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  1. On 8/5/2020 at 7:45 AM, Chawls said:

    I must say, I’m mildly disappointed that we never got to see an alternate Volt uniform from the Hawks’ previous set.




    Volt has never appealed to me as a color (especially next to red), but I always really liked this jersey because it made the volt work. It's a futuristic look done right and it functioned particularly well as a nod to the Pistol Pete era. A new look built around this could have been cool.


    Side question, but did the team hardly ever wear these or something? Looking through google, it's practically impossible to find in-game or promo photos for this set. It's like the team tried to totally wipe their existence from the internet. 

  2. I mean in a vacuum, Canucks is just as goofy as Kraken. Arguably, it's goofier really. That doesn't matter though, because the team built history behind it and now it's considered an iconic NHL identity. Time and/or success can heal pretty much any nickname, and I don't think it will take long for this one to do just the same for many skeptics.

  3. 1 hour ago, FiddySicks said:

    The disease is the same now as it’s always been. A complete lack of any semblance of professionalism. Even MLS has been smart enough to realize goofy :censored: like naming your team Kraken was going to make it hard for anyone to take them seriously. And that’s why they’ll soon enough pass the NHL in terms of relevance. 

    Look, sports are meant to be fun, and I don’t wanna be a complete and total killjoy, so I understand how people could object to how I feel about it. But the NHL has let this all get so far out of hand. I remember even as a kid and seeing the Thrashers, Wild, and Blue Jackets (especially wiith that dumb bug logo they had) and thinking to myself, “Wow, this sport is for children”. It’s been two decades since then and I feel even more so that way. 


    If you’re willing to overlook that then that’s your right. I just find it REALLY hard to do that. 

    No, I see where you’re coming from. As a kid growing up, I literally didn’t make the connection between Blue Jackets and the civil war for years because of that goofy bug logo, so I was never a fan of that either. I think a lot of the differences in reaction here is also based on what people associate “Kraken” with, so if you associate it with a goofy monster from a bad movie or whatever else, then you’re always going to see this name as a bad joke. I think that in this case the team did a really good job of applying subtlety and restraint to balance it out and the video perfectly conveys the right tone for the identity moving forward, so I’m a big fan.

  4. 38 minutes ago, FiddySicks said:

    You don’t seem to realize that the nicknames aren’t the true issue here. They’re simply a symptom of the greater disease.

    What’s the disease then? All of your rants against this name keep referring to this vague demise of the NHL and I’m just finding it hard to even understand what you’re even talking about. Is it expansion to American cities over more traditional markets? That’s the only slight connection that I can speculate you’re making here.

  5. 19 minutes ago, Maroon said:


    Ya, gotta say I'd take the visual identity and team nickname of Seattle Kraken over the Pelicans and everything about them.

    I feel like the Pelicans are a great parallel for Seattle if they had gone with Sockeyes or Evergreens. Pelicans is a name that is fine and good, but it was really chosen due to its connection with the area. That makes sense of course, but in a national context it was an underwhelming/awkward choice that has only lent itself to a dull identity. They had an opportunity to capitalize on the buzz and didn’t do much with it. In just the same way, Sockeyes would have worked fine and a number of Seattlites would have resonated with it, but I guarantee that identity wouldn’t have gotten nearly the amount of praise and general excitement that this one has received in forums outside of this one. Kraken is so much more expressive and the mysterious sea monster theme has already started showing how it can be really strong and unique within the sports world. 


    That said, I get why many may not like it. I just feel excited that Seattle didn’t chicken out and play it too safe. 

  6. 29 minutes ago, FiddySicks said:

    Everyone keeps saying “Trash name, great unis/branding” and I absolutely cannot understand how anyone feels that way. The name is the most garbage name in sports, but the unis and logo package are trash, too! They went with navy, (basically) powder blue, and red. That’s the most played out color scheme in sports! They look like a sad, knockoff version of the Winnipeg Jets, who already look like a sad, knockoff version of the Winnipeg Jets.


    The only fitting thing about this whole identity is that represents EXACTLY what the NHL is. A complete and total clown show that deserves to never be taken seriously by anyone ever.

    You keep calling the NHL a “joke” and a “clown show” because...you’re not a fan of two expansion teams’ names? What am I missing here?

  7. These uniforms could serve as a good case study for proving that younger people don't only want garish modern uniforms. These super traditional ones have been getting some of the most widespread praise on social media that I've seen for uniforms in a long time. I think that people really detested the neon green which helps, but these still feel really well-liked across the board nonetheless.


    Personally, I think they're ok. They may go past looking vintage and more antiquated to me, which is probably due to the big striping and varsity font choices that just give it a very amateur vibe. I can't deny that they're much cleaner though and the return to red and yellow is cool. 

