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  1. Emphasizing black over white was a mistake. The NORTH unis they won the championship in were the perfect starting point to a unique identity in the league. They could have owned being the red and white team had they just replaced NORTH with RAPTORS. Instead they're butchering the design to go with black as an alternate. Which just screams of following Houston. Which was, itself, a disaster of an unveiling. I still like the chevron and the arched wordmark, but yeah. The decision to go heavy on black was a mistake. Wrong on two counts.
  2. I don't have the time to go back and dig for the offseason discussion about the Clippers and their stupid alternates but this is why you don't marginalize your team's identity for a gimmick. The Clippers rolled out "Compton" inspired alternates, how they were claiming the streets of LA. Yeah, blew a 3-1 lead and the Lakers are in the WCF again. That's why the streets of LA were never truly yours, Clippers.
  3. I'm not sure the Clippers go up 3-1 on the Nuggets, or even necessarily make it past round one, if the Bubble was that crippling for Kawhi. The fact that no one wants to acknowledge is that the Clippers we saw lose three straight games to the Nuggets are the same Clippers we saw all season, even before the pandemic. Streaky play, a lack of chemistry. In retrospect? The Clippers losing three straight games like this shouldn't surprise anyone. They were playing hot and cold all season. Kawhi going utterly cold in a game seven is certainly shocking, but I'm not sure the Bubble is to blame for that. We would have seen him fall flat much earlier if it were.
  4. Not to downplay the rest of that Raptors team (because by G-d did they prove they could play even without him) but Kawhi was clutch in last year's playoffs. Everyone remembers the game seven buzzer beater against the 76ers in the second round. Compare that with...whatever it is he was doing last night in another second round game seven. I could hardly believe it. You're absolutely right that he had a better supporting cast in Toronto, but he still did everything he had to do- and more- when it was asked of him. So to see him just utterly skid out in a high pressure was weird. I don't know what's up. Is it that he had a lesser supporting cast so he burnt out trying to do too much? Is it a pressure thing where he felt extra pressure to perform playing for a "hometown" team? Is it simply that the Clippers are going to Clip? It's just so weird. There was talk all of last season that he didn't want to be in Toronto. That he left after winning a championship would seem to lend credence to that. And yet he came through every time the Raptors needed a clutch performance from him. Meanwhile with the Clippers...he just seemed like he wanted to go home. @The Six made a cute remark last off-season that Leonard- being the Quiet Man and all- appreciated how the Clippers kept things quiet compared to the buzz around the Lakers and Canada getting excited over how their one NBA team may get to keep one of its top stars. Well let's examine what happened after that. The Clippers made Kawhi the centre of a marketing blitz. "LA our way," "Streetlights not spotlights," blah blah blah. Let's take The Six's assessment at face value. That Kawhi Leonard is a quiet dude who likes things low-key. You think the Clippers blurting his name out as the central figure of their massive inferiority complex-driven marketing campaign would be something he'd be fine with? I don't know the guy so maybe...but if we're going to shame Canada for the buzz around last off-season's free agency then you have to concede that the Clippers weren't any better in how they made him the focus of their little brother syndrome. The Clippers took a spot against the Lakers in the WCF as a given all year. All the trash talk. All the silly billboards. All the talk about LeBron only being a Laker so he could make Space Jam 2...and it's LeBron and the Lakers in the WCF while the Clippers are left with another blown 3-1 series lead. There's a lesson here about an unearned sense of entitlement.
  5. Kawhi we love you. Come back, but get an exorcism first to get whatever malevolent demon is possessing the Clippers out of ya.
  6. It's been really great. It's crazy to think the same purple clad team with a goofy dinosaur logo across the jerseys that was getting routed by nearly everyone else in the league twenty-five years ago managed to get this far. It's been great to see the city come together to embrace them too, seeing as they've always sort of been the odd team out in the Toronto sports landscape (blue maple leaf, double blue bird, double blue shield, red and purple dinosaur). Not only that, but it has re-invigorated my love of basketball/the NBA in general. I would always tune in come playoff time, but this past season was probably the first NBA season I watched regularly since the Vince Carter years. And it's been a blast! It's a great game to get into. I'm not sure what else is in store for this version of the Raptors. Lowry/Siakam is a good base to start with, and they can build on it. Toronto's a great city, and every player who's played there has said as much. It's just that being the lone foreign locale means it's a bit of a daunting challenge when it comes to FA signings. Hopefully the recent success helps negate that.
