a mistake?
  9. Dallas Cowboys used clear shells in the '70s, esp. Roger Staubach. You can kind of see it here:
  10. Maybe you could add the cobra to the center stripes. Looks good, though.
  11. Process blue is too much. Hope you tone it down a bit. Otherwise, nice.
  12. I like it. It's the classic silver-blue. Would you have maybe an all-blue alt?
  13. Personally, I just keep calling them the ex-R-e-d-s-k-i-n-s but with no dashes.
  14. Spirits of St. Louis (ABA) Toronto Phantoms (Arena League) Oakland Banshees (women's pro football)
  15. I hate the B1G branding. Just sayin'.
  16. Feel like the change to the Sentinels was unnecessary. Agree that the Generals look like some kind of Jets bastardization.