  8. On 7/18/2020 at 6:00 PM, ATLfan said:

    It’s the statement jersey. The “human highlight” stuff is in regard to going with the throwback color scheme of the Dominique Wilkins era (even though they didn’t wear a black jersey when he was on the team). 

    There will be a white and red version as well.



    The white will 99.9% look like this. Which is fantastic!


    I'm kind of shocked that the College Park Skyhawks connection isn't being talked about more, because based on this leak, the Hawks essentially were testing out their new look through their G League team-





    The fonts and colors used are identical. I mean that's got to be a first, right? 

  9. I get the disappointment in the newest expansion teams delaying their start, but as a Nashville SC fan that has watched the struggle of trying to become established amid all of this uncertainty, I'd say that it's the correct call. 


    1 hour ago, QCS said:

    Another name off the list.

    A bit disappointed to see Monarchs go, it was the second-best after Town but I suspect Real Salt Lake had something to do with it. Hopefully Charlotte FC and Carolina Gliders join it crossed out soon.


    Yeah Charlotte FC would be by far the lamest of those left available. Gliders is a little out there too, but I kind of dig it in a weird way and would be interested in seeing the crest for that.  That said, my gut tells me that Gliders and FC are all but eliminated, leaving either Town, Crown or Athletic as the final choice. I think all of those just sound the most "right" and any of them would make for a really good name. 

  10. I have a feeling that this is an alternate, but it just looks too generic for my tastes. Not offensively ugly by any means, but the Hawks have too much cool visual history that they could draw from to go with a basic traditional look like this. It really does give off a rec league sort of vibe with the mismatch between the wordmark and numbers. 


    The latest look wasn't perfect, but I really dug the way that it was completely new and felt daring in a way that was fitting for Atlanta. 

  11. I hope that they shy away from any generic political names (Americans, Senators, Presidents, Federals, Monuments, etc.) I think that the teams in DC already play that stuff up a bit too much, and it's lead to every team using the same imagery and feeling derivative of each other. That's really just a personal preference though, any of these would still be 100x better than Redskins.

  12. Cases where I don't like monochrome usually involve either...


    1) A traditional team trying to hard to fake it and subsequently failing in being "cool" (Packers, Chiefs)


    2) A team can't commit to the look fully, resulting in some kind of element like a different-colored helmet or socks sticking out way too much from everything else and ruining the balance of it all (Browns, Cardinals)


    In contrast, Seattle's monochrome is well done because it suits their modern identity and everything is well balanced color-wise. The set was designed to be worn in monochrome combinations specifically and it shows.

  13. I like the lighter blue used on that hat and could imagine using that full-time as an improvement. The super dark navy is just a dull color that sort of drags everything down with it.


    Nashville SC just announced that two additional sponsors have been added to their kits. I'm not sure what that means for the MLS patch normally placed on the sleeve, maybe a temporary measure to recover some lost funds this season?

  15. 20 minutes ago, Digby said:

    Warriors strips the slur but you still face the problem of using imagery of indigenous people and a primitive weapon in that “violent savagery” stereotype. That this saga has been so prolonged also leaves Snyder with a lack of plausible deniability or trust in good intentions — certainly less leeway than the Black Hawks or the Spokane MiLB team or FSU will get. I don’t see how retaining the spear will quiet the critics here; If that’s a must-keep then maybe FedEx will have an opening for that classic “Express” nickname after all.


    Yeah, I definitely agree with you. I get why people think that something like Warriors with the spear would make for a really smooth transition, but it's ultimately a half-measure in facing the problem.


    15 minutes ago, TBGKon said:

    If this happens on short notice, I can see them going by “Washington” as early as this season and maybe for a second season while using the offseason to proceed with a new identity 


    I could definitely see the league itself stepping in and bending some of their own rules on new uniforms/logos in order to help a potential rebrand be implemented as quickly as possible. They know that a team using a slur for their nickname has been an ugly blemish on their brand for a while now and there's no way that they continue accepting that only to please some traditionalist Washington fans.

  16. Combine this with Nike not selling their merchandise on their site anymore and a change almost feels inevitable now. Snyder is a terrible guy who will do the wrong thing almost every single time, but I have a hard time believing that he'll be able to overlook the money he loses because of this. 


    I'd be interested to see if they would do something like Warriors in order to keep the identity as close as possible to the current one or if they would opt to avoid the Native American connection entirely. Personally, I'm inclined to think they move away from all of that and embrace something new that avoids all potential trouble. Whether that be Redhawks, Redtails, Pigskins, or some random patriotic thing, there's a lot of good options there.