  7. It was a hell of a run. Thanks Raptors That was special! We the North!
  8. What a game... Look...I don't know if the Raptors can win game seven. Hell even if they do...can they repeat? The prospect of a weaker Miami team (compared to potentially full-strength Milwaukee team) is enticing. Still...even THAT...can they beat either LA team in the Finals? Probably not. Be it game seven of the Boston series or somewhere else down the line, this is likely the swan song for this Raptors team and by G-d...I saw this stupid dinosaur team I stuck by win the NBA Championship. That's wild. I'll never forget that. So whatever happens? It's been a hell of a ride. Thanks guys With all of that being said...ride or die! We the North!
  9. I miss the orange on the NHL logo. Just saying.
  10. My immediate superior at work is black. I like to think I have reasons to be annoyed with him beyond cooking up conspiracy theories about his ethnic group
  11. As I said above it's ignorant...but it comes from this weird, and awkward place that exists between the black and Jewish communities. I'm not sure what else is needed beyond people just talking to each other and understanding where the other is coming from.
  13. Look, I don't like James sucking up to Chinese corporate interests but he's not the ultimate evil there. The West as a whole is culpable for getting in bed with a regime as indefensible as the PRC. James- like any other businessman- is looking out for his bottom line. Yeah, LeBron James wanting everyone to shut up about police brutality in Hong Kong while leading the fight to end police brutality in the US is a bad look but he's not the devil in this scenario. He's got his heart in the right place here. It's just that he, like every other rich person with business interests in China, has a blind spot to that issue. I think we'd all wish he didn't, but he's not the cause of the problem. The antisemitic thing is interesting, and a personal issue for me. One I like to talk about because to be frank? It seems like an awful lot of antisemitism gets a pass for whatever reason. And is only a problem anyone addresses when people force the issue. So is LeBron James an antisemite? Honestly? I don't think so, but let's call it as it is; black culture in the US has a problem with Jews. Not so much in that it is inherently antisemitic (it's not) but that it as a culture doesn't understand how to talk about Jews, or Jewish issues. Parallels are, of course, noticeable. Both Jews and black people (particularly black people in the US) have been through the ringer historically, and have suffered some pretty heinous treatment. And I think a lot of black people see the relative affluence of the Jewish population today and see the general success Jewish groups have had in banding together to fight antisemitism and they go "hey, we should be like that. That should be our model." Which is all well and good, but then you get into this weird, uncomfortable space where you have black musicians writing lyrics about how Jews own all the money or whatever, and you have black cultural icons who tweet or post that stuff into the world, and in their minds it's a positive, affirming thing. Like "oh hey, here's this group that was oppressed, and they did well for themselves, these lyrics affirm that as something we should do for ourselves." Problem is that stereotypes about "Jewish control of finances" or whathaveyou have been used to justify some of the heinous stuff Jews have had to endure. And that by putting this stuff out there black musicians and black cultural icons inadvertently further antisemitic stereotypes. That's the case with LeBron James. He was spreading lyrics written by 21savage, who apologized and basically said he wrote that song with the above in mind. So in short? It's an awkward situation. There's this assumption that antisemitism isn't a problem anymore, and that's just not true (the second largest political party in the US' leading ally just managed to rid itself of a leader who couldn't empathize with Jewish people or see antisemitism as a problem). Regardless, perhaps no two groups of people should have as much common cause as Jewish people and black people. And yet this awkwardness exists. It's not malice, it's just talking past each other. Which is better than malice to be sure, but it needs to stop. And it starts with a degree of inter-community dialogue where everyone listens and learns. That has nothing to do with people like DeSean Jackson and Stephen Jackson who are just, well, antisemitic bigots.
  14. The antisemitic lyrics he blasted out onto social media is more my issue with him.
  15. It's also safe for St. Louis fans! Nothing there to get upset over
  16. FTR I'm 100% in favour of a Lukas Rule because the hate people throw at him is really, really petty and derailing. I'd be all for giving someone a mandatory month off for injecting Paul Lukas hate into a thread where he wasn't relevant. So Paul Lukas was the first journalist to cover uniform and logo news in a serious manner. Treating it like real news. And Paul Lukas- like every other human being on Earth- has his preferences, biases, and opinions. In Paul's case he's a fan of traditional uniforms and he's politically liberal. He's been very outspoken about stuff like Chief Wahoo and the Washington Football Team (Est. 1932)'s former name. Some people take GREAT offence to all of that and I have no time for them. Why you ask?'s all so arbitrary. Lukas is like any of us- deeply interested in sports logo and uniform news, aesthetics, discussion. He's just the first guy to make it big talking about it. He was the right guy at the right place at the right time. People who and moan about his preferences and his stances being put on a pedestal fail to realize their blatant hypocrisy. They wouldn't be screaming about him being unable to "keep politics out" if he were a flag waving 'MURICA conservative. Yet because he's a progressive? They're foaming at the mouth. Ultimately Paul Lukas is just a guy with a platform he earned. Don't want to hear what he has to say? Don't visit his site and don't follow him on social media. It's that simple. And to repeat...I'm 100% on board with a month long suspension for anyone who insists on injecting Paul Lukas hate into a thread where he previously wasn't a factor.
