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  1. Link Link I couldn't find more detailed info on the ND/NBC contract. It looks like they are getting just slightly under what the Big Ten schools are. So, if they shared the NBC contract with the other teams, everyone would break even. However, adding ND doesn't give BTN the ability to enter a new market. Indiana/Chicagoland is tapped out. Adding, say, Syracuse would bring in the New York market, which would presumably boost revenue, even if it is split 12 ways instead of 11. EDIT: I missed this in the first link: It looks like the Big Ten Schools are each getting about $10 million a year combined from CBS and ESPN as well as $7-10million from the BTN, as opposed to ND's $10 million (plus whatever they get from Big East basketball). That is a big difference.
  2. Do they want to keep their Independent status? Or do they want to keep every cent of that lucrative NBC contract? I think it's the latter. Once again, each Big 10 team makes more from the BTN and ABC deals than ND makes from NBC.
  3. I am not sure about splitting up Michigan and OSU. If you did that, you would have to move their rivalry game up to earlier in the season. It would look bad and take a lot of hype out of the game when Michigan gets respectable again. Imagine 5 years in a row with the two teams facing off the last week of the regular season, knowing that they will play again the next week in the title game. No bueno.
  4. 1)I don't think the Big Ten NEEDS anybody 2)ND gives the Big Ten virtually nothing. They already have a presence in that state. Also, each B10 team makes more from the BTN than Notre Dame does from NBC.
  5. Eriq - These are amazing. Thanks a lot for putting in the time and effort. My only question is, would you be able to make the Magic throwback numbers (from the Shaq and Penny years)? Those are some of my all time favorite numbers (coming from someone who usually prefers block numbers). Orlando has worn them as throwbacks several times over the past few years, too. Thanks again.
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