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  1. Yes I do, now that dosent mean I think he's bad because he's not, but the amount of people I've heard call him the GOAT and media shoving him in my face every NFL broadcast despite having a top 3 WR and TE, not beating a top team ouside a incredibly injured at the time chargers team week 1, and the fact he turned the ball over 5 times in front of my own eyes at the Coliseum 2 of those being huge INTs with game on the line. So yeah in my 23 years of life I would consider him the most overrated I've seen. I'm a Chargers fan? Thats new to me since they've moved to Los Angeles I've been rooting agianst them aside from tonight because I wanted to see Luck back in the playoffs and so that the AFC west race stays entertaining.
  2. Well the Chargers just probably lost the AFC west and a 1st round bye by beating them selves tonight not that the home field part really matters but I'm sure they would have loved the bye, but the Chiefs have Andy Reidas a coach and the most overrated QB I've seen in my life so who knows what happens.
  3. Eh outside of the Packers and Eagles that really wasn't the case this year. And you do have a really good example of what a playoff crowd might look like with Chiefs game where the game was moved at the last minute and tickets going on sale less than a week before it was played and that was absolutely a Pro Rams crowd. Of all the teams currently in playoff position Dallas is probably the only one that could force an away environment but out side of them I believe ever other match would be home crowd for the Rams.
  4. So the Rams have 2 games against Arizona and the Niners to get the offense back in sync again or else their postseason is gonna be over quick, Goff looked like he was starting to get some grove back at the end there and finished with 300+ yards so I have still have faith they can do it. Also Todd Gurley of all people should know to get out of bounds, they would have had something like 25 seconds to tie the game insted of just 1 shot at the endzone! Of course that probably wouldn't matter if Jo Jo dosent randomly just drop the ball returning the punt.
  5. No because the Bears aren't wining in LA or NO and KC won't make it out of the AFC. That said i give the bears credit for wining tonight that really looked like the wanted it a lot more and actually decided to play tonight, I have why the rams didn't want to.
  6. Man Tampa did you really have to get my hopes up like that only to fall apart in the 2nd half.
  7. So Brandin Cooks has his 4th consecutive 1000 yard season and he's been on a different team for the last 3. It's really crazy to me that a guy this young and talented has moved around so much.
  8. So the Kings are bad at hockey and you know what I'm okay with that given that they have 2 cups won this decade which is more than I can say for any other team in LA, I'm looking at you Dodgers!
  9. No first of all I'm not mad at anything aside from being accused of support violence agianst women and all I'm saying is that I personally think the chiefs over reacted in handing out a consequence, and that there is a double standard when it comes to punishments. The man should be absolutely suspend for the year or even more, he assaulted someone thats wrong no mater who it harms, but I just don't think he should at all be cut for it is all given the circumstances.
  10. Tell me how I'm advocating for violence against women? All i was saying is treat assault case equally.
  11. I get Hunt being suspend for the rest of the year and he should be because it was defentaly bad, but him being cut seems like a over reaction to me, especially considering that according to the TMZ stroy she assaulted one of Kareems friends first and called him the N-word add to that no arrest was even made. I'm not saying he should have done it obviously he shouldn't have, I just don't believe that he should have been cut. And I am willing to bet that if he dose this to a man he isn't cut.
  12. Please keep this officiating crew far away from the Rams.
  13. I mean it's not the largest sample size but I have at least some evidence back up my claim that yellow as the primary is not a great idea. this was a poll I ran on the Rams reddit a couple of months ago to see what people would like to see when I came to colors in the new stadium, as you can see both yellow options finished at the bottom.
  14. Yeah the majority of Rams really just want a modernized version of the throwbacks. I've had this discussion countless fans on social media and at the colosseum it self and while most people would like a yellow alt using yellow as the primary home uniform is definitely a no go from the fans perspective.
  15. This is the most intense regular season game I've ever seen!
  16. Yeah attendance is not the best number to look at when you consider how awful the colosseum is to watch a pro game anyone that has been to a Rams game since they have come back will tell you that and that and when you look at the ratings you'll see that people absolutely do care about the Rams here in LA.
  17. So the Lakers are wareing purple at home some reason. It just feels really weird to me.
  18. I know its early but Congrats Boston, LA will see you again at superbowl for revenge!
  19. No not that bad I'm not sure what happened that it looks so awful today.
  20. Also I've said it before but this Dodgers team has been mismanaged to hell, they have talent on par with Boston but use it in ways that has me constantly scratching my head and are putting them in positions to fail constantly, they also don't seem to know how to control the team emotionally it seems ethier. Roberts shouldn't be back next year.
  21. Yeah most Dodgers fans don't Manny back even if they come back to win this series, he an ass that doesn't seem to try most of the time. Corey Seager has been far in his approach and production with the Dodgers.
  22. We will play at least two full games, What the is even happing!
  23. How the hell did Roberts and Turner Ward manage to :censored: up the approach of every hitter in this line up. This Dodgers team is just as talented as Boston and yet they are on the vurge of being down 3-0 in the world series, if this whole staff isn't gone after this series ends I'm gonna be pissed.
  24. Yeah I'm still pretty sure that the Dodgers are gonna win this series. They beat them selves more than anything else, mostly with uncharacteristically bad defense and pitching Alex Wood and not sticking with Baez for a reason I'm still trying to figure out. This Boston team hasent done anything that really impressed me.
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