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  1. SDS (The Show) has become just as lazy as EA (Madden-FIFA) when it comes to accuracy and missing throwbacks/throwback alternates. If it's not MUT/FUT (EA) then they don't care. Now with SDS if it's not Daimond Dynasty or the new Story Mode then they don't care. The new Derek Jeter gameplay footage is full of errors. The 2001 Oakland A's are wearing their 2000 black alternates and not the proper Forrest Green moneyball uniforms. Also the 90's Orioles are wearing the current Away uniform and not the proper 90's Away uniform. Also Mark McGwire is seen in the Kingdome wearing the new A's Kelly Green Fauxback. SDS refuses to add missing throwback uniforms and pay attention to detail.
  2. SDS again refuses to add proper missing throwback and throwback alternates to MLB The Show. The new Derek Jeter storyline shows his 2001 ALDS playoff game against Oakland and they are wearing the 2000 Black Alternate and not the Forrest Green set like they did in real life. Also last years trailer had Cal Ripken in the current Baltimore Away uniform as they still won't add the proper 1995 Away uniform.
  3. Donovan Mitchell wearing the 2022 City edition instead of this years set in the 3 point shootout.
  4. So ones that haven't leaked. OKC (Navy ?) Denver (Navy ?) Portland (Black ?) New Orleans (Deep Purple again ?) Orlando (Gray ?) Inspirations this year Minnesota - Land of the 1,000 Lakes Utah - 1996-2004 Fauxback Lakers- Honoring Pau Gasol Clippers- Barbershops of L.A. Golden State - Narrow streets of San Francisco Phoenix - "The Valley" and honoring Hispanic Community of AZ (18/19/20 sets also did that) Sacramento- Unused 75th remix honoring the Rochester Royals Dallas - Tom Landy/Dallas Cowboys inspired Houston- Houston Oilers inspired/City Nickname San Antone- 1968 Fair and old arena The HemisFair Memphis - Honoring their first home in Memphis, the Pyramid Chicago- Honoring Chicago Stadium Cleveland- Theater District inspired Detroit- Honoring Chuck Daly/Bad Boys Indiana- Local Indianapolis Graffiti artist Milwaukee - Updated version of 2022-23 set Toronto- Updated version of 2021-22 set and also honoring Vince Carter Brooklyn- Another local Graffiti Artist] New York- Updated Blue version of last season w/pinstripes to honor the Yankees and Mets Boston- Honoring Bob Cousey Philadelphia- Reading Food Market Miami- "Team Culture" and humidity of Miami Washington- 1997-2011 Wizards Fauxback inspired Atlanta- Mix n Match Fauxback with 80's woodwork combing black with St. Louis Hawks blue Charlotte - another Team Nickname inspired "Buzz City" with nod to Charlotte Coliseum (18/19/20 sets did).
  5. I did see the team uniform selection and they added Iverson's rookie jerseys and the better 90's Clippers set plus "Some" sleeved jerseys. It does suck that the missing sets can only be used in "Eras" and not in other modes. Also missing Utah 1999-2004 Black Alternate Utah 2006-2010 Carolina Blue Alternate Dallas 2003-2004 Silver Alternate Missing Adidas Sleeved Sets Denver White 2015-17 Golden State Black 2015-17 Golden State Slate/Chinese New Year 2015-17 Golden State Yellow 2013-14 Phoenix Dark Gray 2014-17 Houston Red Clutch City 2015-17 Houston Gray 2015-17 New Orleans Purple Mardi Gras 2015-17 Memphis MLK Special 2016-17 Chicago Gray 2015-17 Detroit Navy 2015-17 Brooklyn Gray 2014-17 Orlando Gray 2015-17
  6. 1992-93 season. Dallas switches from Green to Blue as primary road uniform. Also the only year they wore blue in Denver against the Nuggets in their final season in the beautiful Rocky Mountain Rainbow set.
  7. Any club getting new logo or home/away uniforms? Would love to see the Cubs bring back red billed caps or get a new road uniform similar to the 1990-1993 road set.
  8. Clippers honoring local barbershops in L.A.? Team nickname? Celtics honoring Bob Cousey with the new city edition.
  9. TECMO NBA on NES had the Nuggets playing with green colored zones/baselines on their court. Obviously when the game came out the following month on SNES all courts looked better and more accurate. Same for the SEGA version that came out in December 1993 with updated logos and rosters (minus rookies) for the 93-94 season.
