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  1. Adding black to the Flames' primary identity would be like adding red or green to the Leafs' primary identity.
  2. Completely disagree with the retros not holding a candle to the '04-'07 set. The retros, rightfully, own the Flames brand. The Flames are a '72 franchise, '80 franchise as the Calgary Flames. Their true classic look is based on that era...tri-coloured and the striping template. The Original Six influenced the designs that came out in the '67 expansion, going into the 70's and early 80's before overzealous marketing took over in the 90's. Completely agree with you on the ridiculous idea of using the Alberta flag just to stick it to the Oilers. Bettman definitely deserves full kudos for pushing back on the flags.
  3. That was a great read. Good for Flames marketing director, Ryan Popowich for laying everything down on the table. At the end of the day, as the saying goes, "If it's not broken, don't fix it." In other words, if the Flames never messed around with their classics in '94, there wouldn't have been all these hurdles to overcome in bringing them back. On the contrary, the good thing about the change in '94 followed by all the changes in the 2000's, there's a lesson to be learned, "You don't know what you got until it's gone." Going with black trim, a black Flaming C and adding "Blasty the Horse" should have been limited to alternate sweaters while leaving the traditional whites and reds alone.
  4. I fully agree. Since 2007, the Flames had the right crest but horrible primary uniforms. The Canucks are the polar opposite....the wrong crest but beautiful primary uniforms(not counting the weak Agency font). The Flames have finally come full circle. Now, it's time for the Canucks, Canada's 3rd oldest NHL franchise, to do the same...with at least the original '70 Stick in Rink or a recoloured Skate(blending the original & current colours and the ever-popular crest from '78-'97).
  5. On the ice, the Flames & my Canucks are Western Canadian rivals. Off the ice, we as fans of both teams are friends & hockey fans. Congratulations to ALL Flames fans on the long overdue and full-time return of your classic uniforms. They're beautiful. NHL Top 10.
  6. Canucks logo talk will never ever go away until the corporately-inspired Orca is harpooned. Any other Canucks hockey crest in blue and green will do and that includes a recoloured Skate. As for the Flames, they, officially, have a Top 10 NHL uniform. Extremely happy for all Flames fans.
  7. It's official...the Flames have a Top 10 NHL uniform. Congratulations to ALL Flames fans. As for a future alternate, I would put the Flaming Horse/'Blasty' as the primary on the '04 red template. A good way to unite all Flames fans from all generations.
  8. Black on the Flames is like red added to the Bruins' and Penguins' uniforms. The only black, yellow-gold and red uniform that's acceptable are the Canucks' Skate uniforms. Red, yellow-gold and and white look great on a hockey team and what team other than the Flames?
  9. I absolutely LOVED those yellow-gold Penguin uniforms. A beautiful mixture of yellow and black.
  10. I absolutely LOVE this. The Golden Knights are now, officially, "golden". I agree, the grey pants to match the grey helmets was a smart move....makes up for not trying a gold helmet. I can live with the swapping of the white and gold, however, the numbers on the sleeves should be gold outlined in white, not white outlined in gold. However, that can easily be corrected down the road. The primary V-helmet crest looks natural on the golds. There are primary crests that look great on alternates and VGK's is one of them. Love the metallic gold colour. Far nicer than that disastrous dried up mustard gold the Predators wore in the mid 2000's. BIG thumbs up.
  11. The Orca is to the Canucks like what the black was to the Flames. Both have overstayed their welcome. Also, the Canucks are not a modern NHL franchise. There are good reasons why the black Skate outsold Orca sweaters by a huge margin. The only thing the Canucks have going for them is the blue, green and white colour scheme. They are Canada's 3rd oldest NHL franchise and the original '70 Stick in Rink makes a lot of sense. A recoloured Skate would also work. As for Johnny Canuck, it can be incorporated into a roundel, a V or even the current C without the Orca. The Johnny Canuck C concept designed by North Vancouver's Glen Green can also work. Having a Canucks identity that represents the team name, heritage and history while keeping the blue and green would go a very, very long way with this franchise. At least, teams like the Flames and Sabres went back to their true identities.
  12. The Senators' updated 2D centurion is beautiful. How and why they simply dismissed it, even as an alternate is mind-boggling. The Canucks' latest updated Stick in Rink is a bastardization of a timeless classic. The stick is crooked and looks cartoony. The logo can't even be inverted on a white background. It's long overdue to give Johnny Canuck alternate sweater status to start plus a return to block-style font.
  13. For the Canucks, they can go one of three ways: 1. Original and timeless Stick in Rink. 2. Recoloured Skate 3. Any version of Johnny Canuck except the V-head. In the meantime, the new retro Sabres and Flames, soon to be followed by the Kraken, have pushed the Canucks' Orca sweaters along with the cheap Agency font further down the NHL rankings. What saves the Canucks is the beautiful blue, green and white scheme.
  14. % agree. However, the Canucks need to stick with their original/current Vancouver, BC colours of blue, green and white.
  15. This was long, long, long overdue. NHL hockey is about to look even better, thanks to both the Sabres and the Flames. Congratulations to ALL Flames fans.
  16. Absolutely nothing wrong with Houston Dynamo. However, if there is to be a name change, go back that city's NASL identity, Houston Hurricane. Both teams wore orange and orange should remain. Stay the heck away from generic Euro names.
  17. I agree. However, they could still be interpreted as word marks, though.
  18. Unless the wordmark is part of the actual crest. Ie. the Oilers, Maple Leafs, original Jets, Canucks(Skate).
  19. St. Louis Spirits SC would have made the most sense. The crest with the St. Louis Arch looks sharp, though.
  20. Never had a problem with the white number outline to go with the whiteless gold stripes. White is one of the Sabres' colours. The LA Kings original purple uniforms didn't have any white on the stripes but had white number bordering and white wasn't their light sweater base colour. When the Canucks went from home yellow-gold to white, there was no white on their black uniforms except for the white outline around their number font.
  21. Beautiful uniforms. Great job, Sabres. CONGRATULATIONS to ALL Sabres fans.⚔ I don't mind the white accents so much on the blues, however it makes no sense to remove the white bordering from the pants' yellow-gold stripes. It looks very incomplete. Nevertheless, the 3D detailing on the buffalo is simply gorgeous.
  22. That actually looks quite nice. On the navy sweaters, I would still prefer an orange number font with a single white border. White font on navy looks too plain.
  23. The Oilers' pants stripes look great - the usage of colours and the width of the stripes. Whenever possible, teams should proudly display their team colours on their breezers, provided they don't have too many colours.
  24. Bushleague organization. Had the NHL been run by hockey people instead of lawyers and non-hockey/sports people, the "Wild" would cease to exist today.
  25. Wilders is really no different than Lakers or Sounders. Northern Lights was the best option available, unfortunately. I liked it. However, anything goes in Gary Bettman's NHL, even if it is ridiculous.