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  1. For the Packers, I really don't see Miller Park taking the team. It's more likely that if it's going to be in Wisconsin, it would likely be in either Madison (Camp Randall), Whitewater (Perkins Stadium), or Oshkosh (Titan Stadium).
  2. I didn't know the rule with the yellow or hold, but it makes FAR too much sense.
  3. With Michigan, have you considered giving them the same treatment as the basketball team, with a blue jersey and a maize jersey?
  4. I feel the player in the logo is missing something because his back is so straight.
  5. I feel like the A's should extend into the outer border and keep the point on them.
  6. I'd love to see the Navy hockey helmet have the same striping as the third football helmet.
  7. I like that on Hamilton, there are 11 visible chain links, so, even if unintentional, you can claim it was "one for each person on the field".
  8. If we're going 1880s, so with something generic. Bulldogs, Wildcats, Bears, Reds/Blues/Greens. Otherwise, the area started based on the fur trade, so Trappers could work.
  9. With the first page for the Metropolitans, you have a misspelled word. Looks like "shining" ended up with an extra "n" in it.
  10. Dan O'Mac

    Rhino Logo

    I feel like it's lacking motion. To me, it's a rhino lifting it's front leg. I'd make it look like it's charging so it doesn't look so stationary.
  11. On your Denver one, which I think is the best work of these, you have mis-spelled "Wrestlemania" on it.
  12. There's nothing new here except that WrestleMania logo. Same FOX/FS1 logos, same show logos, and they're not really integrated at all. In fact, the WWE logos don't even line up with the FOX/FS1 logos. So... not a bad idea for a concept, but I feel you need to work with them to bring them together into a cohesive set of logos/branding. Your WrestleMania logo (which, I assume, is for Seattle) is solid. I'd like to see more of your work to bring it all together.
  13. Now I want a logo survivor board. All the primary logos on a sheet, and the designs ruled out by NHL Seattle crossed off. Since they've stated the Kraken are out.
  14. I'm not being shy about sharing Sparky's work with @NHLSeattle on Twitter...
  15. With the striping on the helmet, the mint stands out so much more than the gold, and it doesn't look balanced to me.
  16. Holy balls, I love that Metropolitans look SO MUCH with the new color scheme. That extra color makes everything look so good.
  17. Question: Why did the friar get a stick, but the Pirates logo still has bats? For Oakland, I'd love to see a white elephant logo, but that's just me. The Phils are solid and nothing too odd. Did you consider a powder blue option for a throwback? The Pirates are a nice set, except the aforementioned bats. The Padres are gorgeous.
  18. With CSU, maybe extend the blue lines past the C's to the front of the helmet a bit, that way both C's have the double blue line on the "back side" of the C. For Tech, I'd lower the top of the stripe on the basketball shorts. That's the only uniform with a colored waistband, so I feel like it's too close with that color there. With the baseball jerseys, I'd like a black hat with a red brim. But I'm a huge fan of contrasting brims. As for gray not being on any set, I would keep it for Washington State, whenever you get there.
  19. This logo set just seems so... off, compared to the league logo and Lynchburg. Both of the first two logos released featured a cross in a prominent role, which makes sense for the league. Then we get Oklahoma City, which, to me, doesn't look like it has any religious imagery.