  10. Sets this season Minnesota Blue honoring the 1,000 lakes of Minneapolis Utah Purple 1996-2004 Fauxback Golden Sate Black honoring the streets of San Francisco Sacramento Blue Fauxback honoring Rochester Royals (75th remix rejected) Lakers Black Honoring Kobe Bryant again or perhaps Pau Gasol Clippers (Leaked Shorts) Navy Lob City Honor Suns Purple again honoring the Valley and the large Hispanic fanbase Dallas Slate Gray (black) honoring the Dallas Cowboys and Tom Landry San Antone White honoring 1968 HemisFair and the old HemisFair Arena Houston White City Nickname also honoring the Houston Oilers/University of Houston Phi Slama Jama Memphis Black honoring the old Pyramid Chicago Black honoring Madison Ave and the old Chicago Stadium Detroit Black (honoring Motown or honoring another GYM) Indiana Black honoring local Indianapolis Graffiti artist Toronto Gold w/Pinstripes fauxback also honoring 5th anniversary of championship title New York Updated Blue late 90's faucback Brooklyn Slate/Black again honoring another Brooklyn Graffiti artist Washington (Black/Navy Shorts) honoring the name change from Bullets to Wizards Heat Black Honoring Team "Culture" and humidity of Miami Ones not seen Atlanta Black w/Light Blue fauxback of 80's uniform with old St. Louis Hawks colors? Orlando Black again honoring the theme parks of Orlando Charlotte Gold version of the "CLT MINT" Philadelphia Navy version of "Brotherly Love" Boston White version of "Bill Russell Tribute" Milwaukee Lime Green honoring 80's warm up jackets Cleveland Yellow fauxback of 80's uniforms in 70's colors Oklahoma City White Honoring National Cowboy Hall of Fame Denver Maroon version of last season's set honoring Denver architecture Portland Red Fauxback honoring Clyde Drexler New Orleans Dark Green Mardi Gras inspired
  11. Mavericks honoring Tom Landry and the Cowboys or 20th Anniversary of the Silver Alternate that still isn't in NBA 2k. Chicago honoring Madison Ave and the old Chicago Stadium.
  12. Yup, I still remember seeing this magazine at my Dentists office during the 1992-93 season.
  13. After seeing those NFL2k5 pics it makes me wish that EA would add several more throwback uniforms to Madden but they've been too lazy since the PS2/Xbox days to add any more. Same with SDS not adding missing Alternate Throwbacks or missing Away Throwback uniforms. Also I believe NFL Xtreme 2 (released in 1999) had the Detroit Lions in Blue pants while NFL Game Day 2000 and Madden 2000 had the Lions back in their traditional Gray pants. The NBA 2k series has done a fine job of adding throwback uniforms but several are still missing: New York 1979-1980 New Jersey 1999-2005 Gray Alternate Philadelphia 1994-1997 Philadelphia 2007-09 Red Alternate Atlanta 1992-1995 Atlanta 1994-1995 Black Alternate Indiana 1980-1986 Home White/Home Yellow/Away Royal Blue Cleveland 1981-1983 Cleveland 2014-2017 Dark Navy Alternate Denver 1976-1983 Denver 1983-1985 (Dark Blue Rainbow set) Utah/New Orleans Jazz 70's Home Yellow Dallas 2003-2004 Silver Alternate New Orleans Hornets 2008-2013 Yellow Alternate Kansas City Kings 1980-1985 Away Script 1974-75 Buffalo Braves (Powder Blue) 1987-1989 Los Angeles Clippers (Away Red)
  14. The Phillies do what the 2019-20 Grizzlies and 2022-23 Utah Jazz did and wear their classic uniforms as their "City" editions.
  15. Hopeful Predictions: Hopefully Marlins embrace the teal and bring back the 1993-2002 Teal Spring Training Tops as a Friday Alternate! Tigers City Connect will be themed around the 1994 Away redesign and the Tiger on the English "D" with the Orange Bill Cap will make a return. Kansas City's Away Blue Alternate will go back to "Royals" script. Diamondbacks have embraced Teal this season as a Team Color accessory and will have a new Teal Alternate as either the Sedona Red or Black will be eliminated. Angels bring back the classic and better looking 1973-1992 California Angels Home Uniform as an official alternate.
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