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  1. Interesting, as the colors aren't the problem with this uniform. At all. If I had to guess, they may go to a more North Carolina "University" or "Valor" Blue, as Nike calls it. Perhaps tweaking the Silver to Grey or Anthracite. I'd be shocked if they got rid of Black, but geeze, what to? White only? Navy, like UNC? The Panthers have a great, unique color set...shame if this is messed with. Update the logo & uniform fine, but changing the colors seems pointless and headed for disaster.
  2. Now that Tennessee and the Jets have ditched the White helmets, this is the perfect time for Houston to make a change to a White lid. On a current helmet, with Navy mask (maybe Navy with a chrome-like finish), the logo would look outstanding. There's plenty of Navy in this league. If they can't go Powder Blue with Red & White, but want to make a change, why not go full Red, White & (Royal) Blue? If they are considering a big change, that color tweak would make their identity unique to the NFL. All in all, their uniforms really aren't that bad. They could modify the red sleeve insert, update the font, and tinker with the pant stripe (in a TRADITIONAL way) and retain an outstanding football identity.
  3. I don't think there's anything I hate more on football uniforms than "shards". The Broncos redesign of the 90's spawned a puke-worthy decade or more of knock-off designs. It was atrocious then, it's atrocious now, and I simply can't believe these actually happened. If they had simply done a full contrast panel down the leg, or kept the 3-stripe look, and just copied that look to the sleeve cap, these would be an A+ uniform. Instead, someone had to be cute, and we got this trainwreck to look at for at least 5 years. It's unfathomable to me that the NFL, partnered with Nike, allows the Falcons & Cardinals to keep their current designs, and that they allowed this Jets uniform happen. This, coming from a diehard Nike loyalist. The previous set was 100x better. This is the Browns redesign all over again.
  4. I still can't believe the use of the "shards". Especially on the pants. These look like some totally generic off-brand dazzle pants from 2002 every other high school in the nation wore for a few years. Horrific. Remove the shards and this would've been a simple, clean, good makeover. But as-is, this is just BAD.
  5. Lukas is senile. The jersey template is correct. Yes, it doesn't have the 100 logo but it may be early for that. There's no way someone got all of these players in these poses and mocked these up like this. Besides, the "Take Flight" tagline is below the Jets wordmark on the right. This is legit. And it's absurd.
  6. Utter. :censored:ing. Trash. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! First, the helmet is fine. After that, I'm disgusted. Broncos-style pant shards?!? SERIOUSLY? What is this, 1997?? The need to wrap it around the shoulders somehow...just embarrassing. The forced "NEW YORK" on the chest makes it look like a high school or college uniform, just as someone else said. The font is a combination of a block and some other late 90's-ish font. The "1" does not fit well at all with the "3", etc. So yeah, count me in the camp that hates this. Terrible!
  7. What is the official name of the Green used in the Jets' Color Rush uniforms? Looks like an awful lot like this gentleman's tie. And a likely color to go with full-time, since, you know, they've already proven they can use it. "Apple Green" is a name they use in place of Kelly Green in some instances. They have also use "Classic Green" in their golf line, which I would say lands between Kelly & Dark ("Gorge") Green.
  8. Has anyone been able to track down XFL trademark filings? Surely they would've registered team names and domain names by now.
  9. Home/Away should've been done from the start. It's resulted in an amateur-unveiling process mid-season and again just reeks of this league's unpreparedness. The failure to do this from the start was a major missed marketing opportunity, but that about sums up the entire league's brand rollout. It looks like the XFL was much smarter in taking 2 years to ramp up and get started, and that the AAF made the original XFL's mistake and rushed it. Here's hoping the XFL's branding continues to be strong and that they make their team name/mascot/uniform unveilings extremely special.
  10. I love White helmets, especially with Black facemasks, and I think Marshall shows you can do it extremely well with Kelly Green & Black, but as this comment points out, it's odd that 3 of 4 teams in the AFC East have White helmets. NO ONE has a Kelly Green helmet, which is exactly why the Jets could have considered it. If they do, and they are incorporating Black into the color scheme, that makes perfect sense for the facemask. North Dakota has this look down with a matte finish (would prefer satin), though I feel like the helmet needs some striping: In the end, the 3 out of 4 White helmet argument shouldn't dictate what the Jets do, but it's something for those that want a Green helmet can argue for.
  11. This is Titans-esque. Which is not a compliment.
  12. Kelly Green & Black, when used properly, can compliment each other very well:
  13. I think these are all horrible, or have horrible components that ruin potentially solid sets. Really not impressed with Joe Bosack’s work here, again.
  14. Announced a few hours ago that Riddell is the official protective partner of the AAF. Will be wearing the Speed and Speed Flex, no mention of Precision Fit. Could be a solid move by both parties and opens up the door for Schutt or VICIS to make a play at the XFL. I am not holding my breath for the uniform reveals tomorrow night in hopes that I’ll be pleasantly surprised.