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  1. I don't know the number either but it's the one that says a team can't use the state name..... unless MLB needs them to also host the AS game.
  2. (Apologies, I didn't notice this had been posted previously)
  4. They'll wear this for 3 seasons
  5. I had to order mine through shop.nhl which is run by fanatics, but fanatics' own website never listed it. Adidas and/or NHL must not have anticipated the demand, and it appears the release is staggered.
  7. Lynda Carter Thank you @capitals for letting me be among the first to get the new #reverseretro jersey! The last time I had a screaming eagle on my Caps jersey it said Bondra on the back @adidashockey #giftedbyadidas
  8. When I checked very early this morning, half of the sizes were already sold out, and it's now out completely. I scored my Ovechkin jersey on a few hours later and it's also sold out.
  9. As much as I like that idea, save it for a future expansion team in London. Ah-hoo Werewolves of London Heh, draw blood Ah-hoo Werewolves of London
  10. ESPN interviewed team president, Jason Wright.
  11. DC statehood proponents have always added the modifier New to Columbia. The latest proposal is Washington, Douglass Commonwealth.