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  1. Yes, you're right, the ad is annoying, but not as much as that awful banana yellow. I also prefer the white-purple-white trim instead of yellow-purple-white, but it's the lack of gold that really pisses me off.
  2. Lakers Will Revisit Color Of ‘Gold’ Nike Icon Jersey Amid Fan Complaints https://sportscity.com/lakers-will-revisit-color-of-gold-nike-icon-jersey-amid-fan-complaints/ Is it true?
  3. Magic and Dominique at the 2003 jeep all star hoop it up.
  4. According to Showtime Forum
  5. Actually i think the Black accessories are a good thing, because many players wear black under shirts. The result is that the banana yellow looks a bit more like gold.
  6. In the nba the city edition uniforms change every year (if i'm not wrong), so basically every matchup using those jerseys is a rare team matchup.
  7. Oh Lord... Larry Bird in LARGE shorts. Ok? They're definitely longer and larger compared to his habitual look.
  8. IMHO, this jersey is a visual representation of greatness.
  9. Maybe it's a bit forced, but Magic Johnson with large jersey and long shorts looks wrong to me.
  10. No no no no! Wearing that horrible purple (and black) jersey at home...
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