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  1. Make it a Senators throwback similar to how Texas did that several years ago, and mark it sold.
  2. The Yankees first wore pinstripes in 1912 and every year since 1915. There are plenty of examples of other teams in pinstripes, but not for over 100 years straight. Chicago wore pinstripes on their road uniforms in 1907, but there were plenty of years in the 1910s, 20s, and '34-'56 when they didn't. Pinstripes became more synonymous with NY because of their success.
  3. FSU went with the spear helmet design in 1976, several years after the Redskins abandoned it in favor of the Lombardi uniforms.
  4. Astros at Orioles, both teams in white 1989 throwback uniforms.
  5. Baltimore, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Seattle opting for the black uniforms at home, with the other 11 home teams in white.
  6. If the Clippers win the NBA title next season, as some writers are speculating, what then?
  7. AS game patch on right sleeve moved the Frank Robinson to the front. Of course, there's also the Tyler Skaggs tribute on front, the Cleveland guitar patch on the left sleeve and the 150th anniversary on the right. By my count, that's 5 on one jersey, could be more.
  8. In 1971, they were still wearing the Lombardi helmets, and it was indeed the first year of the New England Patriots. My assumption is the tray was manufactured after the season and the new logo had been approved much earlier. What I don't understand is since the Lombardi helmets were based on Green Bay's, then why have an "R" instead of "W" on the helmet?
  9. 3 stripes on the blue jerseys vs 2 on the white jerseys?
  10. According to the Washington Post, "If you’re wondering why the Nationals will wear road throwbacks at home, it’s because the Expos’ away uniforms are more striking than their original home whites.” For sake of comparison
  11. Now if they can get the Rangers to wear 1969 Washington Senators uniforms this year, I'll be snagging one of those jerseys.
  12. 1969 throwbacks, presumably for a road game in July, not sure which
  13. Also no votes for Indians, Angels, Nationals and Mets.
  14. Does everyone like the number font? When I see the #11 jersey, this came to mind.
  15. The 2019 Orioles MD jerseys . Flag covered sleeves.
  16. There's a city in MD called Columbia about 30 minutes away.