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  1. In MLB 21 The Show has Team Color "2" accessories for the 1980-84 Padres are Orange when they should be Yellow.
  2. Agreed. When playing MLB The Show these are the uniforms I use for the Reds. There are so many missing 70'/80's/90's uniforms (including alternates) in the game it's beyond sad but that's a different story.
  3. Just as long as 2k22 on the PS4 gets all the new city/statement/earned etc. I'll be happy. Anyway.... It's early but I'll throw my two cents worth in again and see what @Conrad. says about City/Statment etc. City Editions 2021-22 OKC- Navy (Tulsa Wall Street inspired) Denver- Gold (Updated Rocky Mountain Fauxback) Utah- same as 2021 season honoring Utah mountain range Portland- White version of 2021 honoring Oregon Mountain range Minnesota- White w/Blue & Red Hamm's Bear Inspired Lakers-Ice Blue & White honoring Jerry West Clippers- Red (Honoring 2024 Olympics) Kings-Carolina Blue Version of 2021 set Warriors- Orange "Oakland" fauxback based on the 1997-2010 set Suns- Same as 2021 Dallas- Green (Honoring Reunion Arena) San Antone- Teal Version of 2021 set honoring old warmups/Hemisphere Arena Houston- Navy/w Pinstripes (1995-2003 fauxback) Memphis- Teal Version of 2021 set honoring Memphis native Isaac Hayes New Orleans- Green Mardigras version of 2017-18 set) Chicago- Red w/Black Pinstripes (1996 fauxback inspired) Cleveland- Gold (Honoring Richfield Coliseum) Detroit- Teal (1996-2001 fauxback inspired) Milwaukee- Purple & Green (1990's fauxback) Indiana- Gold version of 2021 fauxback Brooklyn- Blue (Honoring Brooklyn Dodgers) New York- White w/Pinstripes honoring Yankees/Mets/1970's Knicks uniforms Boston-Green & Gold (Honoring Boston Garden) Philadelphia- Red/White/Blue (Honoring the Spectrum) Toronto- White version of 2021 set Miami- same as 2021 Miami Vice set Orlando- Orange version of 2020-21 set honoring Florida orange groves Washington- Royal Blue (Honoring the Washington Bullets) Charlotte- Gold version of 2021 set honoring first US mint in Southeast Atlanta- same as 2021 honoring Dr. King Earned Utah (Green) Memphis (Yellow) Dallas (Navy) Clippers (Carolina Blue) Denver (Royal Blue) Portland (Red) Phoenix (Silver) Lakers (Jet Black) Brooklyn (White) Boston (Green) New York (Orange) Atlanta (Black) Milwaukee (Lime Green) Miami (White) Philadelphia (Blue) Washington (White) New Statements* Denver (Yellow) Dallas (Silver) Detroit (Red) Brooklyn (Black) Philadelphia (Red) Charlotte (Purple)
  4. Gonna take another stab at the dark on this one. New Orleands complete revamp. Charlotte/OKC/Indiana/Dallas/Denver/Washington/Boston/Brooklyn/New York to get new "statement" uniforms. City Edition bold predictions: OKC Orange Honoring Nick Collison Denver Carolina Blue Rocky Mountain Inspired Portland White Version of the 2021 set honoring Oregon landscape Minnesota White Version of the 2021 set honoring the Minnesota North Stars Utah will keep the same as 2021 Lakers Futuristic Gold/Purple/Black/White to honor Phil Jackson Clippers Red honoring inner city LA Phoenix Purple Version of 2021 set honoring Arizona desert Golden State Royal Blue Honoring early 90's club Sacramento Black Fauxback Honoring 2002 club for 20th Anniversary Dallas Green Fauxback 80's inspired San Antone Teal Version of 2021 set honoring 90's warmups Hemisphere Arena Houston Red with Pinstripes 1995-2003 fauxback inspired New Orleans same as 2021 honoring city flag Memphis Gold version of 2021 set honoring hometown legend Isaac Hayes Chicago Black w/red pinstripes 1996 fauxback inspired Cleveland Wine/Gold fauxback70's inspired Detroit Red Version of 2021 set honoring Detroit's automobile industry and blue collar ethic Indiana Navy Blue Version of 2021 set honoring 1997-2005 uniforms Milwaukee Lime Green/Kelly Green 80's fauxback inspired Brooklyn Royal Blue honoring Jackie Robinson and the Brooklyn Dodgers New York White w/Blue and Orange pinstripes Yankees/Mets inspired Toronto Black honoring Neal Peart/RUSH Boston Green and White parquet theme honoring parquet floor at Boston Garden Philadelphia Black honoring Allen Iverson and the 1997-2009 look Miami Teal Vice Miami Dolphins theme Orlando Silver w/Black pinstripes 1989-99 fauxback inspired Washington Royal Blue fauxback based on the 1988-97 look Charlotte Gold w/pinstripes honoring Jim Crockett Promotions Atlanta will retain the MLK inspired set again
