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  1. There's nice cohesion between the "T" and the font for the "ITANS", but I'd separate the I and the T. With them being connected, it looks like another T to me.
  2. I see the Titans re-brands on here, and none seem to do away with the flames. As someone who isn't from the area, is there a significance behind the flames? Because from my perspective, that T lends itself well to a sword, and embracing the "Greek diety" side of the Titans seems logical to me.
  3. That Rocketeer picture is what really sets your concepts apart. Honestly, your jerseys and logos are good, but so are a lot of jerseys and logos on these boards (seriously, the sheer volume of great work on here is astounding). But things like that, and the merch slicks you made on the Krakens original post, that's what make your concepts unique and memorable. As far as the logos go, I think your image showing the art deco examples shows the simplicity of your design. When I look at the examples that you shared, see a lot of lines, and neither of your logos has a lot of lines. The two on the top middle combined with the M-needle you already have could get the art deco over a bit more. And the M-needle can be split off on it's own for certain applications, or be the secondary by itself.
  4. I think this is a way for them to cause an issue if the potential Seattle team wanted to be named the Whales (which I believe is a name they're considering).
  5. That's... very nice. I know what you had for the Kraken, and I like that concept more than your Mets, but the Mets is still very good.
  6. S on the right for me. It's more easily identified as an S. Would it be something that you could conceivably turn into a totem pole-esque design?
  7. In looking at the fields... wouldn't the NFL shield on the "top" of the field be flipped?
  8. The Chargers white out is beautiful. I'd prefer the powder blue to the yellow, but the yellow is well done, and doesn't give me anything I'd criticize (for it being yellow). The Raiders don't have a lot that can be done, and the oversize logo on the black is a nice touch, as is the old school logo on the whiteout.
  9. I'm not a fan of the horizontal stripe on the road/color rush uni socks.
  10. Please let this be one that will get updated.
  11. Now I'm picturing team designed brooms. Like the USA with a handle wrapped in the American Flag, and all the "straw" at the back of the broom designed as well.
  12. I'm not a fan of the red shin/forearm guards on the colored set with the red robes. The white set I'm totally fine with.
  13. I think the Snitch needs a rotate to make it look less sad, but otherwise, it's a very good concept.
  14. First off, couldn't believe I missed this. I was impressed with the quality of work you had in the Logolympiad, so I've been keeping an eye out for other concepts that you do that give you the time needed to really flesh out the details. Secondly, the updates to the pants stripe were the right call. I was going to say the original design's pants weren't working for me. I really like the helmet, increasing the size of the flag was the right call, and it puts the skull and sabers on display. I personally don't like the shoulders being different in color to the rest of the jersey (especially on the road whites), but that's just my preference.
  15. Love the Jets update. The Giants is a miss, I feel. I find it hard to read, and I don't think it quite conveys the "tall building" theme you're going for.
  16. You could tie St. Louis with Budweiser with the St. Louis Clydesdales.
  17. There's only 17 listed in the results. My apologies.
  18. A silver vote for an entry that didn't exist wasn't counted... what seems to be the problem?