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  1. These are all great. Sockeyes is my favorite. Unique scheme, great logo. The only thing we're missing now is the Battle of Seattle Hockey Cods.
  2. Ohio white baseball Clemson purple basketball Marshall green football Virginia blue football
  3. I think the difference is the level of shading. With the classic cartoon logos, they're flat, no shading, no dimension. Your frog, however, is cartoony, but also has the detail. So my perception is you're trying to do both a cartoon and a realistic logo. I'd simplify the frog down to remove shading and accents to give it a more classic cartoon look if we're going down that path.
  4. I mean, they're perfectly acceptable. But those Lions are too "Ohio State" for me.
  5. I prefer the elf. Totally unique look in all of sports, but not without precedence.
  6. Let's get crazy and go MiLB... can I get the Durham Bulls?
  7. I know Germany is the European country that seems to be the most into American football, so Berlin and Frankfurt should be in. London is already getting games, so definitely there. Rome and Paris are too high profile not to include. I would bring back Amsterdam and Barcelona as well. With the 8th, and final spot. From this list, I'd love Athens, but I'd love to see what you'd do with Dublin as well.
  8. For the Texans, could you go with a more "realistic" longhorn? It could still be white, with red shadows, and the star for the eye. It's really the only thing I can think of...
  9. I think Calgary is your first "miss" on these. The cowboy hat just doesn't work in it's current format for me.
  10. Honestly, I appreciate that you kept the Redskins moniker. I am of the mind that it should be changed, but until it does, I like seeing what people do with it. I wouldn't mind seeing the facemasks the same gold as the numbers.
  11. I disagree with you on the Dolphins. It's not the classic teal and orange, but the Dolphins have already moved away from that themselves (to an extent). It's different, it's unique, and, if you put those colors in front of me an asked what city they were for, Miami would be one of my first guesses. As far as the Jaguars goes... no. There does not need to be sublimated jaguar spots. So many people have done that on these boards, and they're "minor league" to me. It's an attention grab at the expense of a good look.
  12. It's a good logo, but I feel the trident aspect of it gets a little lost in the shield itself.
  13. Based on the jerseys, that EverGreens wins in my book. Can't wait to see the rest.
  14. I like the two color dolphin, but I don't like that it has a direct connection to the same color sun. I'd like a small gap to separate the dolphin and sun elements.
  15. I like this look, but I feel there are a couple changes I'd make: 1) I'd either outline the TV numbers on the road, or change them to white. 2) I'd flip the pants stripe to start at the waist with the point down. If it's meant to be a blade, no one wears a sword like that. 3) On the Color Rush, I'd drop the flames on the T. With the T, the flames, and the stripe, I feel it's just too much.
  16. Dan O'Mac

    The New XFL

    I'm not a fan of the explosions coming off the ship in the logo. I think they're unnecessary.
  17. Dan O'Mac

    The New XFL

    And I'm 95% sure that the picture for St. Louis is the new Rams stadium in Los Angeles.
  18. Look, if you actually finish all these, you've kinda done more than most series people start...
  19. There's nice cohesion between the "T" and the font for the "ITANS", but I'd separate the I and the T. With them being connected, it looks like another T to me.
  20. I see the Titans re-brands on here, and none seem to do away with the flames. As someone who isn't from the area, is there a significance behind the flames? Because from my perspective, that T lends itself well to a sword, and embracing the "Greek diety" side of the Titans seems logical to me.