  17. The Toronto Maple Leafs sell banners like this that include Cups won while they were known as the Arenas and St. Pats. It's not a big deal. @BringBackTheVet is right though, that officially lists will probably refer to the '82, '87, and '91 Super Bowl Champions as the "Washington Washington Football Team." Official records and fan merch are two different things entirely. Why do you still want to use a slur?
  18. All correct, and well said! The difference is that Sinterklass is himself an example of cultural drift from the legends of the very real Saint Nicolas of Myra. The drift from Saint Nicolas of Myra to Sinterklass is far less clear cut. It involves a great degree of cultural diffusion as the early Christian Church spread westward and northward out of the Mediterranean and into Germanic and Celtic Europe. Saint Nicolas got conflated with a number of European pagan figures, the most prominent being Odin. An old man with a beard who flies around in the sky with flying animals in late December. This mixture of Saint Nicolas of Myra and Odin (with a few other pagan elements tossed in) morphed into Sinterklass. Who, as you outlined, was picked up by Thomas Nast and reinvented as Santa Clause (Father Christmas was a separate syncretism of early Christian concepts and pagan beliefs who got folded into the Saint Nicolas/Odin fusion of Sinterklass later on). Nast drew on a lot of the traditional Sinterklass imagery (beard, red and white outfit, etc). While modern Santa is very much a result of his creation the elements he played with were arrived at by close to a thousand years of mythological drift. I admit this may be me splitting hairs, but it seems as if Nast just took Sinterklass and gave him a makeover to be more marketable He most certainly drew from a variety of sources (and made some other stuff up) but he was mostly rejiggering a concept that had evolved through centuries of mythological drift. The kraken, as a concept, never really got that. Partially as a result of early modern Scandinavia viewing their viking/Norse past with a sense of embarrassment. Studying this stuff was pretty rare in the centuries after Christianization, with a lot of it written off as "pagan barbarism." So a lot of the sagas we now consider classic Norse literature were just sitting in dusty libraries for centuries, neglected by historians and literary scholars alike. In short? Society wouldn't let the kraken properly drift A myth can't drift if no one is spreading it. The late 18th century saw the stirrings of what would becomes the Nordic revival movement, when academics began to study older Norse history seriously, no longer confined by the view that the "pagan" past should be written off as "barbaric." Enter Erik Pontoppidan, a Danish scholar and clergyman. He would have been aware of the kraken myth thanks to this revival. And he also wrote travel log literature. He came across unrelated tales of giant squids and slapped the "kraken" name on them. A few movies later and here we are re: what the kraken is in popular imagination. It may seem like splitting hairs but I see far less cultural drift in the case of the kraken. Whereas Santa Clause arrived to us, via Sinterklass, as a result of centuries of Christian and pagan cultural diffusion. Of course you could argue that the kraken myth entered the popular consciousness later and therefore the process was "sped up" as societal development tends to speed up the further along you are. That would be a very fair point to make. Ok. That's really interesting. Heh. Thanks. I know I'm in the nichiest of niches one this one but it's what it is. It's far easier to accept thanks to the excellent identity. I really do love how even something as basic as the number font gives me a salt-cracked seafaring vibe. It might bring me around in due time. Today isn't that day though. Anyhow that was a very interesting read. And again, my apologies for my earlier loss of composure.
  19. This league's number one draft pick is going to "Team TBD." Jerseys arriving on time was never happening.
  20. The thing is that we can pinpoint when all of this happened. Travel guide literature of the 18th century. Which became incredibly popular. And prominent authors in this genre ended up conflating the old Norse kraken legend with unrelated legends about giant squids. I made a post in the old thread where I sourced all of this stuff down to the first instance of it happening. So while you can point to Santa Clause and Sinterklass as being representations of Saint Nicholas of Myra evolving through cultural mythological drift (though the OG Saint Nic was very real by all accounts)? The kraken is a case where I can pinpoint the moment where that transition happened and go "Erik Pontoppidan just conflated two separate things in a book that became popular." Now does this have any effect whatsoever on the way most people view the kraken? No. Not really. Erik Pontoppidan conflated two things in a popular book and that set the public image of both as one in stone. It is what it is. Still, there's a reason I can enjoy Santa Clause as a jolly reminder of one of my favourite seasons whereas I can't get over my dislike of the Seattle Kraken leaning into the squid thing. And I know that's a niche group I fall into for not being able to get over that, but it is how I feel. And I do feel like I've arrived at that honestly
  21. The Leviathan is a Hebrew legend. Not Greek either