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  1. I can’t believe all of us are sitting here, perfectly capable of creating better uniforms, yet people with the Falcons and Nike and the league are getting paid to design and approve this crap. I sell uniforms to schools for a living and this just straight up offends me.
  2. The helmet is the least of the critique here. Number Font = abysmal ATL = horrific Angled side panel/pant stripe = fiasco Gradient = worse than Carole f’ing Baskin Complete and utter debacle. Stunned that it’s this bad. This is some nightmarish Arena League horse:censored:.
  3. Very nice job. However, while Grey definitely works and I'd be all for it, I think it should be reserved as a Alternate or Color Rush.
  4. I agree...Grey would be a great tertiary for them.
  5. He’s the absolute worst. Stuffed in too many lockers growing up.
  6. Yes. They could even consider foregoing a pant stripe altogether.
  7. Dear NFL Uniform Gods, Please give us something substantial to discuss this week. We need it. Thank you, CCSLC Boards
  8. If that would end up being true, it is very cannonball-ish.
  9. All I can think of when I see those is Rick Mirer. Hard pass.