  5. Hoping that MLB the Show will correct the errors as stated in the above post and they add more throwback uniforms.
  6. Minnesota's new city edition to honor the "Stars at Night" in the Twin Cities? The Minnesota North Stars? Fauxback to their 1996-2008 Black Alternate? Memphis didn't have a city edition last year but will this year? And it's to honor STAX Records. Denver again going with a fauxback Rocky Mountain Skyline?
  7. Now sure what to think of the new Thunder edition. It's supposed to honor State Pride. I can imagine what the earned will look like. The earned can be base don either the City or Statement. Anyway here's the ones still missing and I'll take a stab at it: Denver: Yellow Rocky Mountain Fauxback of previous sets Utah: White/White Blue honoring Utah winter Minnesota: White version of previous set Houston: Carolina Blue honoring the uniforms of spacemen Memphis: None again as Classic edition replaces it Cleveland: Yellow another inspired fauxback set Indiana: Silver Honoring Market Square Arena So far this year we have OKC: Blue/Black/Orange honoring the State Pride of Oklahoma Portland: Black honoring Oregon mountain ranges Lakers: White Fauxback honoring Elgin Baylor Clippers: Black Version of "Straight Outta Compton" wanting LA to embrace the Clippers as the city's team Sacramento: Black honoring city nickname Golden State: Navy fauxback honoring 1997-2010 set saying "Oakland" Phoenix: Black honoring the Valley of Arizona with a touch of throwback 1994-2000 black alternate thrown in Dallas: White honoring 10th anniversary of title San Antone: Black Honoring 90's logo and warm up jackets and the Hemisphere Arena New Orleans: White/Blue/Red honoring city flag and Willie Nelson song "City of New Orleans" Chicago: Black honoring building details of Chicago's buildings/theaters of the 1930's Detroit: Blue this time honoring the Blue Collar ethic of Detroit Milwaukee: Blue honoring team's first sponsor Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer Toronto: Black similar to last year's minus the pinstripes New York: Black honoring New York's nightlife Brooklyn: Black honoring a local Brooklyn street artist who's work is on Brooklyn Subways Boston: White honoring the banners in Boston Garden Philadelphia: Black honoring the Philadelphia neighborhoods and suburbs Miami: Crockett Blue/Pink Miami Vice and flamingo inspired Orlando: White version of last year's set honoring the orange groves of Florida Charlotte:Teal honoring first US mint branch which was in Charlotte Atlanta: Black honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Washington Gray: Honoring new President Joe Biden Some predictions on the earned colors: Lakers: Royal Blue Portland: White Houston: Red OKC: White Denver: Maroon Utah: Green Clippers: Red Dallas: Slate Gray Milwaukee: Kelly Green Orlando: Silver Miami: White Indiana: Royal Blue Toronto: Purple Boston: Green Philadelphia: White
  8. In MLB 20 the Show there are three errors on classic uniforms 1993-1996 California Angels Away Caps/Helmets have red brims (same as home) when they should be all Navy. 1997-1999 Astros Alternate Uniform should have Gold Bills on the Home Cap and not be all Navy 1993-1995 Florida Marlins road cap should be a Teal Crown with Black bills but in the game the cap is all Teal like the home cap. Seriously I'm hoping MLB 21 for the PS4 will correct these errors and add more throwback uniforms in.
