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  1. The Eagles typically go mono black for their last home game in October, so I'd agree that they'll most likely be announcing that today or tomorrow.
  2. Sixers going with white accessories (rather than the usual blue) under their Icon blue unis tonight in Phoenix
  3. ...but really. Where are the green pants? Did something happen to them like the time Nike couldn't produce the right color green jerseys?
  4. The Eagles haven’t worn those green pants on the road (or anywhere else) since Week 15 in 2017. I’d be surprised if white-over-green was even listed as their default road look anymore
  5. Strange considering the Eagles probably aren’t going white-over-green and the ‘Skins all burgundy everything
  6. Does anyone know what’s going on with the Phillies uniforms this year? As I have it: Home Cream Alts (Home day games) Throwbacks (Thursday home games) Road ...why go to the trouble of establishing the throwback as a new full-blown alternate if they’re only going to wear it 8 times?
  7. They typically wear the gray pants with red tops for road ST games, it’ll be red pinstripe pants with the red tops for home games
  8. I'm pretty sure the Eagles have never worn their black/black or black/white getup on the road
  9. if this combo ends up being what the Eagles wear Week 8, it’ll be the first time they’ve worn white since Week 16 last year. Only the second time since 2016 that they’ve worn green pants, too
  10. The Phillies broadcast last night (playing @ Marlins) mentioned the attendance being 8,000
  11. The Phillies did add a flag in Ashburn Alley that will fly during the season this year with Halladay’s name and number
  12. I think I like this idea, then again...I feel uneasy about wearing road uniforms at home, even if they’re throwbacks
  13. Phillies camp doesn’t open until tomorrow, but Rhys Hoskins was out there yesterday signing autographs...in last year’s BP/ST cap. I guess the truck with the new caps hasn’t arrived yet https://www.facebook.com/Phillies/videos/10160181556015492/