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  1. Either way, it's a cheap, junk jersey and the XFL logo should be center neck ("home plate" location) rather than right chest. The design & number font are also really poor. I hope these aren't legit but fear they are. Really sad....they had the opportunity to nail it with these but most of the varsity high school teams in the country are wearing nicer jerseys than these, and every college most definitely is.
  2. Disagree. They look great in white over white.
  3. Ugh. I hope this is an elaborate fake because these are 100% hot stinkin' TRASH. Why would they use a 90's template with the cheap mesh when there are so many better options? And the XFL on the right chest, logo in the middle, and nothing on the left is super dumb. Super disappointing if true.
  4. These could be improved by Nike/Seahawks switching from their “Pewter” aka Silver tone to their mid-tone “Dark Steel Grey” that you see Colorado and Oregon and many others using. Likely close to what Detroit’s Grey alts are. That’d give it enough contrast.
  5. Potentially the worst look in the NFL when they do this. So bottom heavy. It's ridiculous that someone thinks this looks good. Black socks should only be worn with Silver pants, or if doing a complete Blackout look. It's a shame...Panthers look great in Silver/Black/Silver/Black and Silver/White/White/Electric Blue...that's truly all they need to wear.
  6. They'd be well-served to throw away their Black pants and stick to Black over Purple, Purple over Purple, and White over White. White over Purple is only acceptable to wear if they pair with Black socks due to the Black helmet. They are due for an update, albeit minor. A new helmet stripe to match those pants and a slightly updated wordmark and number font (retaining Gold/Black/White) would give them a top-tier look.
  7. Respectfully disagree. I think they should throw away the Navy & White pants and wear Navy/Grey, White/Grey, and Grey/Grey as an alternate. Like the Steelers, they just need one pant to have the best look, and it's Grey.
  8. I thought they looked oustanding yesterday. Yes, the number font is whack, but outside of the font choice itself, the texture pattern/silver highlights/black & orange outlines are very well-executed. With the Red socks & shoes that many of the guys were wearing yesterday, I thought this was a great-looking game against the all-White Rams.
  9. Like the Saints, they need to burn their Black pants, at least for away games. White over Purple looks so much better. Saints looked great yesterday. They really need a home version to complement those whites.
  10. Whether you like it or dislike it, whether the look is "good" or "bad" is subjective. We've all been conditioned to the lower White half of a sock for decades now and not everyone is going to think this change is a positive right out of the gate. I think the Jags should've worn Teal socks last night, but I didn't hate the all Black socks and still don't, though it looked a little odd at first. If they intend to keep wearing Black/Black/White/Black, then, in my opinion, they need to add a Teal stripe around the middle of the Sock due to the pant being so plain...and everyone needs to wear shoes that are Black, at least at the top, where the sock meets.
  11. At first I thought the same but then I got used to it. I think they’d be better off with solid Teal socks with this combo.
  12. Thanks, I forgot that they wore these for 2 years in Nike. Seeing them makes me recant my statement. They don’t look bad, just dated in a plain, dull 90’s way. The current uniform and especially helmet look slightly better. It’s just the damn alarm clock number font that screws it up, and that’s where my opinion finishes up on the Bucs.
  13. I’d love to see the 97-13 uniforms on the 2019 Nike VUT template, matte fabrics, and new sock rule. I think it would probably look outstanding. Slight tweak to the number colors and they’d probably be great today.
  14. I'm not against the idea of the Bucs using more Black in their uniform, not because of BFBS, but because Buccaneers could or should be menacing pirates, not an orange-flavored ice cream pop. And this floundering franchise needs to get its edge back. Black jerseys over Tampa Bay Pewter pants, which at this point is essentially Nike's Anthracite, with Red/Black/Orange details is something that could potentially work, though it would be a drastic change and thus panned by many. But it's not an easy solution either. For jersey digit clarity, what they attempted to do with this uniform and the previous jersey had the correct idea, which was to have a tri-color number with a dual outline to separate the Red & Orange, which bleed together when next to each other. Separate them with a line of black, or add Black for more contrast and weight, in theory, it works beautifully. But applying it to football jerseys and TB's colors is challenging, which I really found out when trying this little exercise: In many cases you just have to have Red & Orange next to each other. It's not awful, it's just a design challenge. Nike chose the right color combos for visibility on the Red jersey, and their White, as even trying some of the other combos on their jersey template for the Bucs just didn't work. The reflective Grey outlines work and serve a purpose...they just blew it with the alarm clock font choice. If they are getting new uniforms, though, I'd love to see the return of the Black facemask on the current helmet with a slightly smaller logo and perhaps more Black & TB Pewter in the uniform, allowing for the Red & Creamsicle Orange to really pop off of those dark colors. To make it work realistically though, you'd probably need to keep some Silver & White in the uniform, and that makes things even busier. Point is, the Bucs are essentially a 3-color team that requires the use of Black & White, making it a 4- or 5-color project...and one of the most complicated in the league. I now better understand the choices they made in the current sets' numbers, I just feel that they ruined a strong look with the alarm clock font.
  15. Very, very nice. I’d be all for this.