  9. I'll go ahead and take a stab at the dark on next season's city editions Atlanta - Black (already leaked honoring MLK) Charlotte -Purple (Another Buzz City inspired honoring the Charlotte Coliseum) Miami- Black (This past season's Vice Theme) Orlando- White (white version of this past season's Florida Peach set) Washington- Black (BLM inspired) Chicago- Carolina Blue Pinstripes (1978 Chicago Cubs theme but with Bulls logo instead) Cleveland- Yellow (fauxback with the 1980's Richfield Coliseum writing) Detroit - Red (This past season's set honoring the Auto industry) Indiana - Royal Blue (80's Fauxback inspired) Milwaukee- Royal Blue (royal version of last season's Cream City set) Boston - White (white version of last season set) Brooklyn - Yellow (yellow version of the Notorious B.I.G. set) New York - White with blue pinstripes (Yankees/Mets theme) Philadelphia Navy (last year's leaked Navy jersey in the City edition of that season) Toronto -White (white version of last year's set) Lakers -Black (going to use 2017-18 Black Mamba set again) Clippers Black (black version of the "Straight Outta Compton" set used last season) Golden State- White (Another set honoring China Town or the Bay Bridge) Sacramento- Red (updated version of last season's set) Phoenix- Dark Gray (again honoring the Hispanic community in Phoenix) Dallas-Navy (same set as last year) Houston- Yellow (another NASA inspired set) San Antone-Black (fiesta warmup era 90's inspired) New Orleans- Green & Gold (Mardigras theme) Memphis none (like last season will use the classic edition as "City" edition) Oklahoma City- Slate Gray (same as last year honoring the victims of the 1995 bombing) Denver- Yellow (yellow version of previous two Rocky Mountain Rainbow fauxbacks) Utah -White-Carolina Blue-Purple (new color scheme of the Utah mountains but in the 1996-2004 team colors instead) Portland- Cream/Off White (Same as last season's set) Minnesota- Gray (gray version of last year's set).
  10. As long as NBA 2k adds Memphis City edition from last season. It sucks that they didn't do one this year. So will they have one next season? Knicks keeping last years Manhatten Skyline and Pelicans keeping last years Mardi Gras? Charlotte? Anyway here are the City edition themes this year Atlanta Peach- Honoring Sate nickname Charlotte-not released yet Miami Crockett Blue- Miami Vice Orlando Black- Central Florida Orange Groves Washington White-Honoring District of Columbia and also a nice touch with the American Flag Boston Green- Irish community and honoring Irish immigrants Brooklyn White - White version of last year's set honoring Biggy Smalls New York - Same as last year? Philadelphia Cream- Honoring Ben Franklin and the Liberty Bell (The Navy that leaked will be next years) Toronto Black & Gold- We the North theme slightly altered from the 2018 set Chicago Columbia Blue- Honoring City Flags and Chicago Lakes Cleveland Navy- Honoring 50th Anniversary of club being in Cleveland Detroit Red- Honoring the Automobile industry and Detroit's Blue Collar work ethic Indiana White -White version of 2018 set honoring Indy 500 Milwaukee Cream- Cream City nickname also honoring the Breweries of Milwaukee Dallas Blue- Honoring neighborhood artwork of the Millenials Houston White- City nickname and honoring Nasa similar to a space suit Memphis NONE Being rebels against Nike and Silver New Orleans- Same as last year? San Antone Black Camo- Third year in a row honoring Military bases in San Antone Golden State Black- Honoring "The Town" from the days in Oakland Clippers White- Inner City inspired also challenging the Lakers for supremacy in the city Lakers Banana Yellow- Fauxback to Wilt Chamberlin days Phoenix Slate- Slate version of last years set honoring Hispanic Community of Arizona Sacramento Red- Red version of last year's set Denver Black- Black version of last year's Rocky Mountain Rainbow Fauxback Minnesota Carolina Blue- Honoring Twin Cities and original Minneapolis Lakers Oklahoma City Slate- Honoring 25th Anniversary of Murrah Building Bombing Portland White- City nickname/fauxback to the 70's Utah Gold/Red- Third year in a row honoring Utah Mountain ranges
  11. Portland's is a nice fauxback honoring the 70's Chicago's looks like it has potential Houston's is a Raptors White Association twin Milwaukee going for another Brewery tribute Only ones not leaked yet Toronto (Red/Gold perhaps) Washington (updated 2017-18 White House edition perhaps) Minnesota (Carolina Blue honoring original Lakers?) New York (Orange version of last year's set?) Charlotte (White Buzz City version?) New Orleans (White Version of 2017-18 Mardi Gras set?) Memphis being rebels this year and probably won't do one next season?
  12. So the beer/cream will be official "Home" while pinstripes will be afternoon games only?
  13. At first I thought that Rockets City edition looked identical to the Raptors Home/Association.
  14. First Griffey on SNES was awesome and I did like Winning Run as well. Also on Winning Run, it was the first sports game to feature alternate jerseys long before the PS2/Xbox. If you played an exhibition game, clubs would usually be in their alternate/spring training color tops which I thought was cool. Now SCEA and MLB The Show need to add the 1994-1997 Milwaukee Brewers Home/Away/Alternates
  15. Now the Brewers should add the old school beer barrel from County Stadium and have Bernie slide into it. Also have a Miller High Life and Winston sign on the scoreboard to honor County Stadium.
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