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  1. I'm sorry, there's just too much here. I applaud the creativity on display but the designs are just overloaded. Everything's too loud and cluttered. I understand what you're setting out to do but it's not my cup of tea.
  2. Vegas' sweater is better than that gold kids birthday tablecloth thing they released earlier.
  3. So having lived here for a few years and being both a hockey and baseball fan... Yes. The Lightning's arena is far easier to get to, and the experience is much better when you compare it to the Rays'. Maybe I'm just weird though, because I never found the trip to Tropicana to be that bad. I try to catch a few games a year because it's cheap Major League ball, and yeah. The drive is long-ish but I'm from southern Ontario where everything is an hour and a half to three hours away from everything else. So a sub-hour drive across the Bay doesn't strike me as too much of an inconvenience. To me the dump that is Tropicana Field is more of a deterrent than the drive. I can see the city of Tampa caving and throwing a lot of money behind a Rays stadium deal if they win though.
  4. I'm quite content leaving purple in the past, and the occasional throwback game. The Raptors have, since 2003, emphasized RAPTORS over TORONTO on the uniforms to appeal to as much as Canada as possible.
  5. Emphasizing black was a mistake. A straight reproduction of the red and white unis they won the title in with "RAPTORS" in place of "NORTH" was all they had to do. This is significantly worse than that would have been. It's still fine, but they overthought it.
  6. Well That LA team that had the big offseason signing sure did win the NBA Championship.
  7. Sounds to me like there's a glut of bird names and a lack of canine names "Redwolves" is better than any other alternative presented so far.
  8. There is no chance any concept shown in this thread gets adopted by the team. The Ravens' logo fiasco pretty much guaranteed everything will come from in-house forever. Anyway sign me up for Redwolves or Red Wolves. You can keep the name close to the old one while distancing it from the slur and going in a new direction with a name that actually is something. As opposed to something abstract like "Alliance." You could even keep the logo structure the same. Keep the roundel, lose the feather, and replace the Native person's head with a wolf head. It's the perfect balance between completely doing away with the old racist identity while also keeping things as familiar as possible. Which I believe is a necessity. Both to ease fans who are clinging to the old identity into a new one and also because, name aside, this is one of the more storied teams in the league. Maintaining as much of the team's visual identity as possible is ideal. Redtails also has that advantage, but my objections to that name are the same as @Sport's. well meaning as the sentiment behind it is, it is another "fetishize the military" name.
  9. Not so fast So THIS is what it's like to be on the winning side of a Chargers joke job.
  10. I don't see that happening after the way these two games have gone. This is pure dominance on LA's part.
  11. This thing looks like a cheap table cloth you'd buy for a kid's birthday. I feel like I could rip this sweater in half. I'm also not shocked to see people defending it "because Vegas."
  12. Only if they pay whoever owns the AAF trademarks to get the Apollos back. TAKE AIM!
  13. Look. We like you guys. Hell, I live here now. Still, sometimes we gotta do our own things. You NFL hosers gotta know when "no, thank you" means "I'd rather not, eh?"
  14. Probably not. The CFL going under doesn't cause a NFL-calibre stadium to spontaneously build itself, and the CFL had nothing to do with the Bills drawing poorly.
  15. I know this will be hard for some people to understand but the NFL is not the be-all-end-all of sports. And they wouldn't be in Toronto! Hockey and baseball have a more established history there, and the Raptors' NBA Championship is still fresh in people's minds. "Surely the NFL can overcome that!" you say. Except the evidence isn't there to support that. Again, the NFL is not the be-all-end-all of sports. The NFL tried in Toronto. Really tried. The Bills' Toronto series was pushed HARD. How hard you may ask? I was living in London, Ontario at the time (three hours out from Toronto) and you couldn't escape the marketing. So I can only imagine the marketing blitz the city itself got. What did it amount to? A Rogers Centre that wasn't even filled to capacity. And the Rogers Centre is small by NFL standards. So there's no evidence the team would be a draw. In fact evidence suggests it would be middling for the market and near the bottom (if not the bottom) for the NFL long-term. The Rogers Centre brings up the second reason it wouldn't work. The Rogers Centre is small by NFL standards, and wouldn't be a viable solution. It would be suitable as a short term venue while a new stadium was built, but even that is out the window. The Toronto Argonauts, the CFL team, recently left Rogers to play at an expanded BMO Field across the street. This was done so the Blue Jays could install real grass in Rogers. Converting Rogers from baseball to football isn't the easy thing it used to be, and the Jays would SO not go for it after finally getting the place to themselves. Related to Rogers Centre...point three of why the NFL shouldn't go to Toronto. There's no NFL-caliber stadium in the city, and no will to build one. BMO Field was the last stadium the City of Toronto paid for, and that's going to be it for the foreseeable future. Not to say that Canadian locales are above paying for billionaires' pet projects, because events in Edmonton and Calgary prove we can stoop that low. Thing is...those were hockey arenas. Meaning they're cheaper than the football palaces modern NFL stadiums have become and they were for teams in a sport that is practically a cultural institution in Canada. Which American football isn't (hell, Canadian football isn't). The City of Toronto/Province of Ontario isn't going to pull a Las Vegas/Nevada and pour 700+ million into a football stadium. So short of finding a Kroenke style billionaire who's willing to fund it on his own dime (and pay Canadian taxes on top of that)? It's just not happening. Point four. I'm not an Argos fan (go Ti-Cats!) but the Toronto Argonauts are older than every other team in the NFL. They're among the oldest continuous sports franchises in the world. Not only that, they anchor the CFL financially. Toronto is the economic centre of Canada and its largest city. Merely having Toronto in the CFL makes it viable to advertisers. There is a very real chance that a NFL team in Toronto could kill the Argos, and a very real chance that killing the Argos kills the CFL. And it's a very real possibility that without the CFL the Canadian version of the game dies. I'm not willing to sacrifice a team with the history of the Argos, or the CFL, or the Canadian version of the game for some middling NFL franchise the market doesn't need and metrics indicate it doesn't want.
  16. It's gotta be LA in six, tops, right? Miami has been really impressive but LA's just on another level.